Chapter 683

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Chapter 683: The person behind chapter 687


“I am. ”

“Miss Chu, we suspect that you were drugged before you boarded the plane. Please follow us to the hospital for a check-up. ” The flight attendant supervisor told her this matter very seriously. Although Chu Xinlan felt that this reason and excuse were too ridiculous.

It was not a urine test. How could they suspect that she was drugged They even forced the plane to return.

But when she thought about who the person behind it was, there was nothing to refute.

With power, she could say anything.

“Who told you to do this? ”

Someone’s eyes flickered, but he still acted like he was doing his job. “Miss Chu, you need to cooperate with us. ”

Chu Xinlan stopped talking. She knew that it would be useless for her to say anything more.

He was probably telling her not to think that she could escape as easily as she did four years ago. She clasped her palm with her fingers and looked at the plane in a daze.

The flight attendants looked at each other. Although they were not by her side, they were staring at her more.

Five minutes later, the plane landed at an Cheng’s airport.

Feeling the plane landing on the airport again, Chu Xinlan’s heart beat faster and faster. She could not escape from his palm.

Although she was sad, and perhaps a little glad, she subconsciously denied it. There seemed to be a huge rock pressing on her chest, and she could not breathe.

“Miss Chu, please come with us. ”

A few more people came from behind. They grabbed her suitcase and asked her to walk forward.

Chu Xinlan looked outside blankly, but she did not see the familiar figure.

A momentary surprise flashed through her mind, but she could only smile bitterly.

He did not come over to wait for her, nor did he feel excited like he had just caught a prey and could not wait to appear in front of it. He did not even bother to come over to take a look.

She understood his thoughts.

He just wanted to tell her how weak she was in front of him, and that she did not even have the slightest ability to break free.

Moreover, these people would bring her to the hospital for a check-up later. She did not need to guess much to know what the result would be. Once she was confirmed to have taken drugs, she would only be sent to that dark drug rehabilitation center.

That place was no different from a madhouse. Once she was sent there, everyone would treat her as if she had taken drugs and force her to undergo treatment.

Thinking of this, Chu Xinlan broke out in a cold sweat.

When she was young, her stepmother had sent her there maliciously. That kind of darkness and terror was something she did not want to try again for the rest of her life.

That man clearly knew that she was most afraid of this kind of place… …

He did it on purpose.

Chu Xinlan bit her lips to death. When she was brought to the hospital by a few people, her limbs were already stiff.

When she saw the results of her drug use, the only hope that Chu Xinlan had was completely destroyed. That man really wanted to push her to this point.

“Miss Chu, we have already contacted the drug rehabilitation center. We need to contact your family to investigate further. Could you please provide us your family’s contact details? ”

The relevant personnel was very righteous and wanted to go through the procedures. Chu Xinlan lowered her head and slowly closed her fingers.

At this point, it was impossible for her not to understand. Gu Zexi wanted her to call him and beg him for peace or even s.e.x.

He was no longer bothered to come and arrest her. Instead, he looked down at her from above and watched her climb over.

“I don’t have any family. ”

Looking at the thin and weak woman in front of him, who had a straight back and appeared to be stubborn, the relevant personnel coughed lightly.

They really didn’t know how this woman had offended that person. She didn’t look like someone who could offend anyone.

Soon, the car drove Chu Xinlan and a few others to the drug rehabilitation center.

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