Chapter 16

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Walking out of the complex, Chen Qing wrapped his hands around Ren Baqian's shoulder and asked, "What's next?"

"Renting an apartment!" Ren Baqian promptly replied. "Moving to a bigger, quieter one."

Other matters were not as urgent: finding an apartment came first.

His current rental apartment did not have a good environment. His bedroom and living room faced the sun on three fronts, making it as hot as h.e.l.l in the summer. The landlord stayed nearby as well, and he was afraid that his constant disappearing and reappearing would be discovered by someone.

As long as he had money, there was nothing to worry about. The two of them went to a real estate agent and highlighted Ren Baqian's requirements: s.p.a.cious, bright, well-furnished, good environment, and quiet.

Upon hearing his request, the agent swiftly picked out details of more than ten apartments from his computer. All of them met Ren Baqian's requirements.

The prices ranged from 2500 yuan per month to more than 10000.

Ren Baqian looked through his options and found one that caught his eye. It was a penthouse with 2 levels on the 7th and 8th floors of the building. The 7th floor had 2 bedrooms and 2 living rooms, while the 8th had a bedroom, a living area, and a huge balcony about 60 square feet large. The apartment was designed in a minimalist European style and looked very comfortable.

Also, it had an elevator, was located in a small neighborhood, and seemed rather well managed.

Ren Baqian looked at its 7500 yuan per month price tag. He clenched his teeth and decided to go for it.

One year's rent was 90000 yuan and 97500 yuan if agent fees were included.

His original monthly salary was only 3200 yuan. Renting an apartment for 100000 yuan a year naturally made him feel the pinch.

But he was not going to be short of money anymore. Besides his black mud cream business venture with the Chen family, there were countless other treasures awaiting him in that other world. Thinking about this made Ren Baqian feel much better.

"Let's go and take a look at the apartment," Ren Baqian suggested.

Seeing Ren Baqian's interest in renting this apartment made the agent's heart leap with joy. Closing this deal would net her half a month's pay. She immediately grabbed the keys and brought them to see the apartment.

The apartment was not directly in the city center but was slightly away. Ren Baqian did not mind this since he intended to buy a car next.

Entering the small neighborhood, Ren Baqian immediately fell in love with this place. It had greenery everywhere that occupied almost half the area of the small neighborhood. Additionally, there were not many people coming and going. He could see a few elders playing chess and chatting under the shade.

As he listened to the agent's introduction, Ren Baqian toured around the apartment, and he was extremely satisfied—particularly, with the balcony of the penthouse filled with flowers and plants.

"This is it." Ren Baqian decided on the spot.

Upon hearing that Ren Baqian settled on this apartment, the agent's face lit up with a smile. At the very least, 2000 yuan would fall into her pocket.

What came next was the signing of contract and paying rent. Rent would be collected every 6 months, but Ren Baqian paid the rent for one year as he wanted to avoid other people disturbing him.

By the time everything was settled, it was already one in the afternoon. He went for lunch with Chen Qing and went to purchase a car immediately afterwards.

A car is a man's mistress. In the past, Ren Baqian indeed did not pay much attention to cars. This was because with his wage back then it would take G.o.d knows how long for him to even purchase a car. Moreover, he had to not eat or drink for it to that to even happen.

Using the money he saved from a temporary job, he got his driving license during his fourth year in university. At that time, he embraced the thought of being prepared in case he ever needed to drive. Now, it came in use.

Although he did not really know much about cars, he already had a plan to purchase an Audi A6L. It was not considered cheap, and therefore, he would not get supercilious looks from others. But, it was not too expensive either and was what he could afford at the moment.

He went directly to the Audi 4S shop, settled the insurance, and got a temporary vehicle license. After which, he collected the car and left.

Ren Baqian felt a bit regretful. It was such a shame that he did not into any acquaintances. Otherwise, he could have pretended to be a wealthy man and look at their reaction. It was rare that he had such a successful moment.

A pity that there was no such chance.

It took less than 15 minutes from viewing the car to completing the whole transaction, as straightforward it could be.

Audi A6L, 2017 luxury model that cost 66000 yuan in total. The full price of this car was not even 68000 yuan.

Even after collecting the car and leaving the place, both the manager and salesperson were still waving at the back. 

Their favorite type of customer would be this kind of rich, straightforward ,and no-nonsense person.

After collecting his car, Ren Baqian didn't Chen Qing's company anymore. "I am going to buy some daily necessities. How about you?"

"I'll go back to the office and take a look. I will leave first. Let's have dinner tonight."


After Chen Qing drove off, Ren Baqian went straight to the shopping mall. He purchased a computer, bedding, and some daily necessities and stuffed them into his car.

Ren Baqian sat in the car and felt a burst of pleasure. It felt good to be rich. He did not need to think twice when he wanted to buy something.

Furthermore, he finally had his own car.

As for a computer table, there was one at the new apartment, and he did not need to trouble himself.

He returned to his old rented apartment and tidied up the items that he still wanted. Then, he threw them into the car and returned the keys to the landlord.

Ren Baqian could not be bothered to get a refund for the remaining half a month's rent.

"Sorry for the inconvenience all this time." Ren Baqian shook the landlord's hand to bid his farewell. 

"You have made it rich!" The landlord had seen the new car with a temporary vehicle license earlier on.

"You have my contact number? Do come back to find me whenever you are free, I will treat you to a meal or something!" The landlord patted Ren Baqian as he bade farewell.

This landlord was a pretty good person. He would usually help him out as long as it was within his reach. With regards to the rent, it was possible for him to delay the payment for a day or two. Of course, if the delay was longer, he would also similarly kick him out of the apartment.

After bidding farewell to the landlord, he checked the time and gave Chen Qing a call to set their meeting point before heading over directly.

He waited in the car for a while before Chen Qing arrived.

"Today, you changed your apartment and bought a new car. It's a happy occasion. Let's go and have fun after dinner. " Chen Qing placed his arm, upon seeing him, around Ren Baqian's neck.

"I have just suffered a loss, have you lost your memory? Sure enough, the one who was stabbed wasn't you?" Ren Baqian could not help but to say it.

"Heh, rest a.s.sured, they do not have the guts to appear again. My dad's already worried after that incident." Chen Qian smiled.

"Besides, it can be considered that you have started your own business. We should celebrate for you no matter what."

In the end, Ren Baqian finished his dinner and followed Chen Qian to find bar and have some fun. 

However, Ren Baqian's luck wasn't good that night. Even though he didn't return empty-handed, there was only one woman that was not bad in all aspects. He was not the least interested in the other two.

Alas, he could only look on as Chen Qing took that woman to a hotel. Under the resentment of the other two women, Ren Baqian found a designated driver and returned to his new home by himself.

After taking all the things he bought upstairs, Ren Baqian sat at the balcony for a while and enjoyed the peace and occasional breeze. He thought to himself, "This was what enjoyment is all about."

Previously, he was always working hard solely for the sake of survival.

It was also due to his good luck that he was actually able to teleport between Earth and that world. If not, he would perhaps have to follow his original plan to be a common, unremarkable man.

The next day, Ren Baqian found a housekeeping company and arranged for housekeeping twice a week in the mornings. He did not want to see a cluttered and dusty house after returning from that world every 9 days.

However, the bedroom in the 2nd story was prohibited from cleaning. . As he was afraid that someone would enter his room when he wasn't around, he specially installed a few surveillance cameras around the house.

The greatest function was deterrence.

As long as the housekeeper knew there were surveillance cameras, she would not dare to enter his room if he wasn't at home.

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