Chapter 621 - Uncontrollable Laughter! Who Is the Child's Father? (7)

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Chapter 621: Uncontrollable Laughter! Who Is the Child’s Father? (7)

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Si Zhengting had never been interested in gossip like these. But after he saw Zhuang Nainai’s name, he couldn’t help but click on the thread.

Once he saw the contents of the entire thread, his expression darkened!

When he thought back to Su Mei’s reactions that night, Si Zhengting finally understood why she had acted that way.

It turned out that they thought that Ji Chen and Nainai were a couple…?

A strange bitterness enveloped his entire body. His eyes narrowed, and he snorted internally.

In the Imperial Group’s office.

Su Mei was anxiously pacing about. “Have you managed to contact them? Have you managed to contact them?! Hurry up and delete that thread! If Mr. Si sees it, we’re finished!”

The posts that had been uploaded on the intranet were uploaded by professionals. Once Su Mei and the rest had realized that they had misunderstood everything, they had contacted the company’s intranet personnel. However, they could not get through then. They had only just managed to get a hold of them.

“It’s been deleted!” someone said.

In the next moment, everyone in the design department breathed a collective sigh of relief.

However, it was a pity that they didn’t know that…

The next day, once Ji Chen had arrived at work, he felt that Mr. Si was deliberately finding fault with him. However, he couldn’t understand what he had done wrong!!

Furthermore!! When Ji Chen brought over the wage amendment doc.u.ment for Si Zhengting to sign, the latter had impudently furrowed his eyebrows before remarking, “I remember that you had embezzled the company’s funds in the past. How much do you still owe the company?”

Ji Chen: “…!!”

His hopes of an increased salary had been dashed to pieces.

Ji Chen walked out of the office, dispirited. He felt… Mr. Si, are you toying with me? You’d said that you would increase my salary yesterday, and today you’ve immediately said the opposite!

And Ji Chen was even more shocked by Si Zhengting’s actions in the afternoon.

At 11:50 pm, Zhuang Nainai still had not received the text message telling her to eat at the top floor. She thought that Si Zhengting had been delayed by some matter. In the end, at 12 noon, someone knocked on her office door.

She casually called out, “Enter,” then looked up to see Si Zhengting striding in.

And a group of bodyguards was trailing behind Si Zhengting. This group of people entering her office was so unexpected that she could only gape at them.

Then, Si Zhengting walked up to Zhuang Nainai. In front of all the employees on the 18th floor, he held her hand and warmly said, “Let’s eat in the cafeteria.”

They were going to the cafeteria?

Si Zhengting had never liked to dine in crowded places. The only time he had eaten in the cafeteria was back when she had had that conflict with Li Li there.

Just that one time…

Zhuang Nainai thought for a moment before following him to the second floor.

She had thought that Si Zhengting would take her to a private room. Instead, she entered the cafeteria only to see Ji Chen by the window. He had already set the table with exquisite dishes.

Zhuang Nainai was still in a daze. Si Zhengting held her hand and brought her over to the table.

Zhuang Nainai was speechless.

In the cafeteria.

Mi Nuo had just gotten some food for herself and was sitting at a table and enjoying her lunch when she noticed that the colleagues surrounding her were staring at her strangely.

Mi Nuo furrowed her brows, uncomprehending. She asked, “What are you looking at?”

Zhang Tingting was coincidentally seated beside Mi Nuo. Upon hearing this, the latter couldn’t help but ask, “Director Mi, you said yesterday that Zhuang Nainai’s unmarried, right?”

Mi Nuo snorted. “That’s right.”

Zhang Tingting continued, “But everyone is now saying that Zhuang Nainai’s married to Mr. Si and that they’re man and wife!”

After she heard this, Mi Nuo gripped her chopsticks tightly. “Who said so?”

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