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If you are looking for 426 Blue you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . "By the way, aren't you tired after the whole day of shopping? What were you doing in the hallway?"

Xiu tied her hair back up into a messy bun as she answered, "I'm very tired. But when I left all the shopping bags in my room. I decided to go to Regan's place but when I came out... I forgot what I was supposed to do since I saw you."

Ying laughed at the way she said she forgot.

"Hold up..." Xiu frowned as she realized something. "How do you know I was out shopping?"

Ying's eyes widened as she realized her mistake. Exactly, how did she know what Xiu was doing unless she was there? Yes, she was but that point was something to keep a secret from Xiu herself. 

"Ummm... I just guessed," answered Ying praying that Xiu would buy that lie. Considering her line of work, one could say that Ying was a really bad liar. Extremely bad! Luckily, she was saved by her phone which suddenly rang. Instead of putting it against her ear, she put it on speakerphone and placed it on the side table. "And what do you want now?"

"Nothing. I just have something to share with you," came the voice which even Xiu could recognize.

"Why? Why share it with me?" asked Ying.

"Because you're my close friend," answered Cali.

"Who said that?" retorted Ying without even thinking about it.

"I said that," was Cali's reply which made Xiu laugh out. "Oh... That sounds familiar."

"Hi, Cali!" said Xiu to announce that she was also listening to the call.

"Hey, Xiu! What's up? What are you doing with Ying?"

"Ying Jie is my new neighbor so I came to say hi to her," replied Xiu.

"She's your neighbor?!" Cali's voice was really loud. "When did that happen? How did that happen? Why did it happen?!" Taking a breath, she added, "Ying, you have a lot to explain here!"

"Why should I?" was Ying's reply. "It's my life. I can do whatever I want. And who are you question me?" She took a pause to add, "I'm the kind of person who doesn't even answer herself 90 percent of the time. What makes you think I'll answer you?!"

"I just said, your friend!" Cali was still insistent on her words. "And since I'm a friend I deserve an answer."

"Just because you think we're friends doesn't mean we are actually friends. Stop calling me for everything," replied Ying without considering Cali's feelings. After all, it was Cali who was trying to build a friends.h.i.+p between them. Ying would still like to keep her distance since she had already done her part of the job. 

Xiu narrowed her eyes at Ying before speaking, "Well, what did you want to share with Ying Jie though?"

Cali's mood suddenly lifted up again, "Dylan brought me a gift."

"Good for you. Now let's not continue," Ying was trying to cut off this conversation but apparently, others weren't interested.

"What did he bring to make you so happy?"

Cali smiled as she answered, "So he gave me a blue gift bag... When I opened it I found that blue tissue paper in the form of swans inside along with 12 blue roses that looked so b.l.o.o.d.y beautiful. Some snacks that had blue wraps. A bag of royal blue velvet cake. There are about four blue scented candles. A gla.s.s bottle filled with a blue-colored drink and there is a small pack of blue colored candies."

Ying was the only person frowning while she listened and couldn't help asking, "Why is everything so blue? If Dylan is in love now, he should be in that pink fever. Why is he acting like he got the blue fever or something?"

Both Xiu and Cali facepalmed themselves at what Ying said. Of course, she didn't get the point here. And seeing how Xiu was judging her with her eyes, Ying was taken aback as she said, "I'm just curious to know. I have only an unrequited love's experience. Of course, I am clueless about what this gift is supposed to represent."

"It doesn't signify anything," answered Xiu plainly. 

"Actually, blue is my favorite color. The gift is really very simple. But it's the thoughtfulness that just blew my mind up. Like, he went through so much just to put everything together. And that too, just for me. I just love it." Cali genuinely sounded really happy and it brought a smile on Xiu's face.

"Someone finally grew up," Xiu whispered to herself and wondered when did Dylan turn into such a thoughtful person? She really didn't expect his way of wooing Cali would be something so strange and yet adorable. 

"I still don't find it special though." Xiu glared at Ying who just poured a bucket of cold water over Cali's head. "Sorry, but I really don't find it cute."

"I do," answered Xiu. "In fact, I love the way he's thinking right now. Simple but yet thoughtful. He knows that Cali has everything. So, he's trying to make the simple things count here. Isn't that special?" 

Ying decided not to argue with this pair of cousins as she just nodded along, "I guess it's very special then. Congratulations, Cali! Now, don't call me again for sharing such things." 


Before Cali could even continue, Ying had hung up. Was it necessary for her to suffer through another one showing off how the person she loved also shared the same feelings? Well, no thanks! I'm really not interested!

Xiu was looking at Ying strangely now. "What?" 

"I'm wondering how do you know Cali?" questioned Xiu.

"I met her in Italy a few months ago," answered Ying hiding all the important details of that meeting. 

"Italy? Isn't she from Norway?"

"Her paternal family is from Italy. Her mother moved to Norway with Cali after her divorce."

"So, Calista Novell is an Italian," Xiu's voice was very soft. First, Cali's last name bothered her but now the fact that Cali was also from Italy somehow told Xiu that she wasn't thinking wrong. Destiny was from Italy, she was also a Novell. There had to be a connection here somewhere.

"Where are you lost now?" questioned Ying breaking Xiu's trance.

"Huh? Nothing... I was just thinking about how everyone around me comes from a broken family." Xiu just changed the topic. 

"Dylan doesn't though," stated Ying. "And neither do I." She took a moment to add, "In fact, your boyfriend doesn't come from a broken family either. According to him, he has a complete family with him and his mother. So don't ever do the mistake to say he comes from a broken family."

Xiu understood Ying's meaning. Darren, in fact, wouldn't like those words since he felt a lot proud calling himself as Francesca Salvay's son. But then again, if one had a mother like that, anyone would feel proud.

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