Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

s.p.a.ce and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman - chapter 62 - Emergency Treatment (紧急救治)

Yang Tiantian’s eye injury wasn’t light . If it isn’t treated immediately, she would have serious consequences .

Plus, besides the injury in her eye, the injury on her forehead was also not light . Even if the ambulance arrived, they would probably treat the bleeding on her forehead first and not her eye .

“Was the ambulance called?!” Xiao Haiqing suddenly showed a worried expression .

“Haiqing, there’s a pharmacy right next door . Go buy some Halloysit and female ginseng and return quickly . Quickly!” Jing Yunzhao quickly ordered and then turned to look at that panicking server, “Can you please bring some fresh raw pork? I need it quickly!”

Even though Xiao Haiqing couldn’t understand Jing Yunzhao’s actions, she still did as she was told . Next to the Xiang Hai Restaurant was indeed a pharmacy . She ran towards it .

But that server was very hesitant, “The ambulance will be here soon…”

This student had suffered such a severe injury . She naturally has to have some responsibility . What if this strange girl makes the injury even worse? She can’t risk that…

Jing Yunzhao could understand her thinking yet her anger grew .

“Hurry up! If something happens to her eye, do you want to take responsibility for it?!” Jing Yunzhao roared coldly .

Her aura shocked the audience . Plus, that Yang Tiantian at that time had already fainted from pain .

Human reflexes cannot lie . If her eye injury was not serious, Yang Tiantian wouldn’t have covered it first . Plus, eyes were the most vulnerable .

“Do what she requested . ” Whilst they were still shocked, an unfamiliar yet magnetic voice rang from the crowd .

Jing Yunzhao glanced over and met a pair of peach blossom shaped eyes but quickly moved her eyes . She didn’t even look long enough to memorize that face .

The server listened and obeyed that unknown man’s words . Jing Yunzhao was finally able to relax a little .

Xiao Haiqing was really fast . Within two minutes, she had already returned with the things Jing Yunzhao had wanted . After the server brought the raw pork, Jing Yunzhao followed the steps from her memory . She rubbed these two medicinal materials into the pork and pressed it against Yang Tiantian’s eyeball .

Her eyeball was a little protruded . It needed to be lightly pressed back into place . After a while, only poisoned blood could be seen flowing out of the eye area and with this, Jing Yunzhao finally sighed a breath of relief .

But thinking back about her natural actions during treatment, Jing Yunzhao was also surprised .

Because she was in too much of a rush, she had forgotten that she was not skilled in medicine . Fortunately, she knew the basics . Also, this first aid method, she had memorized it completely . Along with the things she had absorbed from the jade piece, using the method didn’t seem foreign . In fact, it seemed as if she had done it millions of times before . It just came naturally to her .

Getting rid of the poisoned blood from Yang Tiantian eye was pretty quick and simple . When the ambulance arrived, she was instantly carried off to the hospital .

“Miss, I’m afraid you would have to come with us,” that unknown man suddenly reminded .

Jing Yunzhao paused but then heard him continue, “Didn’t you give her treatment earlier? If something goes wrong, you would have to take responsibility . ”

Jing Yunzhao’s mouth twitched but she was in no place to go against him . She could only nod and got into the ambulance with them .

In the ambulance, they did some simple blood stopping . Jing Yunzhao understood that Yang Tiantian was not in a serious condition so she was not too worried . That was when she started looking at this unknown man .

He had the ability to make the server follow his words without questions . He also came along with them in the ambulance . He could only be the person in charge of Xiang Hai Restaurant .

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