233 Sight Seeing

If you are looking for 233 Sight Seeing you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Zhang Zhehan got on top of her as he looked at the beauty beneath him. For him, she was everything that he wanted. She was everything that he ever needed. 

Trailing his fingers over her face, caressing her cheeks Zhehan sighed in delight. She was so beautiful and she was all his. Leaning forwards he kissed her letting out his wild pa.s.sion and love for her.

Li Xiaolu melted with his every touch. Her body trembled everywhere that he touched. She felt losing control over her own body and surrendering it to him. All her mind was focused on his tongue swirling on every inch of her skin, his warms fingers working wonderfully inside of her. 

His every touch burned her so much she was already panting and moaning beneath him in desire and need.

"Ahh!!!!" Li Xiaolu moaned loudly when he suddenly entered her in one swift motion. Zhehan s.h.i.+fted their position a little as he his slow and careful thrust quickened.

Li Xiaolu moaned with each thrust. Her fingers began to trace an unknown pattern on his as she gripped his hair and pulled him closer. Zhang Zhehan leaned forward as he kissed her affectionally as their bodies intertwined with each other in perfect motion.

Zhehan continued his swift motion as he went in and out of her, bringing her to her first o.r.g.a.s.m. Li Xiaolu's hands gripped his neck as her body convulsed short twitching as satisfaction came to her.

The intimacy between the couples continued the whole night from the bed to the bathroom door, from there to the bathtub, from bathtub to the wall, from the wall again back to the bed. They made love with each other crazily in every part of the room.

After everything was over, Zhang Zhehan and Li Xiaolu laid on the bed, naked, panting hard trying to catch their breath. Li Xiaolu had his head on his shoulder while he had his arms around her waist creating small circles with his fingers.

"Stop that." Li Xiaolu glared. Her body was still very sensitive from all of their pa.s.sionate love. 

Zhang Zhehan laughed amused at her tone. Pressing a kiss on her forehead he smiled, "I love you too..." 

"Hmm... Love you." Li Xiaolu said in a sleepy voice. She was so tired after everything that soon as she closed her eyes she fell asleep.

Zhang Zhehan chuckled as he closed his eyes and fell asleep with her in his arms, fully satisfied and content.


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The next day, Li Xiaolu woke a big smile on her face. Today they were going to visit various places in Alaska. Just thinking about the beautiful scenery and all of the tasty food made her smile. 

"Looks like someone was too happy with my service last night..." 

Li Xiaolu shot a glare towards her husband. Zhang Zhehan chuckled as he walked towards Li Xiaolu and quickly dropped a kiss on her forehead.

Stretching her arms Li Xiaolu got out the bed but as soon as her feet touched the ground, her legs wobbled and she almost fell back. 

"All your fault, Zhehan!" Li Xiaolu glared at her amused husband. It all because of their crazy night that she was not able to walk properly. 

Zhang Zhehan touched his nose helplessly. Alright, he admits that might have gone a little overboard last night, but what could he do in front of his s.e.xy wife. Even now, when she was standing naked in a very awkward manner, she looked d.a.m.n s.e.xy. He could see all of his artwork on her.

Zhang Zhehan groaned.

"Baby, if you keep seducing me like that then we better stay in the bed the whole day, " he warned.

Li Xiaolu: "..." When did I seduce you?

Li Xiaolu wanted to argue with him but noticing his predatory gaze, Li Xiaolu gulped and rushed inside the washroom. Even though she would love to be with him in bed all day, she wanted to go out and see all of these amazing places in Alaska.

After quickly taking a shower, Li Xiaolu dressed up nicely. First, they were going to visit this amazing local restaurant for breakfast and after that, they were going to go for sightseeing.

Li Xiaolu was very much excited the whole time. For breakfast, they ordered some reindeer sausages, sourdough, a blueberry pancakes with raspberry syrup and Rhubarb sauce.

After a good and delicious breakfast, Zhang Zhehan took her to Kenai lake. Once Li Xiaolu saw the beautiful turquoise zig-zag lake, she instantly fell in love with it. This was one of the most famous fis.h.i.+ng lakes in Alaska, and it was a popular destination for kayakers and rafters.

Li Xiaolu and Zhang Zhehan spend a few hours in Kenai Lake enjoying its scenic beauty and the majestic views of nature. Next, they went to Mendenhall Glacier and Ice caves. Li Xiaolu and Zhang Zhehan were stunned and amazed by the beauty of these glaciers. Li Xiaolu and Zhang Zhehan took as many couple pictures as they can.

Then for their lunch, Zhang Zhehan asked a local for the best restaurant nearby. There they ordered some delicious food. After visiting two beautiful places they were quite hungry and the fragrant aroma in the restaurant made their mouths water.

Now the best thing you can eat in Alaska is its seafood. Their specialty is using salmon in most of their dishes. As Zhang Zhehan was allergic to seafood he couldn't eat, so he ordered a lot for his wife who loved eating seafood.

One of the best things that you could do as a couple in Alaska was to stay in a cabin in the woods. So after their lunch, Zhang Zhehan and Li Xiaolu strolled in a local market, buying souvenirs for everybody. Then they were extremely tired and hence they decided to spend the rest of their evening and their whole night in the cabins.

So for the next few days of their honeymoon, Li Xiaolu and Zhang Zhehan spent their days visiting beautiful places, taking pictures, enjoying authentic local food, buying souvenirs and making love with each other.

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