Chapter 753 - Invincible

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The middle-aged man s.h.i.+fted his stance quickly in an attempt to evade the attack.

However, because he had exerted too much force earlier, he was not as agile when dodging the attack this time. He looked on with wide eyes as a blade sliced through him, followed by a sharp pain in his neck. Suddenly, the world turned upside down and vibrated violently before dissolving into darkness.

The middle-aged man's head dropped and rolled onto the ground. His body was still falling forwards before it received a kick from Chu Li, causing it to fly toward the oncoming horde of men from the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation.

They gasped in shock and immediately sidestepped.

A roar could be heard from among the crowd. "Charge! Kill him!"

"Kill him!" The crowd from the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation rushed forward faster, quickly arriving in front of Chu Li.

Chu Li laughed heartily. "Oh, joy! Oh, joy!"

He waved a long blade and a few knives appeared.

"Ting ting ting ting…" Amidst the silence, six knives flew into the air, with a person's head attached to each one of the knives.

Chu Li was as swift as lightning. It did not matter whether he encountered blades or men. He attacked everything and everyone in sight and his attacks could not be blocked.

He stood at the doorway. The men who simultaneously charged toward him were not very skilled, and there were only six of them altogether.

Once again, Chu Li used his River Razing Form. The people in the front row wanted to retreat hastily. After witnessing the brutality and savagery of Chu Li's attacks, they did not dare to face him head-on. Instead, they desperately wanted to flee.

However, the people at the back were intent on rus.h.i.+ng forward such that the ones in front had no chance of retreating.

"Swish swish swis.h.!.+" Three heads flew into the air.

Chu Li took a step forward and laughed loudly. "Over here, bring it on!"

"Run!" Someone bellowed and everyone turned around to leave.

Chu Li stood at the doorway and howled with laughter. "Haha, the idiots of the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation. Look at you, you're all more cowardly than a mouse. Haha!"

Guo Shan held onto his crutch and hurried toward him. He looked at the pool of blood and the headless corpses, then at Chu Li and chuckled excitedly. "Great!"

Chu Li's thick lips split apart and he "I'm still capable, aren't I?"

"Good! Good!" Guo Shan patted his shoulder and grinned. "Never would I have thought that you were so amazing, Dahe!"

"I've said that so many times, but all of you don't believe me!" Chu Li shook his head.

"Urrkk…" A few a.s.sociation members covered their mouths and ran as far away as they could. They did not dare to look back.

Although conflicts existed between the Chivalry a.s.sociation and the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation and there were instances of bloodshed, this sort of gory incident whereby heads were separated from their bodies was something that the members had never seen before. They could not tolerate such a sight and they failed to hold back the urge to throw up.

"Clean up this mess. Do remain vigilant, everyone, and don't let your guard down!" Guo Shan announced.

Song Fei spoke. "Commander, I'll go scout for the latest news."

"Go." Guo Shan smiled. "Don't get caught!"

"Don't worry, Commander!" Song Fei beamed.

When he finished speaking, he scurried away and disappeared into the night.

Chu Li and Guo Shan headed back to the courtyard and sat beside the stone table.

"Dahe, are you hurt?"

"I'm fine!" Chu Li patted his chest and said proudly. "It's nothing!"

"The one just now was an Innate Master!" Guo Shan replied. "The harm caused by his inner strength is insidious. You must be watchful!"

"My body is very strong. A bit of damage won't bring any harm to me. I'll just need a good night's sleep!" Chu Li responded.

Earlier, the inner strength penetrated his body, but thanks to his robust physique, the damage dealt by this inner strength was negligible.

"But you killed an Innate Master!" Guo Shan was in awe.

Some of the a.s.sociation members vomited out of fright while some were enthusiastic. Very quickly, they cleared away the corpses and poured water onto the large pool of blood. Then, they dumped dry soil on top of it and shoveled the soil away. The process was done twice such that everything was soon almost back to normal.

Nevertheless, the nauseating smell of blood was still overwhelming.

Song Fei sprinted back hastily and entered the courtyard. He said in a low voice, "Commander, the town is in chaos. The Ferric Blood a.s.sociation did not only attack us and Commander Zhou, but also Commander Deng and Commander Su. Also, the a.s.sociation Leader got into a fight."

"What's the outcome?" Guo Shan asked urgently.

"They're still fighting!" Song Fei answered.

"I'll go have a look!" Suddenly, Chu Li cried ecstatically. "I've not killed enough!"

Guo Shan contemplated for a while and nodded. "Yes, we can't sit here and do nothing. We must help them! Go to Commander Su's house first. The a.s.sociation Leader is highly skilled in martial arts and he can withstand the attack so we don't have to worry about him!"

The number of people who could threaten the a.s.sociation Leader in Peace Town was close to zero. Even the a.s.sociation Leader of the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation himself might not be able to defeat the a.s.sociation Leader. Even if he did, it would by no means be an easy fight.

"Let's go!" Chu Li urged.

Guo Shan raised his voice and proclaimed. "Everyone, let's go rescue Commander Su. The Ferric Blood a.s.sociation has declared war on us. Teach them a lesson and let's save Commander Su!"

"Yes!" Everybody's morale was high as they cheered.

Although their commander was still wounded, they had Zhao Dahe. Zhao Dahe's previous brutal blade attacks had become a backbone to them and gave them courage.

Guo Shan might have been using a crutch, but he was still unbelievably fast. He left his residence and headed west. Two miles zoomed by before they heard screams of rage from afar.

Chu Li yelled from a distance. "All you idiots from the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation, I, Zhao Dahe, am here to take care of you!"

He took big strides and sprinted ahead like a wild horse.

The crowd wielded their weapons and followed suit. However, they soon fell far behind.

Guo Shan ran in front of the crowd until he was about ten steps behind Chu Li.

He had calculated that this was the most efficient distance in terms of risk to reward. He would not engage with the first wave of men and neither would this make him look like a weak Commander. This way, Zhao Dahe would surely catch the attention of the strongest wave.

Upon landing, Chu Li bolted inside a residence like a wild stallion.

Around forty men were cl.u.s.tered in a fight. Twelve men were lying on the floor, most of them disciples of the Chivalry a.s.sociation.

Chu Li crashed into the residence and began swinging his blades. One blade landed on a shoulder, another one slashed a throat and yet another blade pierced a chest. n.o.body was a match for him as he defeated his foes effortlessly.

Commander Su Qinghe was caught in a battle with two middle-aged men. He was already wounded, and his life was teetering on a knife's edge.

One of the middle-aged men was tall and burly and wielded a blade viciously. The other one was short and thin as he held his sword like a venomous snake. They had Su Qinghe cornered with the latter almost incapable of retaliating.

Chu Li dashed toward them, he swung his blade and landed a blow on the tall and burly man.

However, the big, middle-aged man was always on the alert and had already noticed Chu Li's intimidating aura. He quickly took a step back to avoid the blade but could still feel the cold air from the tip of the blade even though it was a foot away. He was taken aback and his eyes widened at his new opponent.

Chu Li failed to hit his target with the Mountain Splitting Form. He stepped forward and used the River Razing Form again, but the middle-aged man evaded him once more.

Chu Li did not continue hounding him. Instead, he turned his head and hacked the short and thin man who was battling Su Qinghe.

The short and thin man was focused on Su Qinghe and did not notice his incoming blade.

"Ting…" The long sword flew upward and Chu Li, once again, landed a blow on his head.

The short and thin middle-aged man realized that he was in a sticky situation. He was small and agile, so he rolled away to avoid Chu Li. However, his palms were still shaking as the power spread by the sword was too strong.

Chu Li could not be bothered with him and approached Su Qinghe. He held onto his blade in one hand and grabbed him with the other. "Commander Su, are you alright?"

Su Qinghe shook his head. He took out a ceramic bottle, popped a pill into his mouth and exhaled a long breath. "Dahe, I owe you my life!"

Chu Li supported and comforted him. "It's nothing!"

"How did you all come here?"

"That group ambushed Commander Guo, too, but I defeated them!" Chu Li scoffed. "Lil Song said a few Commanders were attacked, so we came over to help."

The crowd from the Ferric Blood a.s.sociation retreated like the waves. Guo Shan did not pursue them any further and instead rushed inside to check on Su Qinghe. He let out a breath of relief when he saw that the commander was alright. "Thank the Heavens!"

Su Qinghe cupped his fists and his face was still pale as he bowed. "Thank you very much, Commander Guo!"

Guo Shan waved his hand. "We're brothers within the a.s.sociation and we should look out for each other. You should treat your wounds first, Commander Su. We'll go rescue Commander Deng and the a.s.sociation Leader."

"I'll join the crowd!"

"… Great!"

Everyone dashed out of the Su Residence and headed south.

However, when they reached Deng Xianli's Residence, the great battle had already ended and an injured man was now lying on the floor.

"Where's Commander Deng?" Guo Shan rushed inside and asked.

All of the disciples wore expressions of sorrow and despair. "The Commander is…"

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