Chapter 86 - Mysterious Caller

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Chapter 86: Mysterious Caller

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She did not know what the relations.h.i.+p between Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen was, and she did not want to get involved at all. She thought about how she could obtain evidence to clear her name.

On the 88th floor of Imperial Capital Tower, the man standing in front of the window heard the mobile phone’s vibration. His long and slender finger gave it a swipe.

A photo of Tang Chen embracing Lin Wanwan had been sent over.

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes darkened slightly.

Gu Mo called at this moment, “Sir, have you received the photo?”


“Oh, I have already found the person you would like me to find. Do you want me to contact Ms. Lin?”

Lu Zhanbei had a cold expression on his face. “Who did I ask you to find?”


“You heard wrongly.”

Gu Mo was bursting with question marks. He swore by his brains that he definitely did not hear wrongly!

However, since his boss said he was wrong, then he was wrong.

“Ms. Lin would have returned to the Lin family. Should we help?”

There was no emotion in Lu Zhanbei’s eyes. “There’s already someone helping her. I don’t have to take the trouble to do that.”


Why did Gu Mo feel that the words had been said in a sour tone?

Could it be that he was jealous after seeing that photo?

No, this must be an illusion!

“Ok, then. I’m coming back.”

Only after a long while did Gu Mo hear Lu Zhanbei answer with a “yeah.”

After hanging up the call, Lu Zhanbei opened Lin Wanwan’s Weibo account and realized that things had turned even more sour.

Under public pressure, the drug rehabilitation center’s Weibo handle had indicated that they were trying to contact Lin Wanwan now. If she did not cooperate, they will forcefully bring her over to undergo detoxification.

Unless Lin Wanwan provides concrete evidence, her reputation would be ruined this time.

Lu Zhanbei pinched his eyebrows and suppressed the inexplicable sense of annoyance.

Since she did not take the initiative to find him, why should he get involved?

At that moment, the phone vibrated again.

Lu Zhanbei saw the caller ID and his eyebrows sharpened. He eventually picked up the call.

“Is anything the matter?”

The mysterious caller said something and Lu Zhanbei scoffed lightly.

“It was already an exception that I initially promised you I will take care of Lin Wanwan to a certain extent. What excuse are you going to use now to get me to help?”

Lu Zhanbei quietly listened to what the other party said, and his exquisite eyebrows flashed a trace of impatience.

He was about to hang up when Lin Wanwan’s smiling face appeared in his mind.


He interrupted the other party and loosened his eyebrows as he reached for a compromise. “This will be the last time.”

After saying this, Lu Zhanbei hung up the phone and called Gu Mo.

He ordered him without mincing his words, “Follow Lin Wanwan and see what she is up to. Help her along and make sure the evidence falls in her hands. Also, bring over the person whom I asked you to find previously. Immediately.”

“Ok. But, Sir, why did you…”

Change your mind?

Unfortunately, Lu Zhanbei did not give him a chance to gossip.

Looking at the clouds in the sky, Lu Zhanbei lighted up a cigarette and drew in a breath. Upon remembering something, he immediately wiped out the cigarette b.u.t.t.

The faces of Lin Wanwan and Lin Xiao appeared in his mind. They gradually overlapped and eventually separated.

Forget it. He should also help Lin Wanwan this time, even if it was for the successful release of the movie she liked.

Of course, Lin Wanwan was not going to return to the Lin family and walk straight into a trap.

She thought for a very long time. There was no evidence of Tao Xinyue injecting drugs into her at all; thus, she could only start from the eyewitnesses.

After searching for the memory of that night, she realized there had been a servant present besides Tao Xinyue and herself.

As long as she could find that person, it was probable that she could convince her to testify.

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