Chapter 1051

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Following Azulon's submission and after witnessing the battle, most people had a general understanding of Merlin's abilities . Thus, many people were eager to join Merlin's squad .

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 Nevertheless, it was not easy to join Merlin's squad . All of them had to offer their bodies and must not resist to enter Merlin's world . Due to Merlin's special abilities as a Controller, he could communicate with everyone and ama.s.s their powers to detonate an unparalleled attack .

 If not for this life-or-death juncture as well as the repeated a.s.surance from a few Major Cosmos Absolute Beings, no one would trust another person to enter their world . This was because once they had entered it, they would have to endure a ma.s.sive suppression and entrust their lives to the Controller .

 Some Controllers even killed the weaker Controllers to plunder the worlds in their bodies . However, such offender would be put to death by the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings such as Tyron . It was with their a.s.surance that the Free Beings and Controllers could form a squad with confidence .

 Currently, Merlin was only a Medium Cosmos Absolute Being . Once he had opened the Illusory World, numerous Free Beings and Controllers entered his world . There were also a few familiar faces such as Aruba and Mino, the newly-accomplished Controller . Both of them had supported Merlin at first instance .

 “Hum hum hum . ”

 In the beginning, when just tens and hundreds of people entered, Merlin did not feel anything . As the number gradually grew to hundreds and even thousands, Merlin began to sense an infinite reservoir of power stirring in the Illusory World . His power was enhanced countless times, available at the tip of his fingers .

 Moreover, the number of people was still growing . One thousand was not the limit . Soon, almost two thousand contenders had entered Merlin's Illusory World . The power of Merlin's world grew to a truly marvelous level .

 “Haha, teacher, come and test my powers . ”

 Merlin laughed . Although he was merely a Medium Cosmos Absolute Being, the combined power of two thousand over contenders made him feel like an equal match to the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings .

 “Boom . ”

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 Tyron also smiled . He released a small burst of power from the Central Region Major Cosmos . The power of an ordinary Major Cosmos Absolute Being collided strongly against Merlin's Illusory World .

 Although Tyron had simply wielded the power of an ordinary Major Cosmos Absolute Being, his power was still formidable beyond what most people could ever achieve in hundreds and thousands of lat.i.tude years .

 However, Merlin's Illusory World was staggeringly able to withstand the impact . That signified that Merlin's Illusory World was now able to exert the combined power of two thousand over contenders .

 “Good, good, Merlin, your world is truly stable . However, with two thousand over contenders, is it burdensome on your world?”

 Tyron asked, a little concerned . After all, even the most powerful Medium Cosmos Absolute Being, who was just a notch away from becoming a Major Cosmos Absolute Being, still had a certain capacity limit . No one could carry more than three thousand Free Beings or Controllers .

 On the other hand, Merlin was just barely past the Medium Cosmos Absolute Being threshold, so he was not considered very powerful . The fact that he was able to accommodate over two thousand people had already exceeded Tyron's expectations . Thus, Tyron was worried that Merlin would not be able to accommodate such a large number of people and instead become burdened .

 “Teacher, I'm fine . Now, I feel that two thousand people are still not my limit . Teacher Tyron should be familiar that the natural order of my world is exceptionally stable . Even if there were another one thousand people, most likely, we still won't reach the limit . ”

 There was a flicker of excitement in Merlin's eyes . If he could feel this powerful with two thousand people to the point of being on par with the weaker Major Cosmos Absolute Beings, would he not become even more powerful with another one thousand people?

 Furthermore, the more contenders he could accommodate, the power enhancement was even more tremendous . This would also benefit Merlin as it would allow him to experience the differences between the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings in advance . Surely, it would be beneficial for him to achieve a Major Cosmos Absolute Being in the future .

 After all, in terms of substance, there was no real difference between a Major Cosmos Absolute Being and a Medium or Minor Cosmos Absolute Being . The only difference was in terms of power .

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 A Major Cosmos Absolute Being required having at least one Lat.i.tude Region and one Lat.i.tude Region usually comprised of tens of thousands of Lat.i.tude Cosmoses . There was a stark difference between this and a few hundred or thousand Lat.i.tude Cosmoses .

 “Oh? Merlin, you haven't reached the limit?”

 Tyron felt curious . Although he knew that Merlin's Illusory World's natural order was very unique and very stable, he did not know the true extent of its stability . So, Tyron also wanted to find out Merlin's limit .

 Hence, Tyron shouted into the surrounding area, “Everyone, my disciple Merlin's world hasn't reached its limit after accommodating over two thousand contenders . If there are still any interested contenders, you can enter Merlin's Illusory World!”

 As Tyron's words spread, many contenders were perplexed yet tempted . They understood the significance of two thousand contenders . Only a powerful Medium Cosmos Absolute Being could accommodate such a large number of contenders . In addition, Merlin had not reached his limit .

 If Merlin became more powerful, those who entered his world would also be safer . This was common knowledge . With Tyron's a.s.surance, some of the slightly doubtful individuals grew resolute in their convictions .

 “Swish swish swish . ”

 One after another, the contenders entered Merlin's Illusory World .

 Two thousand and one hundred, two thousand and two hundred, two thousand and three hundred…

 The numbers climbed to two thousand and nine hundred but Merlin still did not sense any limit . Mobilizing the power of almost three thousand people in the Illusory World felt easy . It seemed like his limit was a lot more than three thousand .

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 Thinking of this, even Merlin found it baffling . It was only now that he truly realized how effective it was to use the theories of the universe in his previous life to construct the natural order of the Illusory World .

 Three thousand one hundred and eighty!

 Finally, Merlin sensed a slight sluggishness from the Illusory World . It had reached its limit . Three thousand one hundred and eighty was the limit . If there were any more, the Illusory World would be affected and impede Merlin's wielding abilities .

 Thus, this was the limit of the Illusory World!

 “What a tremendous power!”

 Merlin savored the power of the Illusory World quietly . This was his first time sensing such a huge amount of power . This was a tremendous power that most people could only dream of in their wildest dreams . He was comparable to the Major Cosmos contenders, perhaps not as powerful as the five top contenders but just one level below them .

 Now, this tremendous power could be wielded by a mere Medium Cosmos Absolute Being like Merlin . Most probably, in terms of wielding power, Merlin could not match the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings but in terms of absolute strength, he was not inferior to the top five Absolute Beings .

 “How is it, Merlin?”

 Tyron was still watching Merlin with a tinge of concern . He could sense that Merlin's Illusory World had reached its limit but Tyron was uncertain how many people were inside .

 Merlin replied with a smile, “Teacher, my world has reached its limit . It currently accommodates three thousand one hundred and eighty people!”


 At this moment, a look of disbelief appeared on Tyron's face and his mind tumbled into a raging storm . He could not believe that as a mere Medium Cosmos Absolute Being, Merlin was able to accommodate more than three thousand people .

 If Merlin's world continued to expand in the future and he was able to accommodate more people, how much more powerful would he be? Would there be a qualitative transformation that would enable him to surpa.s.s the five top ultimate contenders and reach the realm they sought to achieve?

 Tyron did not know the answer but he was sure of one thing . Merlin's potential was endless, perhaps even greater than the five top contenders!

 “Good, wonderful . Now, we have another force equivalent to a powerful Major Cosmos Absolute Being . The barrier will be even stronger!”

 Tyron was gratified . Regardless of how far Merlin would grow in the future, Merlin was still his disciple . Tyron would take pride in him!

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