Chapter 694 - He Was Gone

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Chapter 694: He Was Gone

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Yu Lili felt even more humiliated, glaring at him and roaring, “Just give me a few thousand dollars. You have such a big company. Are you afraid of losing such a small amount?”

“Sorry.” Ou Ming carried her into the hospital, his almond eyes staring into the distance. He said coldly, “It’s not easy to make money. I can’t believe you.”

Yu Lili said nothing, feeling suffocated. Someone in the hospital recognized Ou Ming and immediately invited him inside. Ou Ming was invited to the emergency room, and he put Yu Lili on the hospital bed. His moves were not loving or gentle at all. Yu Lili fell to the bed and hit her wound. She gasped in tears.

Ou Ming saw it with no expression and said to the doctor on the side coldly, “She was. .h.i.t by a car, check her.”

“Yes, Mr. Ou.” Disregarding Yu Lili’s shocked gaze, Ou Ming went straight to the door and crossed his arms. There was still her blood on his hand. Ou Ming stared at it for a long while, and suddenly felt that he was ridiculous. Why did he have to come here? He actually also brought this woman to the hospital. He checked his wrist.w.a.tch and it had been more than forty minutes. He could no longer catch his flight. He, in order to have his revenge with this woman, did not even care about visiting his brother.

Ou Ming, when did you become so vengeful?

Leaning on the back of the chair in the hallway, Ou Ming slightly closed his eyes with a blank mind. Even he himself did not know what he is doing. Fool… What was the difference between this new Ou Ming and the old one four years ago?

After the wounds were addressed and the inspections were completed, Yu Lili was let out after the doctor confirmed there was nothing serious. When she came out, Ou Ming had disappeared.

She asked the nurse on duty and learned that Ou Ming had already left. Before leaving, he had left a large sum of money. After the cost of the inspection, the remaining was more than 20,000, which was given to Yu Lili. She looked at the two stacks of cash, feeling a bit dazed. At the same time, she also felt incredibly disappointed.

Gone… He was gone? How was it possible… This man actually left like this? Yu Lili looked down and lowered her head. Her big eyes dimmed. Limping out of the hospital and taking a taxi, she left.

What she did not see was that a black car was parked not far from the hospital entrance. Ou Ming had a cigarette between his long fingers. With the smoke lingering, the cigarette smell filled the entire car. He leaned against the back of the chair and looked lazy and casual. Seeing that Yu Lili was gone, he started the car and went back.

Because Ou Ming did not arrive, his a.s.sistant was stranded in the capital. After waiting for more than two hours at the airport, he received a call from Ou Ming, “There are other things that have not been done, and I will not return to Kingstown.”

The a.s.sistant heard that and was confused. Other things? Even if there were other things, could it be more important than meeting with Li Sicheng? No, right?


The a.s.sistant wanted to say something, but before he said it, Ou Ming said, “Help me check a person. She should be working near the Capital Imperial Garden.”

“Okay, what is her name?”

Her name…

Ou Ming pondered before he said, “Yu Lili.”

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