Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.11)

You should correct your mistakes and be proactive in acknowledging your errors, in this way you can show your love. n (* ≧ ▽ ≦ *) n

Ziju BaiLin's anger drained away, and he indulgently pinched his wife's cheek.

“Wife, your purpose in coming into my life was to defeat me.” But as it happens, I especially like for you to defeat me.

XunMi stuck out her tongue and cursed him in her heart. Who made you my dear husband?

“In the future, you're not allowed to sneak out like this. Do you know how worried I was?”

Recalling just now when he couldn't find her in the mountains, Ziju BaiLin's heart nearly went out of control. Fortunately he sobered up in time.

His wife still didn't know that if she were bullied, he would go take her back.

“I was wrong this time. Originally, I thought I'd come out and have a chance encounter with Luo Ran.”

I was afraid you'd think too much, so I didn't tell you in advance, ah! But in the end, I was still discovered.

Ziju BaiLin stared at her with a stern and fierce face: “You wanted to meet him to do what?”

See? She knew it would be this way. “He should be taking over the Luo family's business network soon. I intend to discuss a collaboration. Now it looks like the chairman of the Li Hua Province Board of Trade won't become our person, so I have to find someone else.” XunMi had pulled Ziju BaiLin to the side and spoke quietly.

That old man w.a.n.g was also stupid. He actually wanted to seek out those far away and neglect those nearby.[1] He really thought that whatever Western Region could protect him.

Perhaps when the time came, the first to be abandoned would be him. With this pretext it is estimated that other people would all turn their backs on him.

Ziju BaiLin also clearly understood XunMi's meaning, but he was still a little upset, and he said, “Mu Cheng,[2] go and kidnap the one named Luo Ran tonight.”

“Yes!” Ai… After he answered as a conditioned reflex, Mu Cheng finally recollected his thoughts.

f.u.c.k, he'd just promised something. Marshal, ah! Please don't fall ill again, ah![3]

XunMi glanced coldly at Ziju BaiLin, “You're a big cabbage,[4] talking about kidnapping.”

Then she said to Mu Cheng: “Mu Cheng, don't listen to him. Later send Young Master Luo an invitation, saying I want to meet him to talk about business.”

“Yes, Madam.” Mu Cheng selectively forgot what his boss said before and cheerfully turned around to get to work.

Ziju BaiLin glared at Mu Cheng in dissatisfaction. He unexpectedly dared to fawn over his wife. Really, beautifully done.

Although this guy was irksome, but who let his wife feel satisfaction from it?

Mu Cheng didn't know what his Marshal was thinking, otherwise he would definitely spit blood.

“Wife, that little white face[5] from the Western Region came over and asked us to join him for a meal at FuRong Restaurant this evening.”

Ziju BaiLin recalled that his going out to look for his wife could all be blamed on that little white face.[6]

The corner of XunMi's mouth twitched. From what she could see, her husband was more of a small white face. o (╯ □ ╰) o

“Shi HuaYi decided to appear?” This time and event were not right. It seemed that she had created a b.u.t.terfly effect again.

As XunMi thought about the stupid script, she soon saw that her father and elder brother had also appeared at FuRong Restaurant, as well as that scamming Female Lead.[7] She sighed. Her b.u.t.terfly was really formidable. The story line was really a slap in the face. She didn't know where it was going.

But in fact, this was not the script she had in her hand.

From the moment the Female Lead was reborn, the world's plot was automatically updated.

After BaoBao came this time with XunMi, BaoBao hadn't gone to communicate with the world, and so naturally hadn't received the latest plotline. Naturally, XunMi was also unaware.

Meanwhile, she was still struggling. Should she go up and greet them or not?

Would it wreck the Female Lead's “relatives recognition” plan? She felt this Female Lead was pretty reckless.

Come to think of it, the Female Leads from the last two worlds weren't bad. Though at the beginning they were a little unbelievable, later they were quite charming.

Therefore, she went off her preconceived notion that the Female Lead probably had nothing to do with the world's changes.

“Wife, Father-in-law and elder brother are here, are we not going over?”

Ziju BaiLin selectively ignored the woman who was still in front of Nian BingRong and Nian WenHao. It should be said that he could not see any other woman aside from his wife.

XunMi thought about it, then shook her head. “Dad and DaGe must have something going on. We won't bother them. I'll go back tomorrow to see them.”

It ought to be a coincidence that they met, and when her dad saw the Female Lead, he was astonished and didn't know what to do.

If she went over now, it would just make things more difficult for her dad.

As an empathetic child, XunMi decided to ask her brother about it afterwards.

Only, what happened with the original body and the Female Lead, she still hadn't the faintest.[8]

“BaiLin, help me investigate that woman's and my ident.i.ties.” She narrowed her eyes. In the end, what really happened that year?

Ziju BaiLin pulled her into his arms and rested his chin on her head. “Wife, are you not the young miss of the Nian family?”

XunMi shook her head uncertainly, then explained the matter. Of course, she did not directly say that that woman was a daughter of the Nian family. She only said that she really resembled her mother, so she had some doubts.

Ziju BaiLin said nothing further. He sent word to Mu Cheng to handle it. It seemed that Mu Cheng's best use was in running errands.

In Mu Cheng's view, the Marshal was now a model wife slave.

The two walked up to the second floor from the other side and entered the private room.

Soon after, Jun YuQing led in a gentle-looking man in a black Western-style suit.

During the time period of the Republic of China, those who were able to wear a suit were wealthy, and those with power were not necessarily willing to deal with foreign merchants.

He possessed a refined, scholarly air, yet that was also mingled with the fragrance of ink. Coupled with his smiling face, one really could not see him as a loathsome businessman tidily taking care of the prosperous Luo family's industries.

As XunMi was sizing up the man, the man was also sizing up XunMi.

She was just as he'd seen her that year. If there truly was a difference, it was just that she was now even more dazzling.

If before she was a lotus growing in fresh water, now she was a th.o.r.n.y rose, blooming with beauty and grace.

“Luo Ran, long time no see.”

“XunMi, it's been a while.”

The two started speaking at the same time. They smiled at each other, their thoughts expressed without words.

When XunMi saw this person, the relationship between Luo Ran and the original body arose in her mind, and she could see that their relationship wasn't bad.

Luo Ran sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. “It seems you are doing well. I'm afraid those aristocratic young masters will be heartbroken.”

Fortunately, that does not include myself. I'm glad I was not bewitched by you at that time and didn't fall into the whirlpool called XunMi, never to crawl out again.

XunMi covered her mouth and chuckled. She did not forget to agree with this friend, “I'm afraid those aristocratic young ladies in Li Hua Province are terribly happy.”

Now that the concerned parties were here, she and Luo Ran could begin.

Although she hadn't met with Luo Ran very often before, somehow, news that Luo Ran admired XunMi was disseminated.

These two were inexplicably tied together. It happened that in his family, Luo Ran was the most admired amongst women. The influence of this can well be imagined.

Translator's Notes

[1] An idiom from a work by Mencius (Mengzi in pinyin; he was an influential Confucian philosopher). If it wasn't clear, it means Chairman w.a.n.g is trying to ally himself with Shi HuaYi and the far-away Western Region, rather than Ziju BaiLin here in the Southern Region.

[2] Mu should be his surname, and Cheng his first name. Idk why I wrote it as one name before. It's fixed in all chapters now.

[3] For anyone who wasn't aware, the “ah” I leave in sometimes is a sentence ender that people may add to their speech. It shows the speech is casual, and adds emphasis to the statement. Other possible enders are “oh,” “la,” and “ya.”

[4] When you call someone a cabbage (bok choy), you are saying they are pure and naïve, in a stupid way.

[5] A pretty boy. Derogatory.

[6] This took me a moment to follow his reasoning, but if Shi HuaYi hadn't lured Chairman w.a.n.g over to his side, XunMi wouldn't have to go looking for a subst.i.tute, so she wouldn't have gone out in secret, and BaiLin wouldn't have gone out after her. Truly, he has a dizzying intellect.

[7] I used “scamming,” but the word used refers to a situation where someone scams somebody by setting up an “accident” in which one appears to have sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demands compensation.

[8] I think she's referring to how they got switched in the first place.

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