Chapter 80 - Li Fire Golden Eyes.

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Chapter 80: Li Fire Golden Eyes.

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As soon as Chen Fan left the plantation, he went straight back to the Yin Dragon Pond.

It would take a normal person about two to three days to get to the pond from the foothill; however, it took the three of them less than four hours to complete the journey. As soon as Chen Fan was back, he cast a huge Mist Array and concealed the pond from the people following him.

He copied the Mountain Defensive Array that he used at the Yun Wu Mountain to the Yin Dragon Pond.

Fortunately, he had abundant Yin Crystals at the pond and with the Jade stones that he had acquired from members of the Yin Ghost Sect, he had enough material to construct seven consecutive arrays over seven peaks of the mountain. The seven arrays then formed a larger array that centered around the Yin Dragon Pond.

On the day that the Array was finally completed, not only were Master Wu and A’Xiu astonished by the feat, but also the members of the Yin Ghost Sect.

Seven mountain peaks surrounding the Yin Dragon Pond were all shrouded by a vast sea of impenetrable mist. The mist was made out of condensed Yin Qi, and it would make an ordinary person feel cold when he or she first walked into the mist. Soon the intruder would feel the life draining away from him until eventually, exhaustion claimed him. Inside the mist, none of the modern technology such as the cell phones would work since the powerful mist would able to distort the earth’s magnetic field.

Looking from a bird’s eye view, the Qi Mountain seemed to be wrapped by a white scarf.

“I will give you each a jade talisman, and it should be able to protect you from the mist. But be careful, once you lose the Jade talisman, no one will be able to save you.” Chen Fan scanned members of the Yin Ghost Sect and said seriously.

“Yes, Master Chen. ” Mu Hongshen and Yan Zhengze replied.

Once the array was completed, Chen Fan started to focus on his cultivation.

The moment he had obtained the black rock, he had made up his mind to complete the fourth level of the Void Mortal Refinement Art: Golden Eyes.

The Void Mortal Refinement Art was divided into five levels:

Ice Skin, Jade Bone, Silver Blood, Golden Eyes and Dao Body

The first three levels worked on one’s physical body, and the last level would completely transcend one’s mortal coil to the Connate Spirit.

However, the fourth level: Golden Eyes were completely different than the rest.

This was one form of Immortal Enlightenment.

For any kind of Dharma Spells, the cultivator would need to a small period of time to mentally prepare to muster up enough will to kick start the spell. Things happened with lightning speed on a battlefield and therefore time was in short supply.

This was why most cultivators valued Dharma Treasures so much. With a Dharma Treasure, one could cast a spell with just one simple thought.

Without the need to mentally prepare oneself to cast the spell, the cultivator would use the spells more effectively.

However, the Immortal Enlightenment would make the spells even more effective than using an artifact.

Immortal Enlightenment would make casting a spell an innate ability of the cultivator. Casting the spell would be as easy and intuitive as moving one’s arm. The state of Immortal Enlightenment would grow more powerful with the overall power of the cultivator. The improvement came in a much more natural and organic fas.h.i.+on than that of using the artifact.

Therefore, the state of Immortal Enlightenment was the reason the Ethereal Enlightenment level was so unique in its own way.

The Qi Refinement Level was the first level in the realm of Immortal Cultivation. The Qi Refinement Level could be further separated into three sub-levels: Foundation Establishment, Ethereal Enlightenment, and Divine Sea. Once a cultivator had completed all three sub-levels, he would have achieved the Connate Spirit level. The levels after the Connate Spirit that was Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Void Refinement, Dao Reunion and finally the Tribulation Transcendence.

The Ethereal Enlightenment level and the Divine Sea Levels were usually combined together and were called Immortal Ethereal Enlightenment.

The Ethereal Enlightenment was a powerful tool for the new cultivators. It would allow a cultivator at Foundation Establishment level to defend himself against cultivators who had reached Ethereal Enlightenment level.

That being said, only a handful of people from the most powerful sects, who had access to secret arts, could have achieved the Immortal Enlightenment during Foundation Establishment level.

“The Golden Eyes from The Sect of the Grand Dao was a very effective Immortal Enlightenment. Based on the numinous treasures used during cultivation, I can achieve various Pupil Arts.” Chen Fan said as he rubbed his chin.

The effect of Pupil Arts varied greatly, and if Chen Fan used the Fire Rock, he should be able to pull off the art called Li Fire Golden Eyes.

Of all the Immortal Enlightenment arts, the Li Fire Golden Eyes was one of the best. Once Chen Fan started to absorb more heavenly fire, he would be able to send rays of deadly fire into the void s.p.a.ce.

He remembered that there was a cultivator from the Sect of the Grand Dao who had mastered the Li Fire Golden Eyes. He was a Perfected Immortal who had attained Dao Reunion; unfortunately, his cultivation took a dark turn as he burned himself alive while practicing the Pupil Art. Although his body had perished into oblivion, his eyes had remained floating in the s.p.a.ce like two suns.

“I had thought that it would take me at least another half year to achieve the Golden Eyes, but with the Fire Rock and the eyeb.a.l.l.s of the Yin Snake, I might have a chance after all.”

Chen Fan finally made up his mind to make the break through.

First, he laid down another protective array at the entrance of the valley. Only A’Xiu and Master Wu were given Jade Talismans that granted them access to the inner valley.

Chen Fan dove to the bottom of the pond and sat cross-legged as he started to initiate the cultivation.

To cultivate extremely powerful Fire Immortal Enlightenment art, Chen Fan needed an extreme environment. At the bottom of the lake, the Yin Qi and the immense water pressure forced the fire element to fight back and during that process, granting Chen Fan even greater power.

As time pa.s.sed by, Chen Fan had been sitting under the lake for over two months.

Over the two month time, Chen Fan didn’t move an inch. He had used a special water art to absorb oxygen from the water and used the Essence Gathering Pill whenever he felt hungry.

As time went by, his eyes started to gleam. By the end of the two months, his pupils were s.h.i.+ny like polished gold.

“Master Chen stayed down there for two months already. It is longer than the last time he went into seclusion.”

A’Xiu murmured to herself.

Master Wu sat beside A’Xiu. Although he had mostly kept things to himself, he had noticed the girl’s infatuation.

Ever since Master Chen entered the pond to cultivate, she hadn’t left the pond for more than a minute. She was either practicing the fist forms or simply staring at the placid water.

“What a silly girl. Master Chen is never going to take an interest in mortals like us.” Master Wu lamented in his mind.

In the two month time, A’Xiu had not only got closer to the phenomenal success, but she had also completed the Skyfall Hammer technique. By then she was already working on the second form, Humble Cloud Hand. On the other hand, Master Wu’s progress was not any less insignificant. He was very close to the Transcendent State.

However, as Chen Fan continued remaining at the bottom of the lake, A’Xiu and Master Wu started to become concerned.

Although Master Chen was a powerful immortal, he had no air, much less food. Was he ok?

“Why don’t we get down there and take a look?”

A’Xiu finally broke the silence.

Master Wu’s mind raced, but finally, he heaved a sigh and said, “Very well, I will do it. I have cultivated using the Yin qi for decades and therefore have more or less attained some resistance to it. It will be too dangerous for you.”

Even as he was going to order the diving equipment, Master Wu heard A’Xiu shout out to him.

“Master Wu, look!”

Master Wu turned around and saw two golden lights glowed under the dark water.

“This is…”Master Wu was shocked.

The two golden lights were eerily similar to the eyes of the Yin Snake. He had seen it with his own eyes: two lanterns sized golden glows under the water moments before the Yin Snake emerged.

He fixed his eyes at the pond and watched as the two golden glows inched toward the surface. Suddenly, the water boiled over as steam rose from broken bubbles.

“What is going on?”

A’Xiu and Master Wu were both dumbfounded by the strange sight.

Could there be a flame under the water? What kind of flame could have existed under the frigid cold water where Yin Qi was so potent.

Suddenly, the water moved to both sides, and a person emerged in between the two walls of waves.

“Master Chen?”

A’Xiu exclaimed.

The first thing that Master Wu noticed was Chen Fan’s pupils.


Master Wu shouted as he stumbled back and covered his eyes in fear.

He had looked too closely at Chen Fan’s eyes, and when he noticed the dancing fire inside of the pupils, it was already too late. The intense light burned Master Wu’s retina, forcing him to look away.

“Master Chen, what happened to you?”

A’Xiu scarcely dared to look at Chen Fan. She lowered her head and gasped.

Chen Fan didn’t reply Master Wu; instead, he threw his head back and looked toward the misty sky. Suddenly two rays of golden lights beamed out from his eyes, and they burned through the mist, leaving two giant holes.

“The power of Immortal Enlightenment is mine!

“I have finally achieved the Li Fire Golden Eyes!”

Chen Fan exclaimed loudly, and then he closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, the dancing flame was no more.

“Congratulations, Master Chen!”

Master Wu hurried to congratulate Master Chen despite the pain in his eyes and dizziness in his head.

A’Xiu also looked at Chen Fan with joy a ridden face.

Chen Fan linked his hand behind his back and said distantly, “I have finally finished the Immortal Enlightenment and I shouldn’t waste any more time here.

“I have been away for too long. It’s time to go home.”

A’Xiu’s smile froze on his cheek. She murmured: “Master Chen, are you going to leave for Chu Zhou City?

“Can you bring me with you?”

Chen Fan stepped out of the pond and walked straight toward the valley entrance.

“Why should I bring you with me?

“I am your teacher, not your nanny.

“You should follow Wu Shanhe from now on. Come find me once you have mastered the fist-forms.”

Before Chen Fan’s words faded, he had already disappeared in the mist, giving A’Xiu no time to process what had happened.

Master Wu came over to her and patted her shoulder. “Master Chen is an immortal. We should count ourselves lucky to follow him for such a long time.”

Master Wu paused and then said: “If you wish to catch up with Master Chen, you just have to work hard.”


A’Xiu nodded firmly as resolution flickered in her eyes.

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