Chapter 62 - The Shocking Crossbow

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Chapter 62: The Shocking Crossbow

“What?” The teen was apparently born in a n.o.ble background and was used to being pampered. When had he ever suffered such humiliation? He was enraged to the point of spasming. He stopped talking, pointing his finger, and the silver flying sword turned into a streak of light as it slashed towards Little Fatty.

Little Fatty would naturally not be afraid of him and received it with his Golden Eagle Sword. Both of them then commanded their respective flying swords and started fighting.

Gold and silver sword Qi began flowing all around in the backyard of the Cool Breeze Temple. All the trees, flowers, furniture etc were immediately destroyed. Seeing such a scene, Little Fatty who was the temple head felt his heart ache.

He thought to himself, ‘We cannot continue fighting like that. My Cool Breeze Temple will be destroyed for sure!’ Without further ado, Little Fatty jumped and flew out on his flying sword. At the same time, he shouted, “White skin monkey, let’s go out and fight if you dare!”

“You think this Daddy is afraid of you?” The teen declared and chased. At the same time, he shouted, “Darn fatty, don’t run if you have the guts. I must slice all your fats to boil oil today!”

“B*st*rd!” Little Fatty scolded back in anger, “I will skin you alive today!”

“Cie, with your abilities? I will send you up to heaven first!” The teen scolded. At this moment, he already chased Little Fatty for a while and realized that his flying sword wasn’t very much faster than Little Fatty’s. He wouldn’t be able to catch up anytime soon, so he took out a large crossbow.

This crossbow was huge; it was 4 feet wide and completely black. There were various inscriptions which were carved on it and gave out a murderous energy. It was obviously a special magical artifact refined from a special metal.

After he pulled out the crossbow, he tapped the side of the crossbow lightly and injected in a special spiritual Qi. The crossbow then automatically opened and loaded. At the same time, a distinctive black iron arrow came out from the side arm of the crossbow and was placed on the string of the crossbow.

The whole process of loading the crossbow was automatic, and it was like a white steed flashing past the corner of your eye. It happened in a blink, and the teen was already primed to shoot. He casually fixed his spiritual sense on Little Fatty’s back, coldly grunted and activated the crossbow. The next moment, a black streak of light flew towards Little Fatty’s back at lightning speed.

When the teen took out the crossbow, Little Fatty felt a burst of killing intent behind him. He was immediately startled and hurriedly turned back to see the teen shooting the crossbow.

The streak of black light was too fast. Although Little Fatty could see it, he did not have the time to dodge. Helpless, Little Fatty could only summon his Natal Artifact, the large Black Iron Bell.

The best thing about a Natal Artifact was that there is no time constraint. In just a thought, the black bell appeared from thin air and loyally guarded Little Fatty’s back.

The teen only saw that the streak of black light that was supposed to strike Little Fatty suddenly being blocked by a large iron bell.

Although Little Fatty managed to stop his fatal arrow, however, the crossbow was really too strong. A loud noise rang out as it clashed on the iron bell and sparks erupted from the impact.

As for Little Fatty, he felt like his Natal Artifact crashed on a mountain. Because Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact was linked to his spiritual sense, a large impact was directed towards his spiritual sense. Despite the fact that this was already mostly absorbed by the iron bell, it still shocked him to the point his eyes turned black and started groaning. If not for the fact that his spiritual sense was far stronger than an average person, he would have spat out blood on the spot for sure.

Never in a million years did Little Fatty expect that this blow on his iron bell was able to shockingly damage him to such an extent. He thought to himself, ‘What kind of magical artifact is he using? Why is it so strong? If he fired dozens of arrows at once, wouldn’t I be jarred to death by the recoil?’

What he did not know was that while he was only surprised, the teen opposite him was stunned to the point his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out. The giant bow he was using was activated with the use of a middle-grade spiritual stone. The might of this blow exceeds that of an ordinary foundational stage cultivator. Even a 10th XianTian stage cultivator with a protective magical artifact would not be able to defend against such an attack, and would die a terrible death on the spot.

But now, a 5th XianTian stage darn fatty, with a large bell made of the lowest grade metal in the cultivator’s world blocked such a blow. The teen inspected the bell in Little Fatty’s hand carefully and reaffirmed that it was made of black iron. Although it could block the arrow, there was also a large hole in it. However, it still managed to block the arrow, not allowing it to penetrate.

Seeing this, the teen immediately understood that the thickness was the reason for blocking the blow. But he then thought of a different problem. The might of this blow was enough to penetrate 2 to 3 feet of black iron. Which means that this black iron bell must have at least a thickness of 3 feet. Plus the height of it, how much black iron would it take? It must at least take thousands of catties of black iron, right?

The teen underestimated Little Fatty’s wealth. In the past few years, all the black iron which Little Fatty got was all stuck onto his large copper bell. That was worth over a mountain of 1000 feet! Especially since the black iron was very dense, almost similar to gold, thus it was at least a few thousand catties heavy. The teen only shot one arrow, but even if he shot dozens of arrows, he may not be able to pierce the layer of black iron.

Besides, even if the black iron layer was penetrated, there was still a copper layer below it which Little Fatty did not even know how strong it was. Little Fatty estimated that it would not be broken through even if a JinDan stage expert tried!

Just when the teen was traumatized about the hardness of the iron bell, Little Fatty also recovered from the shock. At the same time, an uncontrollable rage and killing intent rose from within him. He did not want to be too cruel originally, after all, they were only bickering, and he did not need to kill because of that.

But things are different now. Although he did not have the intention to do so, the other party did. If not for Little Fatty’s quick reaction, he would have died here for sure! Since you want my life, then why should I show any mercy?

Especially since Little Fatty was afraid that he would fire continuously. If that’s the case, he did not know how long he could last! For the sake of his life, Little Fatty instantly had developed the intent to kill.

Once he made the decision, Little Fatty immediately placed all his concerns aside and took action. Without a second word, he turned around and threw a small ball of gold light.

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