301 How Long Have I Slept?

If you are looking for 301 How Long Have I Slept? you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . After he bade Doctor Morris farewell, Ling Ran immediately opened the two Basic Treasure Chests he just obtained.

As he watched the colorful light, which the chests emitted as they flipped open, Ling Ran thought with full antic.i.p.ation, 'If I get two more experience books that would give me one hundred times more experience in anatomical foot dissection. My Achilles tendon repair skills would probably elevate to the next level.'

Compared with the complicated anatomical structure of the hand, one did not need much anatomical dissection experience when it came to the foot.

For example, three thousand cases of experience in anatomical lower limb dissection would be pretty useful. There were quite a lot of details to be studied from the calf to the knee to the hip joint. If you studied the area near the abdomen, you would also obtain knowledge related to urology and gynaecology. However, one did not need three thousand cases of anatomical dissection experience that only included the feet. Even ordinary people who were obsessed with their own feet would not dive so deeply into things...

In the blink of an eye, the colorful light around the white Basic Treasure Chests disappeared, and two bottles of light green Energy Serum appeared in front of Ling Ran.

"So realistic." Ling Ran could not help but click his tongue a few times.

Now that he was done with Damon's surgery and did not need anatomical dissection experience anymore, the Basic Treasure Chests began to give him Energy Serums.

Ling Ran shook his head, and his thoughts ran wild again. 'If there's a patient like Damon who needs finger replantation surgery or M-Tang surgery, I wonder if the system would take the initiative to provide me with more anatomical hand dissection experience. What about the vertical mattress suturing technique?'

Ling Ran kept the two bottles of Energy Serum and sat in a daze for a few minutes. He then turned his computer on and started to write Damon's medical record.

Even though he was in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, medical records still needed to be written. While it would be easier for Ling Ran to ask a resident doctor to do the job, he felt like personally writing the medical record for that day's surgery.

Since Ling Ran used a distinctive operative approach by drawing on his two hundred cases of experience in anatomical foot dissections, he needed to record the surgery in detail.

Research on operative approaches were considered high-end among other surgical research, and it was a rapidly changing field.

For surgeries performed to treat conditions related to the calcaneus itself, one could make a medial incision, tarsal sinus incision, posterolateral longitudinal incision, V-shaped incision, extensive L-shaped incision, and many other types of incisions. There were even researchers who specialized in studying operative approaches.

A typical research on operative approaches would be so detailed that it included a first reporter, pioneer, main contributor, operative approach reformers, operative approach objectors, and many more. 

Ling Ran had written a few research papers before, and now that he had reformed the operative approach for Achilles tendon repair surgery, he would naturally not let it disappear into the wind. No matter what benefits and downsides the operative approach had, it would not do anyone any harm for him to record it down for the other doctors' information.

Right now, even though Plan A was the result of Academician Zhu Tongyi's research, Ling Ran had reformed the operative approach by making a posterolateral incision.

He could choose to write a research paper by himself or conduct further research with Academician Zhu Tongyi before jointly publis.h.i.+ng a research paper.

Ling Ran thought about it as he wrote the medical record. He did not change his sitting position at all even after more than one hour. Time pa.s.sed so quickly for him that it was as if he was eating hot pot.

"Doctor Ling…" Yu Yuan opened the door and entered the office. She was practically skipping towards Ling Ran. It looked like there were springs beneath her feet.

"What's up?" Ling Ran raised his head.

"Another doctor has referred a patient to you."

"A foreigner?"

"A Chinese. His Achilles tendon is completely ruptured. He's an athlete, a long jumper." Yu Yuan tried her best to provide more details. She raised her hands as she spoke and made gestures in front of her chest. "His legs are really long."

Ling Ran watched Yu Yuan as she moved about. He then nodded and asked, "Has the doctor pa.s.sed the patient to us yet?"

"Yes. The doctor specifically asked for you." As Yu Yuan spoke, she glanced at Ling Ran and said, "Doctor Ling, I… I want to learn Achilles tendon repair surgery from you."


"I want to become a surgical specialist too!" Yu Yuan braved herself and said, "I know that my surgical skills aren't good enough, but I'll try my best to improve. I've always wanted to be a surgeon since I was young. When I was a child—"

"All right, I'll let you partic.i.p.ate in more Achilles tendon repair surgeries in the future." Ling Ran agreed as he made some changes to the medical record he was writing.

Yu Yuan froze for a moment and asked, "You agree?"

"Why not?" Ling Ran found her question strange.

He did not find such a request annoying.

Ling Ran himself was a person who really liked to carry out surgeries, and he could understand the desire among surgeons to perform surgeries extremely well. Because the conditions allowed him to, he was willing to help Yu Yuan out.

In his tentative treatment group, Lu Wenbin had been learning M-Tang surgery for quite some time. Even though Ma Yanlin was also mainly learning Achilles tendon repair surgery, and there would be compet.i.tion between him and Yu Yuan, it would not affect things a lot.

Most departments in most hospitals only focused on a few surgical methods. It was extremely normal for a group of resident doctors to learn one of the surgical methods or a few surgical methods at the same time. It would be impossible to allocate one surgical method for each resident doctor. There was also no need for that.

Yu Yuan and Ma Yanlin were at different points in terms of progress, and such an arrangement was already considered very good in other treatment groups.

"When will the patient arrive?" Before Yu Yuan could compose herself, Ling Ran started to throw questions at her. "Is the long jumper you mentioned just now here already?"

Yu Yuan quickly said, "They're arranging for the patient to be transferred. He'll arrive in about two hours."

"How fit is he for surgery?"

"He can be immediately operated on. He has been ready for it to begin with…" Yu Yuan took out her tablet as she spoke and showed Ling Ran the patient's medical record as well as scans.

Ling Ran took a rough look at them before he said, "In that case, let's get ready. You'll be the first a.s.sistant."

"Oh… all right…" Yu Yuan flashed a smile.

"Can you complete this medical record for me?" Ling Ran rose and let Yu Yuan take his position. "See if it can be turned into a research paper regarding the reformation of the operative approach," he said.

After Ling Ran mentioned that, he turned and left.

"Don't worry." Yu Yuan balled her hands up and started to cheer herself on.

From that moment on, Yu Yuan never stopped motivating herself.

The reason for it was the non-stop patients that the other doctors started to send over.

It was a double-edged sword for doctors to treat athletes, especially when they had to take into consideration that the treatment they provided was in the field of sports medicine.

If they did a good job, others would naturally comment that they were highly skilled. If said patient was a renowned athlete, the doctor would also rise to fame. 

On the contrary, if they did a bad job, they would naturally receive unfavorable comments.

Even though some orthopedists who needed to branch out into sports medicine were willing to operate on athletes, sports medicine was never a mainstream choice for orthopedists.

For those doctors, if they could properly arrange for the patients to be transferred to a reliable doctor, it would also count as a pretty good choice.

That was especially so for doctors from local hospitals. Even though they were qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the International Sports Orthopedics Research Conference, they did not necessarily have exceptional skills in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedics. They may have been exceptional when compared with other doctors in their area, but now that they were in Shanghai, they no longer stood out as much.

Many of those doctors thrived pretty well in their respective local hospitals and were in no way lacking patients. Besides, local hospitals were not equipped for sports medicine. After partic.i.p.ating in the conference, they were even more willing to refer their patients to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. They could also watch surgeries performed by Ling Ran while they were at it.

Ling Ran naturally did not reject any of the patients.

As long as Academician Zhu Tongyi was willing to let Ling Ran use the hospital beds in the center, Ling Ran was always ready to work with the scalpel and needle holder.

As a matter of fact, he was pretty reluctant to leave the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. Even though the research center had one hundred and eighty authorized beds, as of then, less than fifty beds were occupied. Ling Ran could not stand such extremely wasteful behavior.

Two hours later...

Ling Ran successfully operated on the long jumper.

He did not have time to talk to the long jumper's family members, who wanted to express their grat.i.tude, because another patient, who was a basketball player, had already arrived at the center. Ling Ran went back into the operating theater again. 

He even ate his dinner in the operating theater. For some reason, even though he ordered meat dumplings from Meituan, he received a large and luxurious sus.h.i.+ bento instead. Ling Ran did not have time to look into it. He could only fill the packaging box with yogurt and packets of nuts before he returned it to the delivery man.

Ling Ran performed another Achilles tendon repair surgery before dawn. He then made a booking on Didi, got a Maybach as his ride, and returned to the hotel to rest.

The following day...

Ling Ran received six patients with ruptured Achilles tendons one after another. Two of them were foreigners.

The patient intake even astonished Zhu Tongyi, especially since they managed to attract foreign patients.

He also agreed immediately when Ling Ran requested for six more hospital beds.

Ling Ran operated on all the patients using the reformed Plan A. He worked till nighttime and drank a bottle of Energy Serum before he operated on the rest of the patients.

The pa.s.sionate Yu Yuan felt extremely tired after the fourth surgery and had no choice but to hand over her task to the doctors from the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, who had been glancing covetously at the operating table all day. She then went to an on-call room to catch up on some sleep.

Unlike Yun Hua Hospital, where each department was equipped with first-string on-call rooms and second-string on-call rooms, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center itself was a gigantic department that rarely received emergency patients. Hence, it only had three on-call rooms, and they were not divided into first-string or second-string on-call rooms. Two women were already sound asleep in the on-call room specifically reserved for female doctors. There were also piles of items on the two remaining beds.

Yu Yuan did not care. She chose the bed that looked cleaner and moved the pile of items to one side of the bed. She lay on the other side and immediately fell asleep after she made sure that she could straighten her legs even though she was in a diagonal position.

She was woken up by pa.s.sionate screams that were echoing outside the room.

"Liu Weichen, you can do it!"

"Liu Weichen, come on!"

"You can do it!"

Yu Yuan woke up with a start. When she walked out of the door, she saw a group of doctors screaming loudly. They had their heads raised in the lounge, which had a television in it.

"Liu Weichen's competing?" For a moment, Yu Yuan's brain stopped functioning.

"The International a.s.sociation of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Indoor Champions.h.i.+p!" The doctor next to Yu Yuan did not know her and was just taking the opportunity to scream out loud. It was followed by a cacophony of cheers.

Yu Yuan looked at the television screen again and saw that Liu Weichen was already standing on the track. He was slowly jumping up and down to keep his body warmed up.

The commentator also seemed to be in high spirits. "Liu Weichen's decision to continue partic.i.p.ating in the IAAF Indoor Champions.h.i.+p has made the track and field compet.i.tion a hot topic in our country this year. According to reports, the progress of Liu Weichen's recovery has exceeded expectations, and after this champions.h.i.+p, Liu Weichen will be partic.i.p.ating in the IAAF Diamond League…"

It was still dark outside the window, and Yu Yuan did not know whether it was night or dawn.

The money plants in the lounge looked dull, and their stems were hooked around the spider ivy. The stems were so tangled to the point that they formed an embarra.s.sing shape. 

The white walls were still as white as ever, and they served as a contrast to the flying insects in the lounge, making them very distinct. 

The scent of instant noodles combined with the strange odor of takeout food made the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, which was known for being clean, smell like university hostels during World Cup season.

In her dazed state, Yu Yuan felt like she could even smell formalin.

Yu Yuan muttered, "How long have I been asleep?"

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