Chapter 604 - She had always been different from others

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Chapter 604: She had always been different from others

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He had subconsciously walked toward her to take the doll from her hands.

Just as he was about to ask her what her name was, she suddenly stood on her tiptoes and reached out to touch his face.

“Handsome brother, can I take you home…”

It felt as if that little hand had touched his heart too.

His heart skipped a beat, and from then on, this tiny person had taken up a place in his heart.

“This is the snow globe that she gave me on one of my birthdays.” After putting the doll down, Fan Yu picked up a snow globe.

When the snow globe was tilted to one side, the glitter and confetti swirled in the water, twinkling like beautiful stars in the sky…

It was very pretty.

In the middle of the snow globe was a princess figurine.

He remembered that she had sneakily hidden behind the door that day and had popped out in front of him with the snow globe as a present.

The way she smiled at him was so sweet.

“Brother Fan Yu, this is Liuliu’s birthday present to you. Do you like it?”

He was focused on her flushed face and had not looked at the snow globe carefully.

To him, it did not matter what she gave him because as long as it was from her, he would like it.

“Master Fan…” The a.s.sistant wanted to say something, but Fan Yu did not hear him.

After putting the snow globe down, Fan Yu picked up a box of chocolates.

“This was from Children’s Day. She gave me a box of chocolates. Don’t you think she was so silly? How can a girl always shower a boy with presents?”

Fan Yu’s fingers gently stroked the box of chocolates.

His Liuliu had always been unique.

From a young age, she had striven to attain whatever she liked and would never act coy about it.

The a.s.sistant: “…”

Seeing Fan Yu clutch the expired box of chocolates so dearly, the a.s.sistant was at a loss for words to comfort him.

Fan Yu was the kind of person who appeared friendly and gentlemanly to everyone, but in reality, there was s.p.a.ce for only one person in his heart.

When that person appeared, he would not care about anyone else…

“And this is a drawing that she drew…” Fan Yu continued to take out all the items in the box.

These were all the things that he took with him when he left.

Every item was related to Liuliu.

Throughout this time, he did not dare to open the box because the things in the box would remind him of how he had lost Liuliu.

He had always told himself that when he found her, he would bring her here and open the box together with her.

These were the memories that they shared…

However, there was no need to do so now.

These things probably had no meaning to her anymore.

It was only his own obsession…

Fan Yu laid out all the items on the floor and wiped every one of them clean before putting them back into the box.

The a.s.sistant stood by the side, feeling very sorry for his boss.

“Master Fan, Miss Nian has only forgotten about the past. She will surely remember you if you tell her who you are!”

They had spent so much time and effort to find her. Now, they had verified Nian Xiaomu’s ident.i.ty.

The a.s.sistant could not figure out why Fan Yu would suddenly give up at this point in time.

He could have revealed the truth just now.

Nian Xiaomu would not have left just like that if he had said something.

At the very least, she would not continue to treat him like a stranger.

“Can we still go back to what we used to be like?”

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