Chapter 2835

If you are looking for Chapter 2835 you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Bai Yu Jian sat at the highest position in the sect and silently looked down at Qin Hai without saying anything. No one knew what he was thinking. As the Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect, Bai Yu Jian had always kept a low profile.

However, at this time, Bai Yu Jian looked down at Qin Hai and slightly frowned. At this time, everyone knew that even the Sect Leader was feeling quite bad.

In the future, the Azure Dragon Head would be nurtured and would become the mainstay of the Celestial Sect. If he performed well, he might even be accepted as a Successor Disciple under the Sect Leader Bai Yu Jian.

Once he became a true disciple, he would have unparalleled honor in the immortal gate. He was above thousands of people, and countless people were envious of him.

Initially, he had thought that by sending him to the Spiritual Medicine Island, he would be able to settle all the disputes. He never would have thought that before one wave of conflicts had settled and after another wave of disputes, he would be able to cause so much trouble when he went to the Medicine Island.

He looked down at the disciple Qin Hai, who was supposed to be the most highly regarded disciple in the sect. Even the White Feather Sword felt that it was a pity that he had fallen to such a state.

However, he was, after all, the head disciple of the Azure Dragon School. He had gathered so many people to try Qin Hai and had also used this opportunity to let everyone know what reason or difficulties Qin Hai had to give him a fair judgement.

"Sinner Qin Hai!"

Vice Sect Leader Wu looked down from above. As the main judge, he had a solemn expression on his face as he solemnly proclaimed Qin Hai's crime.

"When Qin Hai first arrived at the island, he beheaded all four of the island's previous managers. His methods were cruel, and he fabricated lies about them going out to gather herbs in an attempt to confuse the law enforcers of the Celestial Sect. He even looted the wealth of the deceased and used them!"

"After the truth was revealed, this Qin Hai relied on his superior strength to kill the witnesses in front of the enforcement team and silence them! "He's really arrogant to the extreme, not putting our Celestial Sect's Law Command in his eyes at all!"

"This Qin Hai has committed such a heinous crime. He has betrayed the trust of the Sect Leader and everyone. He is unworthy of being the head of the Azure Dragon. Logically, he should be sent to the Heaven Punisher Platform and be punished by a myriad of lightning strikes!"

Wu Changsheng looked coldly at Qin Hai and said word by word, "Qin Hai, are you admitting your wrongs after what I've said?"

Qin Hai stood below with his hands behind his back. With an indifferent expression, he exuded an air of arrogance and pride, not showing any signs of being interrogated as a criminal. Instead, he said proudly, "I, Qin Hai... Confess! Because I did kill them! "


At this moment, Qin Hai suddenly reversed, "I'm not wrong!"


With this said, everyone was astonished. There had never been a sect disciple who spoke like Qin Hai. What did he mean by admitting his wrongs and refusing to admit it? It was clear that he was going to stubbornly resist until the end.

"What do you mean you're not wrong? Since you've admitted your wrongs, that's the same as admitting your wrongs. Do you think we won't punish you for not admitting your wrongs?"

Wu Changsheng's expression had always been cold, but because of Qin Hai's words, he couldn't help but become angry.

Elder Cang Song let out a strange laugh as he gloated: "This brat, he has this kind of personality to begin with and does not put anyone in his eyes, yet he's still making trouble at a time like this. Sect Leader Wu, stop wasting words with him, since he has already confessed, then send him to the Heaven Punisher Platform now and receive the punishment of ten thousand lightning strikes!"

Wu Changsheng couldn't help but frown. At this moment, he turned to look at the Sect Leader, Bai Yu Jian, because whether or not to punish Qin Hai, he would need the Sect Leader's consent.

Bai Yu Jian looked at Qin Hai and said faintly, "Qin Hai, your words from before seemed to be rather interesting. Don't worry, since I'm going to interrogate you personally, other than these crimes, I naturally want to know why you're doing this."

"I want to hear your reasoning. If what you say is reasonable, then it's not like we can't lightly punish you."

Wu Changsheng nodded his head, "Qin Hai, you heard what the Sect Leader said, so we'll give you a chance to defend yourself. You'd better make it clear that if you continue to act so arrogantly, no one will be able to protect you.

Qin Hai looked at Bai Yu Jian and nodded slightly, "Thank you, Sect Leader!"

"Then I'll explain to you all why I, Qin Hai, want to kill those trash."

After that, like a bamboo filling with beans, Qin Hai told them everything that had happened since he entered the island.

"May I ask, seniors, under the orders of the Sect Leader, I, Qin Hai, officially entered the Medicine Island to take over the position of the Island Master? I should be the one with the most confidence, but the other party is in favor of the Island Master's position. They have sent people to cause trouble for me, and even did not hesitate to kill me!"

After I took care of them, Mu Wuxi even used that as a threat to try to discredit me and beat me down from the position of Island Master. Logically, this person should be one of my subordinates, yet he plotted against me.

"If I can't serve the public on the island, no one will care about me. What's the use of asking me, the Island Owner? For the dignified head of the Azure Dragon, if I am unable to solve such a small problem, what qualifications do I have to get the head of the Azure Dragon?! "

Qin Hai proudly stood there and confidently said these words. For a moment, everyone was intimidated by his imposing aura and couldn't think of any reason to refute him.

Qin Hai continued, "The reason why I said I pleaded guilty was because I did indeed kill them, but when I said I was not wrong, it was because all the troubles were caused by them. I was merely defending myself, and I used their matter to establish my might.

"Then, since you think you're not wrong in this matter, why didn't you report it? Instead, he had to hide the fact that he was killing someone? "Also, not only did you kill them, you also stole away their entire property. What qualifications do you have to take away the wealth of others?"

Wu Changsheng looked at Qin Hai. Although his anger had subsided quite a bit, he still asked in a voice full of dignity.

However, Qin Hai retorted boldly, "It was simple. At the time, it seemed to me that this matter was a scandal, and it was better to report it as less trouble than to report it as a waste of time. Moreover, people would judge me because I, Qin Hai, started to kill people, so I chose to hide it.

"And I have the most legitimate reason to plunder their homes. It is absolutely reasonable!"

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