Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: Chapter 463 meeting an old friend in another country


However, now it seemed that her understanding was wrong. Wasn’t that a popular saying Earth was a village. The people on Earth lived in the same village. Everyone was a villager, so it was normal for villagers to meet villagers.

She had only been in Paris for one day. She just wanted to find a Chinese restaurant to eat, but she could coincidentally meet her former lover. No, to be precise, it was her former husband. When she accepted Zheng Yifan’s proposal, she already regarded him as her husband.

The past was the past. When she rushed to California to look for Zheng Yifan, she saw him kissing and making out with another woman. The promise between them had vanished into thin air.

Therefore, now that Zheng Yifan was with someone else, she did not have the right or the right to blame or question him. Although, in the bottom of her heart, there was still a faint trace of regret.

Looking at the backs of him and the woman disappearing into the crowd, she raised her head slightly and looked up at the sky. There were no stars in the sky, but there was still light in her eyes. It was tears that blurred her vision.

It had been five years. For five whole years, she thought that she had completely forgotten the past. She had forgotten Zheng Yifan. She had forgotten the man that she had truly loved.

Only at this moment did she realize that she had not forgotten at all. Although she had been trying her best to forget him, when she really saw him again, her heart was still surging. When she saw him with another woman, she would still feel the pain of being pulled.

She stood under this tree for a long, long time. It was not until Zheng Yifan and the woman had walked far away into the crowd and disappeared from her sight. It was not until the sound of cars and people around her returned to her eardrums It was not until she felt the noisy world around her again that she slowly walked toward the Old Beijing restaurant.

She chose a seat by the window and ordered the Old Beijing Fried Pancake to the Chinese waiter. However, this was Paris, Not China. She did not know if the chefs here had eaten fried pancake before?

In short, the fried pancake was served. It was not soft and tenacious like she had imagined. Instead, it was scorched and hard. When she put it in her mouth and bit it, her teeth were sore. However, this kind of pain did not hurt her heart. Her heart hurt more because of nostalgia.

Clothes were not as good as New People, so nostalgic people tended to be sad and lonely, especially in this old Beijing restaurant, eating the fried pancake that she had eaten with him.

She did not know if it was a stomachache or a heartache. Anyway, there was an inexplicable pain in her chest. It was probably because the fried pancake was too hard. With every bite, the pain went straight to the bottom of her heart through her teeth.

She ate in the Old Beijing restaurant for a long time, but she ate very little. In the end, until she paid the bill and left, she had not eaten half of a plate of Fried Pancake. She drank a lot of coffee, but she forgot to add a partner. It was so bitter that she could not open her mouth.

Walking out of the Old Beijing Chinese restaurant, she once again strolled along the bustling streets of Paris. Looking at the bustling streets and listening to the voices from all over the world, she felt inexplicably lonely.

Was it because she came to Paris alone She did not have little feather and Che Qixuan by her side. was that why she felt lonely when she was surrounded by people in groups of three or five?

She kept walking and walking for a long, long time until her legs were no longer strong. Only then did she slowly return to her hotel room near the exhibition hall.

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