Chapter 92

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“Impossible, there’s actually such a person? Could it be that he was giving a hint, but you haven’t noticed?” Ryoko couldn’t believe it. Aiko was high cla.s.s, but there was actually a boy who could resist her?

“You’re very irritating; I want to try the clothes.” With that, Aiko picked up the dress conveniently entering the changing room.

“Asami, looking at her reaction it’s probably true. You talk, whether or not Gennai that fellow has an unmentionable disease?” Ryoko said a little baffled.

“Really you, you’re a girl, but you unexpectedly dare to talk about this kind of thing. Really don’t know who would dare take you as their wife.” Asami was both angry and amused.

“What? Anyway, a person like that doesn’t exist here. However, I still find it very odd, why that Gennai person doesn’t have any impression of Aiko. Looking at his ordinary appearance, he doesn’t seem to be stupid.”

“That fellow is different from ordinary male students, did you forget? He was the one that saved Aiko that night, and no matter what we say, he wasn’t willing to sleep alone with Aiko inside a room. If he requested that kind of thing to Aiko, I instead find it strange.” Asami said.

“I understand, in conclusion, that fellow is indeed a genuine odd person.” Ryoko nodded like a pro.

“I agree,” Asami said.

“Little Ai?” Ryoko turns towards the nearby Ai and asked.

“I…I think that he’s a good person.” Ai was a bit off guard.

“Good person? Ah, you do speak some truth.” Ryoko was holding appreciatively the fine watch she got.

“You just said that he was a wack, but seeing the person’s gift, you immediately changed your impression of him.” Asami gritted her teeth and glared at her.

“Asami, you always scold me, just see how I learned from you.” Then Ryoko rushed over to her.

Asami’s fatal weakness was that she was ticklish, so it has become Aiko and Ryoko’s fearful method to deal with her. At this moment seeing the raging fury of the girl, Asami immediately ran away. Ryoko would certainly not let her off, and hurriedly pursued her. Suddenly, a sound of a young girl laughing reverberated in the changing area, causing the curious gazes of many people.

Looking at the disturbance that the two created, Ai smiled, and immediately looked at the watch on her wrist that the youth gave her, and was lost in thought.

In the restaurant reverberated with light music, the four young girls were sitting together having a drink and was talking with ease.

“Aiko, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to see you here.” A boy wearing gold spectacles came over to them. Behind him, there was a tall guy with hair dyed blond.

“Ikeda you’re quite clever.” Aiko looked at him and said something.

“Since it’s such a rare meeting, let’s go see a movie together, then afterward have dinner, of course, you can also bring your friends together,” Ikeda said with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I have to go home for dinner. Thank You.”

“Aiko, don’t do this, let’s go together, I guarantee you’ll have fun,” Ikeda said as he put his left hand on her shoulder.

“This is a public place, and you should be a little respectful. Asami, let’s go.” Aiko very angrily pushed away his hand and stood up.

The other three girls also stood up and left.

Ikeda felt that he had loss face and was very angry, viciously looking at the leaving Aiko.

After leaving the restaurant, Ryoko was a little worried and said: “Aiko, you don’t have a problem for now, but Ikeda’s a very vengeful guy, the last time a boy offended him, he was beaten and was sent to the hospital.”

“Humph! I’m not afraid of him.” Aiko curled her lips and said.

“Anyway, it would be best if you be careful,” Ryoko said.

Seeing the nearby Asami that seems like she was thinking about the matter, she patted her should and said: “Asami, are you also worried about this matter?”

Asami nods, “You must be careful with that Ikeda fellow. But there’s one thing I can’t understand.”

“What’s that?” Ryoko asked.

“Do you remember Genai-san ruthlessly beat Ikeda and his men?”

“I certainly remember that. I can’t believe that Gennai-san was actually quite fierce. My G.o.d, defeating seven people in a fight. I also thought that I was in a movie.” Ryoko stuck out her tongue.

“The problem here is that Ikeda with his personality, would afterward definitely find revenge on Gennai-san. But so many days have already pa.s.sed, but there’s still no news. There were chances when Gennai-san came to pick up Aiko after school, it seems that Ikeda and his men are afraid of coming near. You say, isn’t it strange?” Asami said.

“Listening to what you said that is probably true. What means did Gennai-san actually use to make Ikeda not want to get revenge on him? Do you know Aiko?” Ryoko asked.

The other two girls also looked at her.

“I don’t know. That guy is always shrouded in mystery, just like this time, he suddenly went to Switzerland for half a month, I simply don’t know anything.” At this point, Aiko couldn’t help but get angry.

Asami lowered her head and thought for a moment, and then she said: “We seem to understand this man Gennai-san too little, although we all know that his mother is an ordinary office worker, in addition to having a younger sister, we actually know very little of him. Aiko, do you also have this feeling?”

Hearing Asami’s words, Aiko couldn’t help but think about that horrible night, the scene of Masashi overthrew Mito Toyokawa to save her came out, in the school because of a few words, the scene of him beating up Ikeda and his men happened, and seemed like his body was covered with smoke making people unable to see through his mystical temperament. All these made Aiko fall into deep confusion.

“Ami, what should I do?” Aiko looked at Asami.

Seeing the helpless Aiko, Asami sighed in her heart, “I’ll give you a suggestion, don’t go ask him anything. One day when he’s willing to tell you, that means you’ve entered into his heart.”

“I know,” Aiko says profoundly.


“You… want to come and sit down?” At the apartment door, Naoko-sensei flushed and said.

“No, I want to go home for dinner. If you’re looking for someone to talk to or something, then remember to call me.” The youth said.

“Ah.” Naoko-sensei gently nodded.

“Your body just recovered, don’t stay up late, go to bed before 10 o’clock and must rest, understand?”

“I know.” Naoko-sensei’s voice was as gentle as water, silky obedience.

Hearing the teenager’s slightly commanding tone, she not only didn’t contravene, but also joyful in her heart. A kind of feeling that was sweeter than honey filled her entire body and mind.

“Then I’ll go first. You go in now.” Then the youth turned around to leave.

Suddenly, an uncontrollable urge appeared on Naoko-sensei’s heart, she didn’t react for a moment, and then hugged the teenager’s thin waist.

“Lei!” She summoned her urge to gently call out the youth’s name, which she could only say when n.o.body’s around. Regarding this name, she was very fond of it

“what happened?” The teenager smiled at the beautiful person at his bosom.

“Please hug me?” Naoko-sensei looked at him like a child.

“Fool.” The teenager held her, a faint delicate fragrance exudes along with a pleasantly warm tender body was felt.

At this moment, Naoko-sensei thought that even it was fine even if she died at this very moment.

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