Chapter 176 - Familiar

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Tears started flowing down her cheeks. Cupping Yufan's face, Ling said," Silly. Obviously I will. Even if I have to wait for a whole year for you, I will."

Getting up from the ground l, Yufan sat one the bench.

Pulling Ling towards him, Yufan kissed her eyes. Wiping her tears away, Yufan kissed her on her left cheek followed by her right. He then started moving towards her lips.

In order to suppress her nervousness Ling closed her eyes.

When their lips were just one or two inch away, Yufan pulled back.

Kissing her one her forehead, Yufan said," I want to take you out for a special date tomorrow."

Ling opened her eyes. Smiling at him, Ling said," What is going to be so special about that date?"

" You have to wait for that." Yufan said.

Intertwining her hands with his, Ling said," I'll go wherever you take me."

Outside the ice cream parlour.

After almost five to six minutes, Xie Ming and Songpa came out of the parlour holding two cones of ice cream each.

Pa.s.sing the blueberry ice cream to Anna, Ming smiled and said," Here enjoy you ice cream."

Pa.s.sing the other red velvet ice cream to the chauffeur, Songpa said," Eat."

The chauffeur rolled his eyes at him before taking the ice cream from his hand.

Lui Songpa raised his eyebrows and asked," What you don't want it? If you want to have them give it me."

Xie Ming slapped Songpa's hand and said," You already have three scoops in your cone."

Songpa cheekily smiled and started licking his ice cream.

Anna giggled and said," Your nose."

Songpa frowned and asked," What nose?"

Anna smiled and said," There is ice cream on your nose."

Taking out a tissue from her bag, Anna wiped Songpa's nose and said," Now you look okay."

Handing him another tissue Anna said," Keep this. I think you will need them."

Songpa smiled and said," Thankyou Miss Anna."

Anna smiled and said," You can call me big sister too."

Songpa cheekily smiled and said," Now I have two big sisters."

Xie Ming laughed and said," Yeah yeah."

The chauffeur quickly finished his ice cream and said," Lady Boss we should leave."

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Yeah let's go. Where is your boss?"

" I don't know lady boss." The chauffeur said.

" Ah never mind. I will call him later." Turning towards Anna, Ming said," Come Anna let's go."

Anna nodded her head and boarded the car along with Ming.

After Songpa finished his ice cream. He rubbed his stomach and said," Thank you big sister. It was very delicious."

Xie Ming smiled and said," If you like ice cream so much, I will bring you here often okay."

Lui Songpa nodded his head.

Turning towards Anna, Ming asked," So Anna what do you do for a living?"

" I am a doctor. Actually I am a gynaecologist." Anna said.

" Oh that's great. My husbands friend is also a doctor." Ming said.

Anna smiled and said," Oh so you are married."

" Yeah." Ming said.

" Won't Your in-law's mind if you bring a stranger home?" Anna asked.

Ming giggled and said," They will not mind even if I bring a bunch of stranger home."

Anna laughed and said," I guess your in-law's treat you well."

" They treat me as their own daughter. Specially my mother-in-law. She loves me like her own daughter." Ming said.

" You are very lucky then." Anna said.

" Are you married?" Ming asked.

Anna smiled and said," No."

" So What were you doing in America?" Ming asked.

" I completed my studies in America itself. I was also working there." Anna said.

" Why did you come back then?" Ming asked.

Anna gave her weak smile and said," There are things that I have to deal with over here and I also wanted to come back to my country since a long time. Since I got a job in one of the hospitals here, I decided to come back and settle here permanently."

Ming could sense something odd in the tone she was talking.

" Miss we have arrived." the chauffeur said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," You can go home now. Thank you for today."

" Big sis even I will take my leave now." Lui Songpa said.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Okay. Don't forget to visit me okay."

Lui Songpa nodded his head.

" Take care little boy and Thankyou for today." Anna said.

Lui Songpa cheekily smiled and nodded her head.

Stepping out of the car when Anna saw a familiar mansion in front of her, she froze.

" This is my home." Xie Ming said.

" Isn't this the Li Mansion?" Anna asked.

Ming nodded her head.

" Are you related to Li Singtan?" Anna asked.

" He is my husband. But how do you know him?" Ming said.

Before Anna could say anything, a car stopped in front of the mansion.

Li Singtan, who was the first one to get down of the car raised his eyebrows when he saw a familiar person standing beside his wife.

Fixing his suit, Li Singtan took few steps towards them and said," Long time Anna."

Anna did not say anything.

" You both know each other?" Ming asked.

Meanwhile, When Yutang, who had just stepped out of the car saw Anna, he cursed and closed the car door forcefully," Fu*k."

Mike who was sitting inside, banged the door and shouted," You idiot what are you trying to do? Let me out."

Staring at Li Singtan, Anna asked," Is he also there?"

" What do you think?" Li Singtan asked.

Quickly rus.h.i.+ng towards them, Yutang smiled at Anna and said," It's been a very long time Anna. How are you?"

Before Anna could answer his question, a tall figure stepped out of the car.

" You Yutang I will-"

Mike froze when he saw someone whom he wished to see even in his death bed.

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