Chapter 80

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"Haha… This Golden Blade Talisman is indeed a useful spiritual talisman!"

Seeing the power of the talisman, the young master laughed heartily, but after a while, his laughter stopped. He stared at Fang Yuan, who was bleeding profusely, and his face turned blank. "You… you… you..."

The physical body would be extremely precious to those Immortal Cultivators who have yet to break through and enter the Golden Pill period.

As for him, left with two empty shoulders, he should have pa.s.sed out from the pain, or even die!

Surprisingly, Fang Yuan appeared extremely calm, as though it was not his own body that was hurt.

"Since all of this is a dream, then the pain and the suffering I am experiencing would be fake... As long as I want to exist in this dream world, I will be able to do so. In theory, I am the owner of this entire dream world!"

Fang Yuan tried to change himself and return to his real state; he tried regrowing his limbs, and later on, he tried to increase his cultivation level directly to Tribulation Stage.

Nothing happened. His plan to cheat and become an immortal failed miserably.

Following that, Fang Yuan tried to change the physical world. For instance, he tried to summon the 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations to strike and kill those noisy pests but failed again.

"Ah... It seems like I have to take things step by step!"

Fang Yuan recalled the description of the dream world. Some people, under certain circ.u.mstances, would be aware that they were having a nightmare, but would not be able to wake up from it. Furthermore, they could do nothing about the fear in the dream, because they were not able to control their own consciousness, and Fang Yuan was in this situation.

"To be able to be conscious in a dream is already an important step. The next step would be to remain conscious the moment the dream begins. As the saying goes, I would always know who fell asleep first!"

Fang Yuan took a few steps forward. The blood from his arm already formed a pool on the ground, but he was still calm, as though it wasn't even his own blood.

"What are you doing? Fre... Freak! Don't... Don't come over!"

The young master was in shock and fell to the floor. A foul smell came from his crotch, as he peed in

his pants.

Regardless of how high he was in his Spirit training, he was after all a young man, and after witnessing such a gruesome scene was scared till he peed!

"I guess that death is still the quickest way to leave the dream world in the initial stage? Of course, I must have the intention of leaving, if not, even the Tribulation stage would be able to wipe me completely off from this world..."

Fang Yuan frowned, took two steps forward and lifted the young master up.

"Very normal... Very real..."

He cut the wrist of the young master, and the arteries, veins and bones were visible.

The young master continued to struggle and threw a few objects on Fang Yuan. A few more b.l.o.o.d.y holes in his body appeared.

"Interesting! Interesting! Would I still return here the next time I dream?"

Although the dream world was interesting, the flow of time in both worlds had to be managed well.

In history, there were dream masters who were careless while cultivating and were trapped in their dream world, unable to escape. In the end, they died of hunger in the real world!

As a rule of thumb, whenever a junior dream master trained, there should always be a senior dream master by his side to look out for him.

Fang Yuan did not have a senior by his side, and to be safe, he wanted to leave immediately without having to consider if he still had enough time in the real world.

"Only after I am able to control my dream world will I become the owner of the world. By then, controlling the flow of time would not be a problem... Based on this alone, I could get endless time compared to others..."

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh, brought the screaming young master to the edge of the cliff, and jumped down.


Green Peak spiritual land.

Fang Yuan's body shook, and he opened his eyes.

"Entering a dream... so interesting... Who would've known that my first dream world would be a world of Immortal Cultivators? I thought that it would be the other weird dream!"

He was longing to experience the other modernised world full of technology another time.

However, a junior dream master could not control his own dream worlds, and could only roam around dream worlds without control.


He looked at the incense in front of him and saw a halfway-burnt incense smoking away.

"I spent more than 10 years in the dream,

dream, but it is not even equivalent to the time to burn one incense in the real world?"

The speed of time in dream worlds conjured by dream masters was usually faster than that of the real world. Of course, there were still many weird and wonderful dream worlds, and therefore dream masters could cheat time and explore every one of them.

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh and placed the jade on his forehead.

"The cultivation of a dream master is split into 4 steps: Entering a dream, becoming self-aware, changing the dream world and lastly, ruling the dream world!"

Becoming self-aware meant that every time one entered a dream, he could be aware that he was dreaming, and not be confused.

The next step was changing one's body, followed by the surroundings and finally the entire dream world. Only then would one rule the dream world!

After this dream world training, Fang Yuan felt a cool stream of knowledge and consciousness flowing into his Mind Palace and into his body. He became refreshed, took in a deep breath, and glanced at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 8.0

Spirit: 7.9

Magic: 4.1

Profession: Dream Disciple (Junior)

Cultivation: [Martial Artist (11th Gate)]

Technique: [Black Sand Palm (Grade 5)], [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 11) (Able to harness Elemental Force)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 3)]"

"Dream Disciple - You are new to being a dream master, and have the skills to become self-aware in a dream; these skills are the most basics in the profession!"

"Every dream training would increase [Magic] by '0.1', and that's not too bad!"

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

The requirements of a dream master were high and unfathomable; even though Fang Yuan himself possessed 4 times more magical energy than the average person, he could barely reach the basics of a dream master cultivation!

Of course, the harder the initial stages, the greater the potential of cultivation.

"The initial stages of a dream master training would begin in one's own dream world as that was the safest. One's magical energy would be greatly affected if they were to get injured or die in another's dream world... One is only considered to have attained the t.i.tle of 'Dream Master' when one gains full control of his own dream world, after which the exploration of other dream worlds would begin..."

Fang Yuan read what Master Wenxin had left behind for him, and knew that at the beginning, a dream master would be weak,

be weak, and may not even be able to protect himself.

Only when one had become a true dream master and begin to explore other people's dream worlds, would the real power of the dream master surface.

"While martial artists train their Spirit in their Dantian, a dream disciple cultivates his Mind Palace between the eyebrows. When he reaches the stage of dream master, he would be cultivating dream elemental force..."

Fang Yuan rubbed his forehead.

He felt a cooling sensation in his Mind Palace; it was a totally different type of power from inner force.

Based on its characteristics, it was more similar to the blood elemental force and a spiritual knight's elemental force. At the same time, there were slight differences as well.

"When I am able to fully control my dream world, this miniature elemental force will transform into dream elemental force, and act as the foundation for my cultivation!"

Fang Yuan stood up, loosened his joints, and walked out.

He came out from a gra.s.s hut built at the halfway point of Green Peak spiritual land. There was fencing around, and the Flame Jade Rice and Questioning Heart Tea were all growing well, within the fencing.

"Indeed... Spiritual land is the best for growing spiritual plants!"

Fang Yuan approached the boundaries of the fence and arrived at a carefully carved out plot of land for plantation.

Other than the two matured spiritual plants, he planted the seed of the bamboo fruit, and a few other spiritual plant's seeds which he recovered from the bird's nest.

Hopefully, by harnessing the magical abilities of this spiritual land, the spiritual plants would be able to germinate.

The cultivation of a dream master could not be rushed. At this stage, a dream a day would be enough. Fang Yuan would spend his remaining energy on setting-up the spiritual land, and try to win over the red-eyed white birds.

Those birds were made to starve, and when desperate, obeyed those who gave them food, which comforted Fang Yuan.

As long as they were willing to put down their pride for once, there would be a chance of taming them in the future. Slowly, day after day, step by step, no matter how resolute they were, they would surely be tamed one day.

The only worry was the red-eyed white king bird, with no fighting will, and was already useless.

"And these bird eggs... Let the Iron-tailed Black Eagle hatch them? Seems like an original idea!"

Fang Yuan climbed idea!"

Fang Yuan climbed on a platform and held a large white egg in his hands. He felt the little movements of the chick within the egg, and shook his head. "Should I….. Look for a bunch of hen to try it out? It may work!"

If the red-eyed white king bird knew of this plan, he would be so embarra.s.sed, and might even change its mind and listen to Fang Yuan.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Just as Fang Yuan was deciding whether or not to use the bird eggs to provoke the red-eyed white kind bird, a gust of wind came and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed on the platform, carrying the Flower Fox Ferret on its back.

It had been teasing the other white birds together with the Flower Fox Ferret for the past few days, and both of them had been travelling to and from the secluded valley and did not know that Fang Yuan was considering asking it to become the eggs' nanny.

"What happened?"

He was signalled to come towards them, and Fang Yuan smiled. He froze.


The Flower Fox Ferret let out a pitiful cry. There was a clean wound on it; it was not harmed by other animals, but rather, by a weapon.

"This injury... Something has happened to the secluded valley?!"

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes, looking fierce.

"True... I've placed all my attention to this spiritual land, and tossed aside everything else, could it be that something has happened?"

"The only issue I have is that that used to be my home and my Master's reputation!"

"Who dares to provoke me!"

Fang Yuan let out a cold laugh and rode on the back of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle. "Let's go! We shall teach them a lesson!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle spread its wings, soared into the sky and disappeared.

Secluded valley.

Two groups of people were waiting outside of the straw pavilion.

One group was Elder Han and Zhou Wenwu, while the other group was a group of foreign martial artists crowding around an old man, who was clad in a quail-feathered robe and appeared to be full of energy.

"The white ferret was Doctor Fang's pet, and you dare to harm it?"

Zhou Wenwu looked at Elder Han, who did not seem to put the matter at heart. Yet, he still stood out to exclaim.

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