Chapter 1097 - Something Gone Wrong!

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Chapter 1097 Something Gone Wrong!

“Second Lieutenant Mei, he is Slaughter Mecha Clan’s leader. He’s here to visit Lingtian.” Seeing the situation turning tense, Han Xuya walked out from the crowd and gave an explanation.

“Department head!” Lady Mei saw that it was her department head, along with the other department heads and mecha team team leaders from Lingtian so she quickly saluted and said, “Good day, leaders and department heads.”

After doing all this, Lady Mei turned to Lin Yang’s subordinate once again and coldly said, “So, you’re here to challenge us?” A leader was actually challenging them JMCs He was really f*cking shameless.

Hearing this, Lin Yang’s subordinate’s face instantly reddened in embarra.s.sment. He quickly shook his hands and said, “No! I’m not. I just want to ask you, isn’t it a bit over the top with the medicinal agent being like a punishment as well?”

“Punishment? Over the top? Are you an idiot?” Lady Mei’s gaze was unnerving. This person was completely oblivious about the situation and just jumped out to bring about his own views on fainess. In Lady Mei’s eyes, his actions were without a doubt idiotic.

“Plus, are you qualified to ask about our clan’s matters?” Lady Mei spat on the ground in front of him. “Move aside, don’t disturb our training.”

Although this person was clearly much stronger than her, Lady Mei wasn’t the least bit afraid of him. Couldn’t that person see all of Lingtian’s leaders there? If he dared to make any moves, he would be instantly taken down. Plus, they were here to visit. In the military, ‘visiting’ was the same as challenging them to a battle so Lady Mei would, of course, not treat these people with bad intentions nicely.

Seeing this female second lieutenant giving him such a frustrated expression, this leader who worked under Lin Yang, instantly had annoyed expression on his face. After all, Slaughter Mecha Clan was the strongest clan after Proud Wind Mecha Clan sp in the base, their social status was very high. Soldiers from other clans were very polite towards leaders from their mecha clan so this was the first time he was looked down upon by a soldier and a female one at that, whom he never even considered as an equal… In that moment, he didn’t know whether he should leave or continue to try to explain himself.

Seeing the opposition standing still with no intention of moving aside, Lady Mei instantly smiled coldly. “Looks like you actually are here to challenge our JMC department? Although we’re the lowest ranked team in Lingtian Mecha Clan, we still won’t run in the face of a challenge. Speak. How are we going to fight?”

“JMC? You guys are JMCs?” Almost everyone gasped in surprise. They had thought that these female soldiers were a group of mecha operators, so they had to accept such brutal training in order to make sure they could upkeep their fighting strength. They didn’t think that the truth was the complete opposite of what they had thought. These female soldiers were the JMCs who were only responsible for being the eyecandy of their mecha clans…

“Major General Yang, they’re JMCs. You guys really don’t have to do this…” Yu Wei couldn’t help but speak up.

“On the battlefield, anything could happen. If they have the ability to protect themselves, we wouldn’t be worried when going into battle.” Yang Mingzhi smiled.

However, not everyone agreed with Yang Mingzhi’s opinion. Some regiment commanders and leaders believed that if the enemy were to get into their base, that meant that they had all died in battle. Then, no matter how strong these JMCs were, it wouldn’t be of any use.

Yang Mingzhi knew very well what everyone was thinking, but he wasn’t interested in continuing to explain to them. He pointed towards the leader working under Lin Yang, who was still blocking the female soldiers, and asked, “Regiment Commander Lin, I’m quite curious about something. Does your leader actually want to challenge our JMC department?”

“Why would we do that?” Lin Yang denied it instantly. If a mecha clan’s leader were to actually challenge Lingtian’s JMCs, he might be looked down upon by all of the clans in the base when he steps out of Lingtian’s doors.

“Yaofeng, come back.” Lin Yang instantly spoke up and called back his subordinate.

Seeing the person who blocked their way finally leave, Lady Mei saluted towards everyone and continued to lead the group to train. They trained until they were all exhausted and fell to the ground.

Guan Yaofeng walked beside his regiment commander with resentment. Right as he was about to say something, he heard his regiment commander speak out in a tone of disbelief.

“Everyone look, that female soldier…” The female soldier who was originally screaming in pain due to the medicinal agent at the beginning had quieted down.

The medic loosened the hand he put on her neck and whispered something in her ear.

After that, they saw that female soldier raising her head with a sharp look in her eyes with no signs of fear. She nodded and showed a radiant smile. Despite her face being covered in dirt and dust from all the struggling from before which caused her beautiful visage to be destroyed, but her smile was still too bright for their eyes.

When everyone looked at her smile in surprise, she pushed off the ground with both of her hands and flew up into the air. In the next second, she firmly stood on the ground.

“Catch up and continue training!” Seeing the female soldier recovering her energy almost instantly, the instructor did not hesitate and gave an order.

“Yes, sir!” The female soldier saluted him and then quickly ran towards Lady Mei. Instead of running, she just needed a few hops to arrive beside Lady Mei.

This scene made everyone’s eyes narrow. Those who were present were all capable, insightful, and experienced experts. They, of course, could tell that this female soldier’s capabilities had increased compared to before when she had collapsed.

“Although the whipping seems to be ruthless, it is still a method to train their physical const.i.tution. Our instructors would always choose the ones who require outside forces to push them to their limits…” Yang Mingzhi half-smiled and glanced towards everyone else. When the instructor whipped the female soldiers, the angry and frustrated expression of these people were seen through by Yang Mingzhi.

However, compared to their regiment commander, the others in Lingtian were already very lenient by many levels. They would only choose ways of punis.h.i.+ng that made them feel not guilty at the end of each training session. Plus, these females were the beautiful JMCs and were the treasures of every single man in the clan. As their instructor, they didn’t dare to go over the top with the punishments. They even had to be careful about administering the punishment because if they punished them too hard, everyone in the clan would turn into their enemies and sliced them up.

“So, that medicinal agent is an actual recovery agent? But why are the side effects so… terrifying,” asked one leader.

“Although our recovery agents are good, like other agents, it still had its own weaknesses… Since they want to reap the benefits of the agent, then they must endure all the bads of the agent. Don’t you think this is fair?” Yang Mingzhi smiled as he asked.

Yang Mingzhi’s words made these regiment commanders think deeply for a moment. They once again looked towards the female soldiers, who were training as if their lives were on the line, and seemed to understand why Lingtian did all this.

Right at that moment, the wall beside them suddenly lit up and an elegant virtual girl appeared on it.

“Emergency! Team 06, Leader Li is currently heavily injured and is on the brink of death. Medical Department Head Li, please immediately head to Training Grounds o7 for emergency treatment.”

“What?” Li s.h.i.+yu’s expression changed instantly. He didn’t even think for a moment as he pushed aside those around him and quickly ran towards Training Grounds 07.

“Meng Lan, tell the medic team on duty to immediately rush to Training Grounds 07.” Then, Li s.h.i.+yu’s orders were heard from afar.

“Understood,” the elegant virtual girl replied and then vanished in the next second. The wall returned to its original color once again.

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