Chapter 402 - Xiao Ji already has a wife; you must not become his mistress!

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Chapter 402: Xiao Ji already has a wife; you must not become his mistress!

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“Ge Ge, what in the world is happening here?!”

Her mother started berating her the moment Ji Ziming left.

“Huh?” Pei Ge was dumbfounded by the lack of smile on her mother’s face.

“You la.s.s, how can you trouble your superior over our family matters?” Zhang Manhua sighed in resignation at her daughter’s blur look.

“Your superior already has a wife, so you’d better stay away from him.”

She did not know whether to laugh or cry at her mother’s words.

How did my mother’s thoughts fly so far away?!

“Mom, what are you even thinking?!” She pouted, feeling exceptionally amused inside.

Forget about staying away from the man, I can’t even put a bit of distance between us at the moment!

I am now that annoying fellow’s wife, so how can I stay away from him?

“I am not thinking too much. I clearly saw you two intimately holding hands in front of the hospital earlier.” Zhang Manhua glared at her daughter. ( Boxno vel. co m )

She did not think much about that at first, but once she saw this VIP ward, the thought crossed her mind.

The more she thought of it, the more anxious and frantic she felt.

Also, from what she had observed so far, she got this feeling that her daughter had feelings for that young man.

“Mom, really, there’s nothing between me and CEO Ji. Our relations.h.i.+p is just that of a superior and a subordinate.” She hugged Zhang Manhua’s arm and acted cutesy to her.

Ever since her mother’s operation was duly arranged, the burden in her heart had gotten much lighter.

“You la.s.sie, if it’s really just a normal superior-subordinate relations.h.i.+p, would he arrange such a ward for me? I can tell with one look that this place is very expensive.” With a frown, Zhang Manhua expressed her worries.

She, at first, thought that the man had arranged a normal ward for her, but this room was not just for one person, it was also a very posh VIP room. How could this be a mere employee’s benefit?

“Aiya, Mom! You’re really overa.n.a.lyzing things. Our CEO Ji personally knows this hospital’s director, so this room is given to him free of charge. And since they won’t ask him for money, it’s easy for my boss to include this to my employee benefit,” she patiently explained.

“Really? You’re not lying to me, are you?” She gave her daughter a suspicious look.

“It’s true; it’s true. I’m not lying to you!” She furiously nodded her head.

Even with her reasonable explanation, her mother still held some suspicion.

“What about the surgery cost, then? Have you collected enough funds for that?”

“Yes, I have.” Pei Ge nodded once more. She was not lying this time. Once the checkup was over tomorrow, her mother would be able to undergo the operation.

“Don’t tell me it’s also Xiao Ji who lent you the money?” Zhang Manhua fixed her daughter with a skeptical look.

“Of course, not. I borrowed it from Qimo,” she hastily denied.

Her mother was currently suspecting her relations.h.i.+p with the man, so how could she tell her about the contract?

Hence, she did not even hesitate on using Wen Qimo’s name. She regretted doing it, though, immediately after.

However, thinking about it, she knew that it was her only viable choice.

The only rich people in her social circle were Tang Xiaoyu, Qin Qitong, and Wen Qimo.

Zhang Manhua knew that Tang Xiaoyu was unavailable, while she did not know about Qin Qitong; it was possible for her to be more suspicious than she already was if Pei Ge used the name of either girl.

As such, Pei Ge was only left with Wen Qimo, whom her mother was familiar with and knew was rich. Only his name could dispel her suspicion.

“It’s Mr. Wen, hmm…”

Indeed, her mother easily believed her lie.

“Still… It doesn’t reflect really well on you to borrow such a large sum from him when you two only started dating recently.” She lightly sighed and said helplessly, “Mom has burdened you.”

“No, Mom. Don’t think like that about yourself. Just focus on recovering from your illness. Your daughter here is very capable and is sure to return the money to him in a jiffy!” She hugged her mother’s arm and rea.s.sured her with a smile.

The two sat on the bed and chatted for a while. When the man did not return even after waiting for quite some time, they became a little confused.

“Did Xiao Ji leave? He didn’t say anything about leaving, though?” Zhang Manhua asked, a little uncertain.

Pei Ge frowned. The man also did not say that he would return when he left.

“Mom, I’ll go out to take a look.” She stood up and headed to the door.

In the end, she heard his voice the moment she opened the door, except his way of talking was very unfamiliar to her.

That was because his voice had none of its usual frostiness and apathy. Instead, his voice was tinged with gentleness, as if spring had arrived and melted away all the ice and snow.

She involuntarily stopped walking when she heard his gentle voice. Her footsteps somehow felt heavy, and it was hard for her to even take another step.

“… Don’t overthink this.”

Suddenly, she wanted to see what expression he had on his face as he spoke those words. Would it be like his voice – as gentle as spring that could thaw all ice and snow?

She pursed her lips tightly and slowly took a step out of the room.

Who is that annoying fellow talking to? Is it his family? Friend? Or…

She felt her heart being squeezed by an invisible hand. Her lips pressed more firmly into a straight line.

One step, two steps… The clearer his voice became, the more shaken her heart became.

She soon saw his silhouette.

It was long, lean, and easily recognizable.

She stared straight at his clear and handsome features.


She could not help but sigh inside as she looked unblinkingly at his perfectly sculpted features.

He could have such an expression, too, huh…

Such a gentle expression…

His cold and sharp features looked much softer right now, making his already handsome face more attractive and more humane.

Who… is he talking to?

She felt her heart in her mouth as her eyes clouded over.

In that instant, she did not know if she did the right thing by signing that contract just because she needed his help…

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