Chapter 1056 - Pea

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Chapter 1056: Pea

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His nickname was Pea.

Why was he called Pea? It was because Su Cha liked to eat peas when she was pregnant with him.

His name was Bo Suchen.

The name “Little Prodigy” did indeed suit him.

A few days after he was born, Su Cha also announced the birth of her child to her fans, causing the Weibo trending searches to explode for a few days.

But for the sake of the child’s privacy, she did not reveal the child’s photo.

There was only a photo of a little finger.

Everyone was happy that the child was born, but before long, Su Cha and Bo Muyi could not take it anymore.

If she had raised a child before, she would know that the child would usually make a scene at night.

The Little Prodigy Pea would especially pick the time to make a scene when they were sleeping soundly. Once he made a scene, half the night would be lost.

After eating and drinking, he’d also make a scene. The main thing was that he did not cry and just hummed there. Su Cha and Bo Muyi were both light sleepers. They would be woken up by the slightest noise, and then they’d sleep only to be woken up by Pea again…

When Su Cha and Bo Muyi continued to sleep, he’d start to hum again.

After a few days, with a gloomy face, Bo Muyi hired dozens of nannies.

The old lady originally wanted Su Cha and Bo Muyi to take care of the child themselves, but after experiencing the torture of Pea, she let the nannies take care of him.

After feeding the child for a while, Su Cha returned to work.

However, she usually took on jobs in the Imperial Capital and would come back when she could.

Pea did not like strangers, but he was clingy. He was especially clingy to Su Cha and not Bo Muyi.

He chuckled when Su Cha hugged him. He was expressionless when Bo Muyi hugged him.

Of course, his father was not willing to hug him.

After Tan Jinsui heard about Pea, he could not help but sigh. “I was right when I said that it’s going to be a prodigy…”

And the child was a boy too.

Bo Muyi was already unhappy that Su Cha had given birth so early. He reckoned that this child would have a conflict with his father in the future…

Not long after the child was born, Su Cha’s new movie, “He Chun,” was released.

This was Su Cha’s debut on the big screen. She wanted to watch the premiere, but she was pestered by Pea and did not go.

He cried as soon as she left.

Sometimes, his crying would give Su Cha a headache. She hugged the child and sighed when she saw the child’s pink and tender face. “Pea, I want to go out to watch a movie. Can’t you let me go? Can’t you be good and go mess with your father?”

At this time, Pea was less than a month old. As soon as he opened his eyes, he’d display the jet-black eyes that resembled Bo Muyi’s. He looked at Su Cha steadily and smacked his lips, revealing a smile.

He mewled like a kitten.

Seeing Pea like this, Su Cha’s heart melted. She could not help but touch Pea’s little face. At this time, Bo Muyi walked in from outside.

The smile on Pea’s face slowly faded. Su Cha wanted to carry the child to Bo Muyi. When Bo Muyi reached out to take him, Pea’s expression changed. “Wow…”

Bo Muyi sneered and retracted his hand. Pea immediately retracted his expression and spat.

Su Cha: “…”

This child was only a month old!

Of course, sometimes, children were purely unconscious. If others wanted to hug them, they would make a scene.

However, Bo Muyi felt that this child deserved a beating.

He was too young now and could not be straightened up. When he was older, he could slowly set him straight!

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