Chapter 693

If you are looking for Chapter 693 you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . After he was chased out of the room by Miao Qing, Qin Hai felt confused. He wanted to ask Miao Qing about the situation, but he did not expect Liu Qingmei to call him and ask him to go to the hospital.

Qin Hai naturally did not say anything else and rushed back to the hospital.

It was still the same room, other than Liu Qingmei and the hospital's Dong, there was also Han Rui's father and son.

Only after Qin Hai entered the ward did he realize that today was the day that Grandpa Han would be discharged from the hospital.

Seeing Qin Hai, Han Rui happily held his hand, "Little Qin, your medical skills are too great. After a few days of treatment, my father is completely fine. "Thank you, thank you!"

In the past few days, Qin Hai had been to the hospital several times. He either helped Old Man Han with acupuncture or gave him a ma.s.sage, and also made two pot of snake meat porridge for the old man to eat.

Liu Qingmei smiled from the side: "The reason I asked you to come over is not only for Secretary Han to thank you but also to ask you to help me inspect my body. If there are no problems then I will let you rest at home."

"No problem, I'll help the old man inspect it!" After Qin Hai finished speaking with a chuckle, he immediately helped Old Man Han inspect. At the same time, he also helped the old man do another full-body ma.s.sage.

In the end, there was no problem at all. Old Man Han's face was flushed red, and his spirit was healthy. When he walked, it was impossible to tell that he had once been an old patient for many years.

Han Rui saw this and felt joy in his heart. Not only did he repeatedly thank Qin Hai, but before he left, he even invited Qin Hai to visit his home one day. His enthusiasm was practically palpable.

After busying himself for a while, he finally sent the father and son of the Han family to the carriage. Qin Hai turned his head to Liu Qingmei and smiled: "Sister Qingmei, when are you going back to Beijing? "Before you go back, let me know that I'll go back with you."

Liu Qingmei smiled and said: "I think it will be a few days. Two days ago I mentioned you to Grandfather that he also wants to meet you."

"The old man already knows me?" Qin Hai was stunned for a moment. A stream of blood rushed to his head and he could not help but become excited.

The old man from the Liu Family was not an ordinary person. He was definitely a hero who had founded the country. Although it had been a long time since he had to deal with specific things, as long as he was still alive, he would be a real immortal. Before this, Qin Hai had never thought that he would have any sort of connection with such a great character. But now, hearing Liu Qingmei say that not only did the old man know him but that he also wanted to see him caused him to be extremely excited.

Liu Qingmei smiled and said: "Even though my Grandfather's legs are not good, his brain is very clear and his thinking is much more nimble than most young people. He knows almost everything about me in the Spring River, so it's not strange for him to know about you. "

"However …" Liu Qingmei sighed and said, "The matter of me asking you to treat my Grandfather's leg may have to wait."

"Why?" Qin Hai asked in confusion, "Does the old man still not trust me? Although I don't have a medical certificate nor am I a doctor, Elder Han is the best proof. Could it be that the old man doesn't believe me? "

Liu Qingmei shook her head and patiently explained: "It's not that my grandfather doesn't believe you, but the matter of my grandfather's health is extremely important to a family like ours so it can be said that it is the most important matter. So we must be careful." Thus, it is not up to me to decide who to ask for treatment on my grandfather's behalf. Even my grandfather can't make the decision himself... Can you understand? "

Qin Hai naturally understood his words. He nodded and smiled, "I understand! How about this, Sister Qingmei, let me stew some supplements for the old man and let him have a taste when you go back. If it works, then you can tell your family to let me try. "

"Is it the kind of porridge you gave Elder Han?" Liu Qingmei's interest was immediately piqued as for the past few days she had been very interested in the porridge Qin Hai had stewed for Old Master Han. She was only worried that this was Qin Hai's secret so she did not ask him.

Qin Hai laughed, "That's about right. The porridge I made for Elder Han was relatively simple. If it was for Old Man Han to eat, then it couldn't be that simple. I will use some medicinal ingredients appropriately, so the effect will be better." Qingmei, if the old man isn't used to eating this kind of porridge I'm cooking, you can also try to persuade him to eat more, because even if you can't cure his leg, it can make his body stronger and prolong his life.

"So powerful!" Liu Qingmei was shocked by Qin Hai's words and could not help but ask: "Then when will you be ready?"

Qin Hai saw through Liu Qingmei's meaning as he smiled and said: "How about this, I will head back to prepare. You will be able to bring it back to the capital tomorrow morning at the latest."

"Alright, I'll book a plane ticket now!" Liu Qingmei excitedly said. Her happy appearance made her seem like a little girl and she no longer had the steadiness and dignity of a deputy mayor.

Qin Hai couldn't help but laugh, "Sister Qingmei, I found that you are the most adorable when you smile like this!"

"Why?" Liu Qingmei froze for a moment before raising her gaze from her phone.

"Because right now, you feel just like a little girl who hasn't grown up!"

"f.u.c.k you!" Liu Qingmei blushed at Qin Hai's words. Seeing that there was no one around her, she could not help but give him a pat on the arm.

She was already thirty years old and her child was already several years old, yet this fellow called her a little girl? This was simply going too far!

Qin Hai pretended to be in pain from being hit by Liu Qingmei as he cried out, his gaze was fixated on Liu Qingmei's beautiful face that was covered in red clouds.

Because Liu Qingmei's current appearance was very similar to that misty night, Qin Hai could not help but feel a ripple in his heart at that moment. He thought of Liu Qingmei's graceful movements under his body and how she would hug him and call out his name nonstop ….

Liu Qingmei noticed that Qin Hai's gaze was fixated on her face. She touched her own face in astonishment, "What's wrong, is there dirt on my face?"

"No, I just suddenly felt that you were so beautiful, Qingmei!" Qin Hai chuckled as he spoke. However, he sighed in his heart. It seemed that those memories were destined to be buried deep in his heart.

Liu Qingmei did not notice the change in Qin Hai and rolled her eyes at him as she said: "What are you saying, was I not beautiful before?" Alright, hurry up and concoct the medicine, I'll wait for your news. "

Liu Qingmei turned to leave and quickly got into the car. After waving goodbye to Qin Hai, she quickly left the hospital.

After watching Liu Qingmei leave, Qin Hai bitterly smiled and shook his head. He then took out his cell phone and dialed Shen Meng's number.

Last time, Shen Meng had asked for some snake meat from the Golden-Armored Snake. Now that she had some experience, Qin Hai wanted to ask her a few questions.

As he expected, after Shen Meng heard about the old man's illness, she sent him a prescription. It was said that it could not only strengthen the Golden Armor Snake's body, but also extend its lifespan. It was also very good for patients with leg problems.

Qin Hai was very confident in Shen Meng's medical skills, so he had no doubts about this pharmacy. He took the prescription and immediately went to the pharmacy. After buying all the necessary herbs, he returned to Block 1 of Yulong Island and busied himself in the kitchen.

In less than an hour, a pot of steaming medicinal fragrance, meat fragrance, and snake meat porridge filled the air. Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.

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