Chapter 1033

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Perhaps it was because she had just woken up, but she seemed to be a little tired and messy. She was also wearing a cut and proper black professional attire, and a short skirt that reached her knees revealed her straight and slender long legs. The cow skin on her feet was followed by a high heel, revealing her curvaceous body.

Her temperament was clean. Her pair of black almond-shaped eyes exuded the aura of a mature woman. There was also a hidden sharpness to them. Her every movement exuded the aura of a strong woman.

But right now, Ai Lin who was in the mirror frowned.

Was it all just a dream?

"Ye Kui, I was sleeping here all along, right?" Ai Lin looked through the mirror and saw Ye Kui walking in with a mobile phone, and immediately asked.

The more Ye Kui looked at his expression, the weirder she felt it was. She habitually placed her hands on her chest and felt that Ai Lin's words were especially strange: "When I came, you fell asleep on the side, and had slept for almost an hour. Afterwards, I saw you frowning and your expression was painful, as if you were having a nightmare. You don't even know what you did? "

After receiving Ye Kui's confirmation, Ai Lin firmly believed that it was really just a dream. She prepared the doc.u.ments the night before until three in the morning, and took a taxi to the airport at six the next day. After pa.s.sing the security check, she entered the VIP lounge, and while waiting for Ye Kui, she switched on her computer and continued to modify the doc.u.ments she wrote last night.

She had even dreamt that she had traveled to ancient times and become husband and wife with someone called Mu Jin. Most importantly, she had even traveled here because of the plane crash.

Really, if you're dreaming, then do it. Why did you let her dream about a plane crash? She was so frightened now that she wondered if her dream had come true.

But Ai Lin only thought about it, how could there be such a coincidence in this world.

After he thought through all of this, Ai Lin's somewhat sluggish mind also cleared up quite a bit. He rubbed his temples and said with a helpless smile, "I don't know what happened either, I stayed up late last night and I wanted to go to sleep the moment I sat down. My entire mind is in a state of chaos right now."

"You are just a workaholic. You can't take it day and night. Be careful, your body won't be able to take it sooner or later." Ye Kui said as she and Ai Lin walked to the sofa and sat down.

Ai Lin nodded and sat on the soft and comfortable sofa. She closed her eyes and thought about the dream and felt it was very real, she took the initiative to say: "I had a dream just now, and it felt especially real, dreaming that I went to the Ancient Era and then married a prince, and even opened a lot of plastic surgery clinics in the Ancient Era. That prince's name was Mu Jin, no matter if it was his appearance or his family, he fit my tastes very well, I loved him, he loved me too, and you broke both of us, at that time my mood was super sad, super sad."

Even though Ai Lin spoke in a joking tone, it was hard to conceal the loneliness in her expression. After she finished speaking, the corners of her mouth froze.

That feeling was so realistic that it caused her to be immersed in it until now. Even her own feelings were tinged with sadness and sadness.

It was as if he had truly been in a relationship with the man in his dreams, and then experienced a life and death parting.

Ye Kui rummaged through her phone with her head lowered, and jokingly said, "Oh, so it was a dream? Now you admit that you want a boyfriend? "

A Mu Jin dressed in a snow-white robe appeared in front of Ai Lin. That gorgeous face, that warm and elegant temperament, and that doting expression in his eyes made Ai Lin extremely moved.

"To be honest, I feel that if my future boyfriend wasn't the one I dreamt of in my dreams, I really feel that I can be alone for the rest of my life without you knowing …" Ai Lin was just about to say something.

Ye Kui immediately raised her hand to stop her, "Okay, okay, how can there be a perfect man like you in your dreams in reality? Even if it's just a dream, the man you dream of is definitely the man you like. "

Ai Lin was a little depressed. Her mood was still heavy, and she supported herself with her hands: "If only I could paint, then it would be fine even if I drew his appearance right now.

Ye Kui who was at the side laughed, then continued to look at the news on her phone.

Ai Lin sat at the side, covered her heart with her hands and closed his eyes. That man called Mu Jin, had always been standing in front of her eyes.

An hour's worth of dreams had made her feel like she was in love, having a heated conversation but ending up with a tragic ending.

Even though it was just a dream, the sorrowful pain and bitterness from waking up was still real.

She even thought how wonderful it would have been if it hadn't been a dream.

Southern Mountain State, Mu Jin.

Thinking about that, Ai Lin took out her phone, opened her browser, and typed in a few words.

Very quickly, a series of t.i.tles with the Southern Mountain State's Mu Jin keyword appeared.

However, after going through it once, he found that it was mostly just novels and irrelevant news.

Ai Lin flipped through a few pages in a row, and when she opened the pages to take a look, she found no news at all about the Southern Mountain State.

And the name Southern Mountain State really did not exist in all of history.

"Ai Lin, do you know anything about the Southern Mountain State?" At this time, Ye Kui suddenly came over, and asked in surprise when she saw the page that Ai Lin was looking for.

Ai Lin raised her head, the expression in her eyes slightly shifting. "What do you mean?"

"An archaeological friend of mine told me that a month ago, I dug an ancient tomb. After digging for a few days, I found out that this tomb does not belong to any dynasty. It should be a country with forgotten history." Ye Kui said as though he was deep in thought.

However, the more Ai Lin heard, the more surprised she became. This ancient tomb belongs to the Southern Mountain State? "

I have temporarily verified that this tomb belongs to one of the emperors of the Southern Mountain State, it belongs to the couple's burial site. After a few thousand years have pa.s.sed, many of the things that accompanied the funeral have already rotted away, so there is basically no value in researching them. However, there are dozens of paintings on the walls of the ancient tomb. Just as Ye Kui finished speaking, Ai Lin immediately asked excitedly.

"Are there any pictures on the walls? Do you know who the owner of this tomb is? " The Southern Mountain State was truly a country that had existed in history, and had only been forgotten or not discovered under the great wheel of history.

"What's wrong, Ai Lin, are you interested in this Southern Mountain State?" Ye Kui asked.

Ai Lin nodded her head: "Ye Kui, please, can you help me ask your friend for some content on the frescoes?"

"This is a secret archaeology. Before making an important breakthrough, we can't let anyone else know. When he told me, he also let me keep it a secret." Ye Kui was in a difficult position.

"My good sister, please let me have a look. I will delete it immediately after I finish reading it. I promise, I definitely will not leak it out." Ai Lin said solemnly.

"All right, all right." Ye Kui picked up the phone, opened up her communication record and dialed her archaeological friend's number.

Ai Lin didn't know why she felt so apprehensive. She felt that as long as she pushed away a bit of the clouds, she would know what to do.

"My friend said that I can't send you pictures directly, but if you're really interested, he can play with you and show you those murals." With that, Ye Kui changed the call to a video call.

Ai Lin immediately took out his Bluetooth earpiece and put it on her ear, talking to Ye Kui's friend on the screen.

"Miss Ai, I'll give you a general introduction of the contents of these murals, these murals depict the life of the tomb master and his wife, the first is the birth of the tomb master, the second is the birth of the tomb master, the second is the birth of the tomb master as the crown prince and the second is the marriage of the crown prince. The third painting depicts the war that took place in the country, where the tomb owner fled to a country called the East Tomb Kingdom, where he made use of his ident.i.ty as the country's prince to survive.

On the other side of the television, Ye Kui's friend was explaining the contents of the frescoes in detail. When the screen stopped at the fourth wall, Ai Lin's pupils suddenly shrank.

A skinny girl sat at the head of the bed, while a masked man stood in the doorway, a sword in his hand and a wound on his shoulder.

It was very similar to the scene in her dreams.

"The fifth mural was the scene of when the male grave owner and the female grave owner got married. After that, the mural was about how the male grave owner, with the help of the female grave owner, quickly took revenge and seized back the control of the Southern Mountain State, becoming the emperor that was loved by the people. The emperor only married this queen his entire life, and her ident.i.ty at the beginning was very miserable.

When Ai Lin heard this, the screen on her phone displayed a single person mural. Even though this mural painting was not exquisite, it still depicted the spirit of the person in the mural to a profound level.

That extremely beautiful face, that gentle and elegant smile, those eyes that were as warm as a rising sun, and that domineering aura that was restrained, all caused Ai Lin's heart to fiercely beat, and she felt that her heart would jump out of her mouth in the next second.

Mu Jin, the person on the mural is Mu Jin!

"This is the picture of the Southern Mountain State Emperor, and the picture beside it is the picture of the Queen …" On the other end of the Bluetooth earpiece, there were still intermittent commentaries.

But when Ai Lin saw the portrait next to Mu Jin, she felt as if her breathing had stopped, and her face was filled with shock and fear.

Wei Yuanwei, the person painted on the portrait next to Mu Jin was Wei Yuanwei!

Impossible, impossible, wasn't that more than a dream? Even if it really did exist, why was the content of the mural so different from the content of the dream?

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