Chapter 753

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Wei Yuanwei's eyes were filled with shock.

He did not seem to understand what was going on.

Why did Mu Zhi bring Su Lei before Young Master? And even allowed the young master to think that Su Lei was Wei Yuanwei and kill him?

No, that's not important. She heard from Mu Zhi that Mu Jin was still alive, that was enough!

"Han Yue, dispose of the corpse!" Mu Jin said coldly, his black eyes that were hidden behind the silver mask becoming even more sinister.

Han Yue looked at the corpses on the ground, then looked at Mu Jin, and then whistled. Outside the door, two hidden guards wearing silver masks appeared and dragged the corpses away.

"The Emperor just said he was going to tell this young master something important. What is it?" Mu Jin said to Mu Zhi.

After Mu Zhi heard this, he laughed, but following that, he spoke in a serious tone, "Young master, do you know that Mu Jin has a Pearl of Life?"

"The previous Pavilion Master Baili Qingcheng thought that one had to wait until Mu Jin was alive before being able to take the Spirit Orb out of his body. In fact, the Xiao Ling Pearl is different from an ordinary Spirit Orb, it would not lose its spirit energy because of a person's death, so Baili Qingcheng's misconception was wrong. Young Master, if you want to enter the underworld clan, then the easiest way is to find Mu Jin!"

"Does the emperor really think that Mu Jin is still alive?" Mu Jin squinted his cold eyes, as his slender jade-like hand lightly knocked on the table.

This time, Wei Yuanwei could finally see's hands clearly, which were the same as her.

"We have been investigating the matter of Mu Jin for the past five years, and we are very clear that he has not died. It is just that we do not know where he is now!" Mu Zhi's words were said with complete certainty, "But it will be extremely difficult to find Mu Jin!"

"Is this what the emperor meant by 'a major event'?" Mu Jin parted his lips and said suspiciously.

Mu Zhi was startled, then said: "We thought that young master did not know about the Spirit Orb on Mu Jin, so young master already knew about it! "It looks like the young master knows some of the information that I've received!"

Mu Jin retracted his gaze, and looked at Wei Yuanwei with her smooth, jade-like eyes. She, who looked weak, didn't seem to exist by the side, but when her eyes landed on her body, she discovered that her face was filled with perseverance and patience.

He broke her wrist yesterday, but apparently when he got back, she reconnected herself.

It seemed like Su'er was right, her mother knew medical skills.

"Young master, did you get your men to cure me of the poison?" After all, from the moment you killed Wei Yuanwei, we were on the same boat. At this time, Mu Zhi's gaze also fell on Wei Yuanwei's face.

The current Mu Zhi was obviously looking at Wei Yuanwei in a different way. He was looking at him with an appreciative gaze, and at the same time, he was looking at him with a little excitement.

No wonder why he felt that this woman was slightly different from the others. She was actually Wei Yuanwei.

The corner of Mu Jin's mouth curved up like a blooming poppy, coquettish yet evil: "The emperor is really a good strategy, the reason why he had this young master kill Wei Yuanwei was so that he could drag this young master onto the emperor's boat. This way, no matter who gets revenge from Mu Jin, we can't do anything other than agree with the outside world!"

A faint smile flashed across Mu Zhi's bright eyes. He did not deny Mu Jin's words: "So Young Master should cure us of this poison! "Anyway, we can't threaten each other anymore."

"But Your Majesty, Ning Zi was indeed not sent by this young master." Mu Jin paused for a moment, "Even though this young master has a way of detoxifying you, this young master is unwilling to do so."

Mu Zhi never had the intention to have Wei Yuanwei cure him of the poison in the first place. His purpose for coming here, was to let Wei Yuanwei personally witness Mu Jin kill Su Lei, then say those words to make Wei Yuanwei believe that Mu Jin was still alive, but that he was not the person in front of him.

"Young Lord..." Mu Zhi was just about to speak.

Mu Jin had already stood up coldly, the blazing sun hitting Mu Jin's silver mask, revealing a gloomy and cold feeling: "Since when did the emperor have news about the Spirit Orb? We are here to discuss our next plans, Han Yue will send you off!"

In the next second, Han Yue walked up and made a "please" gesture towards Mu Zhi.

"Since that's not the case, then I shall bring Ning Zi back to the palace!" Mu Zhi looked straight at Mu Jin, and a faint wave of pressure faintly ignited in his eyes.

Instead, Mu Jin's gaze fell on Wei Yuanwei as he said meaningfully, "Then you must ask this Miss Ning Zi if she is willing to follow you back to the palace!"

When Wei Yuanwei saw Mu Jin kill Su Lei, in addition to what Mu Zhi and Mu Jin had said, Wei Yuanwei was basically certain that the other party was Feng Yin.

She naturally wanted to follow Mu Zhi back to the palace.

But when he asked that question, it was clearly to warn her!

"Ning Zi's decision to stay is not something that Ning Zi can decide!" Wei Yuanwei also directly gave a vague answer.

Mu Zhi knew that there was no point in pestering them like this. He could only hope that his plan just now had succeeded.

After Mu Zhi left, Wei Yuanwei's eyes looked straight at Mu Jin, and she spoke with determination: "Where is Su'er? I want to see Su'er! "

Han Yue wanted to stop Wei Yuanwei from getting closer to Mu Jin, but Mu Jin gave him a look.

Han Yue understood and walked out, closing the door behind him.

The moment the door was locked, the sunlight that shone in was also blocked outside the door. The light inside the room immediately dimmed down.

"What do you want?" Wei Yuanwei retreated back vigilantly.

Mu Jin also did not do anything to Wei Yuanwei: "If you want to see Su'er, tell me the truth!"

"How do I know what you did to the Su'er? If you want me to speak the truth, that is fine, but you must let me see Su'er! " How did Wei Yuanwei know what he had done to the Su'er?

Hymn of the Wind, Hymn of the Wind, he was Hymn of the Wind!

"You're not Yan Yu Manor's person, and you're not Ning Zi either. Did Mu Zhi teach you everything you said yesterday?" Mu Zhi really knew too many things.

There were some things that he could find out, but there were some things that he could not find out.

There were only two possibilities with regards to the mole on Wei Yuanwei's waist, the first was that Mu Zhi had been found, and the second was that the person beside them had betrayed him and Wei Yuanwei.

Otherwise, it was impossible for Mu Zhi to know it in such detail. He thought about it, this person could very well be the Ah Qing!

Ah Qing had the chance to see the scars and scars on Wei Yuanwei's body. When she was in Villain Valley, he had once used Ning Zhi's ident.i.ty to appear, so Ah Qing knew that Ning Zhi was him.

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