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Chapter 987: Crippled Martial Arts

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Chu Li grimaced and smirked coldly. “Master's Junior Zeng can really keep her composure!”

He watched as Master's Junior Zeng entered Elder Song's secret chamber, took Zheng Yanwu's life, and then disappeared without a trace.

Zheng Yanwu may have powerful martial arts but he was no match for Master's Junior Zeng.

However, when Zheng Yanwu first made his move, Master's Junior Zeng had simply stood by, allowing the two girls to be deeply wounded and on the verge of death. This made him angry.

Her failure to take action could have led to the death of the two girls!

Once their brains were smashed, even a Light Pill would be of no help.

Zeng Hua was beautiful but had an indifferent personality, as if nothing concerned her.

Zeng Hua responded dully, “You managed to survive his attack. How rare!”

“Master's Junior Zeng, we almost lost our lives!” Li Ruolan shook her head. “A hundred-year-old master really lives up to his name!”

Zeng Hua said, “Zhao Dahe has an impressive Light Blade!”

Her cultivation level may far exceed Chu Li's but the impact of her Light Blade could not compare to Chu Li. She would not be able to evade his blade had she been in the same position. The blade struck at the perfect timing and was impossible to get away from!

This character indeed had a bright future ahead of him!

Chu Li motioned a fist salute before answering coldly, “Master's Junior Zeng, you flatter me!”

“However, your cultivation level's horrible!” Zeng Hua shook her head. “You'll die if you face Zheng Yanwu alone!”

“I know the Saint won't leave us!” Li Ruolan smiled.

Zeng Hua replied, “Follow me back to Great Light Peak, you too, Zhao Dahe. You should see the Saint together!”

Chu Li snorted and nodded.

Zeng Hua coldly said, “You may have had great luck this time, but you might not next time!”

Refusing to be lectured, Chu Li cut her off,” Yes yes, we'll return to Great Light Peak!”

The four arrived at Great Light Peak in the evening of the next day. Chu Li then returned to the Spirit Medicine Nursery.

His Light Pill and Miracle Cure Pill were spirit herbs collected from the medical garden that he personally refined.

This Miracle Cure Pill was not the real Miracle Cure Pill but a Life Pill recorded in the Treasured Pill Scripture.

The effects of the Life Pill was similar to the Miracle Cure Pill. As refining it required a few extinct spirit herbs, it did not exist in this world nor could anyone identify it. He had sought the aid of the Spirit Crane to search for the herbs and had been secretly refining the two pills.

He had no use for them but could provide them to those who did. This time, they were of great use as he was able to exchange them for White Tiger Power.

He had not been able to refine a furnace of Light Pills before he was, once again, summoned.

Under a flood of translucent moonlight, he arrived at the top of Great Light Peak. Moonlight reflected on the surrounding ice peaks, making them appear like mountains of silver peaks. Light streaming from the Divine Light Basilica gave the illusion of an ethereal palace.

The strong winds were more violent than during the day, like getting stabbed in the face by daggers.

The moment he took a step into the basilica, the howling winds disappeared and warm spring welcomed him.

Inside the basilica, Saint Sun Mingyue sat behind a desk and quietly stared at him. Her glistening eyes, that were as bright as an autumn lake, were hidden behind a white veil and seemed to penetrate his body.

“Saint.” Chu Li gestured a fist salute.

Sun Mingyue waved her arm. “You've caused a lot of trouble ever since your arrival at Gale City. Why can't you just cultivate in isolation?”

Chu Li answered,” Saint, if I can't lay a hand on Zheng Yanwu, who else can I harm? It's a waste to send me to Gale City!”

“Oh—?” Sun Mingyu responded dully, “I heard you've privately refined quite a few Light Pills?”

Chu Li's face darkened as he replied, “I've refined some.”

“With these Light Pills, the lives of a lot of the church's disciples can be saved, more than the number of enemies you'll kill. You have a talent in refining pills. It's hard for a Pill-refining Master to even refine a single Light Pill but you're able to do so easily. It's a great waste if you don't refine pills!” Sun Mingyue said.

Chu Li shook his head. “I refuse to refine pills!”

“Then you shall remain in Gale City!” Sun Mingyue ordered.

Chu Li snorted. “Great, then I'll remain in Gale Branch!”

Coldness flashed in Sun Mingyue's eyes, like a blade slicing him.

He glared coldly at her without moving an inch.

Sun Mingyue responded dully, “Go back to Gale City!”

Chu Li gestured a fist salute before turning to leave.

Sun Mingyue shook her head helplessly as she watched him take large strides away.

Only Li Ruolan was able to tame his wild nature. It was a pity Li Ruolan only had eyes for Ji Xin, sigh…

She shook her head gently and did not give it a second thought. She planned on wearing this Zhao Dahe down and then leaving him out in the cold for a few years. She would see if he would submit then!

Livid, Chu Li refined pills for two days and two nights in the Spirit Medicine Nursery before returning to Gale City.

Gale City was now under Gale Branch's complete control. The Flaming Sun Sect and Tian Luo Sect no longer retaliated. They remained on the sidelines, waiting to see what action the White Tiger Sect would take.

It did not cross their minds that the White Tiger Sect merely sent an ordinary master to rebuild the Roaring Tiger Clan.

With the White Tiger Sect giving in, Gale City resumed its peacefulness.

Chu Li informed the three that he would be leaving Gale City. He would be in Isolated Cultivation deep inside some mountain outside the city and, as he would be away for a long period of time, did not want them looking for him.

Kou Qiong and the other two did not dare to question further. With Gale Branch currently armed with a well-trained and high-spirited army, there was no cause for concern.

It was morning when Chu Li and Xiao Qi each rode on a horse to slowly leave King An's Imperial Residence.

Crippled of his martial arts, Chu Li, who was dressed in green, looked like a scholar. From head to toe, there was no trace of martial arts on him. Even his eyes seemed dimmed.

Before, though it was not obvious from his looks that he cultivated martial arts, his eyes s.h.i.+mmered brighter than normal people. On closer inspection, one could see the strength in his eyes but now he was an ordinary man.

Xiao Qi was dressed in white tunic and a veil over her face, revealing only her autumn-lake clear eyes. She gave out a cold and cheerless vibe, keeping others' at arm's length while sitting on a white horse. She was elegant, graceful, poised, and carried herself with ease.

The duo rode their horses through a busy street and exited the South Gate.

1,600 feet away from the city gate, they arrived at the parting pavilion, where they saw a group of imposing Protectors. They caused pedestrians to avoid the area in fear.

Prince Bao, Prince Kang, King Jing, King Ping, and even King Cheng were quietly standing in the parting pavilion, guarded by their Protectors. The Protectors surrounded the pavillion so tightly that even bugs could not come close.

They were dressed in luxurious purple robes.

“Little Chu!” Prince Bao greeted from afar.

Chu Li rushed to greet everyone in fist salute, getting down from his horse after striding near with Xiao Qi and stepping into the pavilion.

Xiao Qi stayed on the back of her horse and did not enter the pavilion.

“Little Chu, your martial arts is really crippled!” Prince Bao smiled.

Chu Li nodded. “If my martial arts is crippled, I can just recultivate. It's not a bigdeal.”

“Great, that's the spirit of a real man!” Prince Kang chuckled.

King Jing said, “Head Chief Chu, be careful on the road!”

Chu Li nodded. “Thank you for your concern, Your Royal Highness King Jing.”

King Ping did not say a word but gave him a nod.

King Cheng forced a smile. “I hope for the Head Chief's swift return!!”

“Thank you for your good wishes, Your Royal Highness King Cheng!” Chu Li smiled.

King Ping picked up a pot of wine and filed a few bowls before handing them to everyone.

Chu Li picked up a bowl. “Thank you, Your Royal Highnesses. I'll be on my way after finis.h.i.+ng this bowl of wine. I'll repay you if ever there's a chance in the future!”

He finished the drink in one gulp before motioning a fist salute to leave. He leaped on to his horse's back and the two rode off.

“Little Chu's really is a hero.” Prince Bao smiled. “Brother must be over his anger by now.”

“Better check in a couple of days.” Prince Kang smiled.

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