Chapter 2491

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Qin Hai was no stranger to Secret Realms. He had entered several a long time ago, so when he saw the entrance to one in front of him, he walked in without hesitation.

However, after entering the secret realm, Qin Hai immediately frowned. This secret realm was different from all the other secret realms that he had seen before. Not only was it desolate to the extreme, it was also filled with a thick aura of death.

In front of him was a desolate mountain. Not to mention a tree, there was not even a single blade of gra.s.s. The river had already dried up and no signs of life could be seen.

Just as he took two steps, a crisp sound came from beneath his feet, followed by two broken bones emerging from the soil. Of course, the broken bones had long since dried up and cracked into pieces. With a light stomp by Qin Hai, they shattered into pieces.

This secret realm seemed to have many broken bones. Not long after, Qin Hai discovered more than ten broken bones. Judging by their shape and size, not only were there beast bones, there were also human bones.

To Qin Hai's astonishment, he soon discovered that the True Essence in his body seemed to be out of control. He had never encountered such an ability before.

Qin Hai hurriedly released the Mortal King Realm, but it didn't seem to have any effect here. Moreover, there seemed to be an invisible force quickly eroding his Mortal King Realm.

In just a few minutes, the true essence in his body had been reduced by 10%. Moreover, along with the dissipation of true essence, it seemed that there was also his physical strength.

In this secret realm, every step he took was more tiring than the one outside. Moreover, the more he walked, the more tiring he would feel. It was truly tiring.

Suddenly, Qin Hai discovered a wild boar lying on the ground and twitching not far ahead.

Judging from its size, it should be an adult male boar with a very large skeleton. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it should be at least three to four hundred pounds, but now, it was reduced to only skin and bones, perhaps less than one hundred pounds.

When Qin Hai arrived beside the wild boar, it had completely stopped moving. Its flesh and blood seemed to have been devoured, leaving nothing behind. Even its fur was rapidly drying up.

Qin Hai examined the boar carefully, not letting even the soil beneath the boar go. However, there was no insect that could devour flesh or blood. On the contrary, he noticed that above the wild boar's body, red threads were floating into the distance.

Raising his head to look above him, he also discovered a few red threads.

This discovery made Qin Hai extremely surprised. This secret realm was extremely strange. It was actually able to automatically suck in the vital energy and blood of all living creatures. No wonder there were so many dried bones around. It was desolate without even a single blade of gra.s.s.

Soon after, Qin Hai tried many different methods, but none of them were able to cut the red threads above his head.

This caused Qin Hai to be somewhat worried. If he couldn't find a solution, then he would have already died in this secret realm before he could even find that old man, not to mention finding the whereabouts of the baldie and Lin Qingya's parents.

"I don't believe that I won't be able to find a solution!" Qin Hai pondered for a moment, then suddenly let out a loud roar and unleashed the Pan Gu secret art with all his might.

In the blink of an eye, a dazzling gold light exploded out from all around his body. It was dazzling and dazzling, as if he was a bronze person.

Not only that, when Qin Hai opened his eyes, he could actually see white flames burning within them.

It was the ball of heavenly fire that Qin Hai had absorbed into his body.

The secret magic of Pangu combined with the Heaven Flame, Qin Hai's body transformed once again. His skin gradually became more transparent, and the flesh and bones were clearly visible.

Within his body, his blood surged with waves as if there was a large river rushing endlessly within Qin Hai's body. His bones also gradually became more refined, as if they were the highest grade of white jade.

"I've trained the Pangu Tactics to its peak. If I can't die, I don't believe that you can still absorb my blood and cultivation!"

Qin Hai channeled the Pangu secret art with all his might, and when his bones became crystal clear, there seemed to be a crack above his head, and those red threads broke in response.

At this point, the true essence and blood energy within his body no longer flowed outwards.

Lifting his head to take a look, Qin Hai let out a mouthful of foul air, "F * ck, this place is really strange. Luckily, the Pangu Arcane Art is powerful, otherwise we would have to leave."

Following that, Qin Hai immediately chased after the red silk threads. Two mountains later, an ancient fortress suddenly appeared in Qin Hai's line of sight.

At the peak of a mountain in the distance, a medieval castle stood tall and dark. From afar, it looked like a dormant monster.

Qin Hai noticed that the red threads were coming from this castle. As they got closer to the castle, the death aura here became stronger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In addition, when Qin Hai arrived near the castle, he immediately heard a burst of intense slapping sounds. Then he saw that strange old man who was slapping the wall of the castle hard.

However, no matter how much the old geezer slapped, the castle remained unharmed. Moreover, when the old geezer slammed into the outer wall, black rays of light constantly flickered and dispersed like ripples on the outer wall.

Qin Hai was surprised. This old man's strength was unfathomable. He never would have thought that even he couldn't enter this ancient castle.

At that moment, the old man turned around and saw Qin Hai. He immediately revealed a surprised expression and ran to Qin Hai, looking him up and down.

"Kid, how did you get in? Are you hiding some kind of treasure?"

The old man's hands and feet quickly searched Qin Hai's body, but he couldn't find anything. He was immediately disappointed.

"Strange, you don't have any treasures to defend yourself, how can you restrain the Nine Yin Evil Spirit here?"

"Nine Yin Evil Spirit? Senior is referring to the death aura here? " Qin Hai asked.

"That's right, there's an old fogey who won't die in the ancient castle. He laid the Nine Yin Evil Formation inside the ancient castle and turned this place into a land of death. Once a person with a low cultivation level enters this place, they will immediately have their blood stolen and become his food."

"Even senior is unable to break through his Nine Yin Evil Formation?" Qin Hai looked at the castle in front of him and asked.

The old man stared at him angrily, "Don't speak nonsense, it's just a mere Nine Yin Evil Formation, I won't take it seriously, but this time I came out in a hurry and forgot about the matter with my guy, otherwise the old guy inside would be beaten until all his teeth fall out!"

Qin Hai's heart skipped a beat as he said, "Then why don't you let me try."

"You?" The old man looked Qin Hai up and down, shaking his head, "You're not bad, but the Nine Yin Evil is not fun. Don't think that just because you can restrain it for the time being, it's useless.

Before the old man finished talking, Qin Hai had already walked to the side of the castle.

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