Chapter 118.3

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But he saw Zi You imperceptibly shake her head. A sharp light flashed in her eyes. She rushed at Duke Yongnan and said, “Uncle, it is understandable that Aunt is not a.s.sured with You’er’s medical skills. After all, You’er has learned medicine for only a short period of time and is young. Aunt is also worried about Shizi. It’s unavoidable that she is anxious and says exaggerated things. You’er was wrong just now and let emotions cloud her judgment. Please forgive Aunt and rest a.s.sured, Uncle and Shizi. Although You’er has only learned medicine for a short period of time, because You’er considered the needs that are necessary on the battlefield, You’er has been dedicated to studying external trauma. You’er will definitely do her best to treat Shizi.”

“You’er……” Zhao HongXiang was moved by her words.

Duke Yongnan was moved too. He expressed vehemently, “Rest a.s.sured and treat as you wish, You’er. Whether it’s a good or bad outcome, Uncle will not blame you.”

Zi You revealed a smile that even peach blossom would be bashful of. In a moment, she eclipsed all the precious chrysanthemums in the room.

She looked comfortingly at Old General Mu. Then she said to Duke Yongnan, “You’er will give treatment now. It will be very painful, so Shizi, I will give you a packet of pain-relieving medicine. Drink it first and the pain will lessen a bit. Uncle, you and grandfather should go outside. You’er will start now.”

Then she took out the refined poppy flower powder and had Zhao HongXiang take it.

She took his pulse five minutes later. His heart rate had not accelerated so she knew the medicine had not taken effect yet.

Thus, she sneered to herself. She took out a pair of scissors and stabbed it towards the dead flesh in Zhao HongXiang’s leg.

“Ah…… It hurts……” It was indeed very painful. Zhao HongXiang screamed heart-piercingly and gut-wrenchingly and began to struggle.

“Hold your Shaoye down,” Zi You ordered the two new maidservants and increased her strength.

It hurts, right? But compared to the pain in my previous life, what does this count as? If I don’t make you suffer terribly in pain, won’t I be sorry to myself?

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