Chapter 245 - took herself too seriously

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Chapter 245: Chapter 248 took herself too seriously


The more incisive questions were thrown out, the more incredulous they felt. Why would huo Nanchen choose to spend the rest of his life with her among so many talented and beautiful women.

“Miss Gu, have you ever used any dirty tricks? ” A female reporter boldly moved the microphone closer to her, “for example, a child or a bed photo? There was once a report that said that Huo did not like you in the beginning. ”

Gu Ruochu stood there, her height directly above the female reporter. When she saw that she had forcefully shoved the microphone over, she wanted nothing more than to poke it into her mouth.

She felt a sense of disdain and jealousy towards a woman like Gu Ruochu. Why is it that people’s lives are divided into the high and low? I don’t know what’s so good about her.

“Take your microphone away. ”

At this moment, Gu Ruochu had an invisible and flamboyant aura around her. Her eyes were frighteningly calm.

The female reporter flinched. However, how could she really give up when faced with this kind of exposure? She raised her voice and her voice became aggressive and malicious, “does this mean that Miss Gu really wants to insert someone else’s feelings? Or is it the feelings of a biological sister? ”

The security guard saw Gu Ruochu’s expression and took a few steps forward to grab the woman. He grabbed the microphone and smashed it into Gu Ruo’s foot.

The female reporter’s face turned green in an instant. She glared fiercely at Gu Ruochu, “is Miss Gu feeling guilty? ”

The reporter next to her saw that her colleague had been “bullied” and immediately felt indignant, “Miss Gu, Miss Zhou said earlier that you were unfilial and unfilial to your parents. It seems that it’s true? ”

“Your character is too bad. I don’t believe that there’s no inside story about you marrying into the family. ” The female reporter stirred up the atmosphere. It was obvious that Gu Yanwei had paid for this deliberate action.

When the other reporters heard this, they looked at Gu Ruochu with disdain in their eyes.

“Look at her now. I really have sinned and raised such a daughter! ” Zhou Yunxi viciously echoed the female reporter “She used to be jealous of her sister. Now, after using her sister, she has cut off all ties with us. She doesn’t even acknowledge me as her own mother! ”

She was about to wipe her tears when Gu Yanwei supported her, “mother, Ruo Chu didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t make things difficult for her. ”

“Yanwei, you don’t have to argue with her anymore. This kind of person’s character should be exposed in front of everyone! ” Zhou Yunxi said word by word “I don’t have such a vicious daughter! It would be better if she doesn’t acknowledge me. However, if you don’t give me the 8.76 million alimony, I’ll sue her to death in court and expose this woman’s wickedness on Weibo! ”

“mother… ”

The mother and daughter echoed each other in front of the media, sparing no effort in slandering Gu Ruochu. Gu Ruochu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. These two women are shameless enough for the sake of money.

A few employees of the Royal Road were present and felt that this scene was unbelievable.

This mother and daughter pair were asking for 8.76 million!

How could there be such a mother? She clearly wanted to kill her daughter. Everyone knows how terrifying cyber violence is!

Yet, Zhou Yunxi had deliberately incited such cyber violence against her daughter!

On the other side, the reporters were once again in an uproar.

“Miss Gu, is it really as Miss Zhou said? Miss Gu Yanwei has been having a difficult time recently because of you? ”

“Miss Gu, don’t you feel guilty about treating your family like this? ”

The female reporter became even more confident. She raised her voice and looked at Gu ruochu aggressively, “Miss Gu, please answer our questions. ”

Gu Ruochu was annoyed by the way they addressed her as Miss Gu. She felt that this woman was taking her too seriously.

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