Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 - Life-Death Crisis

"The one surnamed Li, I want to see what kind of ability you have to actually agree to fight against two of us at the same time!"

Lu Wanli and Cheng Gang immediately blocked Li Mu from the left and right, the two of them had cultivations in late Xiantian, one held a sword while the other held a blade, the powerful zhen yuan qi came out, like two cheetahs staring at a sheep.

"Sigh!" If the two of you have the normal abilities of those ladies in the Heartless Palace or those bald men in the Yunhai Temple, I might still be a little afraid, but it's a pity that you two don't have them.

Li Mu laughed coldly in disdain. Then, with two hands holding the river crossing step s, he moved to Lu Wanli's side and fiercely smashed the black iron hammer in his hands towards his opponent.

Lu Wanli saw that Li Mu had taken the initiative to launch an attack on him, so he waved the sword in his hand, causing over 10 sets of yellow Sword Qi to shoot out, straight at Li Mu.

Li Mu's speed was so fast that he had no intention of fighting with the opponent at all. With a flash of the river crossing step, he bypa.s.sed the attack of the True Essence Sword Qi and arrived behind Lu Wanli, smashing the opponent's back with his hammer.

Seeing that Li Mu had suddenly disappeared, Lu Wanli who had long since released all of his spiritual awareness naturally discovered something strange, the long sword in his hand slashed backwards, with a 'dang' sound, it struck Li Mu's black iron hammer, causing countless sparks to fly.

But just how strong was Li Mu's strength, especially when supported by the Heavenly Demon Nine Transformations, it was even more terrifying. Even though Lu Wanli blocked the attack with his sword, his body couldn't help but retreat by seven or eight steps.

"Demon Light Tyrant Blade Slash!" "To split the world!"

Just as Li Mu retreated Lu Wanli, from the other direction, Cheng Gang's voice suddenly came out, accompanied by a seven to eight meter long eerie blue colored blade Qi, slashing straight at Li Mu, Cheng Gang actually took the opportunity when Li Mu was fighting with Lu Wanli, and unleashed a powerful attack.

Li Mu simply did not have the time to activate river crossing step to dodge, and the blade energy had already closed in on him. He did not have enough time to think about it, the two hammers in his hands released a golden light as he welcomed the incoming attack with his hammers.


The eerie blue colored energy hacked down onto Li Mu's twin hammers, causing Li Mu's face to tighten. His true essence attack was not comparable to his pure physical strength attack, and was even more difficult to deal with from a certain point of view.

Just at this time, Lu Wanli also launched an attack, the long sword in his hand swept, a dozen or so True Essence sword Qi formed once again, shooting straight at Li Mu, not giving him any chance to catch his breath.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In the end, there were two sword Qis that Li Mu was unable to block. The right shoulder was struck, and a large portion of the black gold scales formed by the Heavenly Demon Nine Transformations fell off, but fortunately, his body was strong enough and did not leave behind any wounds.

"Look at the blade!"

Li Mu had just luckily escaped from Lu Wanli's sword aura attack, and Cheng Gang's attack arrived again. The azure colored blade aura covered the sky and pressed down towards Li Mu, forcing him to the point where he had no time to activate his river crossing step.


Li Mu knew that if he continued like this, he would eventually be killed by Lu Wanli and Yue Yang. He did not hesitate to attack with his hammers, and a golden halo of true essence air wave swept out, blocking both Lu Wanli's sword energy attack and Cheng Gang's blade energy attack.

The river crossing step beneath Li Mu's feet flashed, and he leapt seven or eight meters away, opening up a distance between him and Lu Wanli.

"Hahaha!" Honestly speaking, in a 1v1 fight, I, Lu Wanli, think that I am not your opponent, and I, Lu Wanli, will even find it difficult to take three of your strikes head on. However, with the help of someone else, you will lose your advantage, unless you are confident that you can defeat me in one strike! "

He and Cheng Gang's coordination was perfect, and just happened to suppress Li Mu's attack. As he spoke, he and Cheng Gang closed in on Li Mu, attempting to force Li Mu into a dead end, and then, destroy him in one go.

"Is that so? "I admit that I don't have the ability to defeat either of you in a single strike, but who said that I only have one person? Are you two really that confident that you can take me down?" The corner of Li Mu's mouth raised, and asked a question with some deeper meaning.

"Hehe, I know that your movement technique is strange and you can transform into a mirage that is similar to a doppelgänger to face the enemy. Earlier, when you were facing Monk Kong Luo, you had already revealed it, but that move of yours might have a miraculous effect on other people, but for me, it's not even worth a single blow. Cheng Gang laughed coldly, as if he had long understood Li Mu's moves.

Li Mu's eyeb.a.l.l.s rolled around, and subconsciously shot a glance at Yuan Feng and Li Yangtian who were both at the bottom of the stage. He did not care much about it, but when he looked at Li Mu, he found some clues, and both Li Yangtian and Yuan Feng were looking at him with ridiculing eyes, which made Li Mu have a bad feeling in his heart.

"Whether it is as weak as you say it is, we will only know after trying it out!"

With a low shout, Li Mu pushed the river crossing step to its limits. In an instant, six figures appeared, charging towards Cheng Gang and Lu Wanli respectively.

"Humph!" I already knew that you would use this move! "

Cheng Gang was not even the least bit worried about Li Mu's clone attack. He quickly took out a wine cup sized bell from his chest, the surface of the bell had a tinge of red, with some rust on it. From the outside, other than its simple and unadorned appearance, there was nothing special about it.

Cheng Gang held the ancient bell, after which, he injected his True Essence inside and started to shake it.

"Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang …"

Bells rang with a crisp sound from Cheng Gang's hands, and circles of sound waves that were light red like blood came out from the ancient bell. These sound waves were not powerful, but it had a miraculous effect when it hit Li Mu's six clones.

Among the six human figures that Li Mu had transformed into, five of them were hit by the light red sound wave. Their movements instantly became sluggish like a crippled old man pacing, and their speed was even slower than a snail.

As for Li Mu's main body, it was in an even worse state. It actually held its head and roared on the spot, as though its head had suffered some kind of powerful attack.

"This is!" Could this be the famous semi-spiritual treasure of the Heavenly Note Sect, the Soul Search Bell?! "

Below the stage, Li Chengfeng suddenly stood up, looking at the ancient bell in Cheng Gang's hand, his face was filled with shock, but at the same time, his expression became gloomy, he knew that it was hopeless for Li Mu to win.

Aside from Li Chengfeng, some of the more experienced people present also saw where the bell Cheng Gang was holding came from. Aside from the look of surprise on their faces, the rest of them only sneered; they also knew that Li Mu would eventually pay the price for their arrogance.

"Sigh!" "How can I be impatient? Although I have some ability, I do not know what it means for Mu Xiuyu to act this way. Alright, I will teach you a lesson, I hope you will remember it well in the future!"

Inside the Disciple of the Snow Spirit Sect's seating area, Leng Qingcheng could not help but look at Li Mu who was on stage. She had heard of the name of this Soul Search Bell before, it was a powerful treasure that specifically interfered with one's consciousness. Although the treasure in Cheng Gang's hand was definitely of the semi-spiritual treasure s level, to Innate realm experts, it was equivalent to being a bane of death.

To deal with the attacks of the semi-spiritual treasure level Soul Absorbing Bell, unless one had reached the divine ability realm with his or her Spiritual Awareness, or had a protective treasure that could specifically protect him or her from the disturbance of the Spiritual Awareness, it was impossible to get rid of the interference of the Spiritual Awareness. Of course, according to the legends, there were also some cultivation techniques and martial skills that had an effect on the defense of Spiritual Awareness that could break through the attack.

"Humph!" Offending me, Li Yangtian, I want your life! "

Amongst the Hades disciples, Li Yangtian had a cold smile on his face as he spoke in a voice that only he could hear.

On the stage, Li Mu had already thrown the pair of hammers to the side, his hands covering his head, as though he was suffering from immense pain. This kind of pain was not brought about by his physical body, but rather, was caused by his mind, causing him to be unable to use his spirit sense, and the True Essence in his body to be unable to move, because the True Essence was controlled by his spirit sense, and the black gold scales on his body had also disappeared long ago.

As Cheng Gang continuously shook the Soul Absorbing Bell in his hand, it was as if thousands of needles were stabbing Li Mu's head, causing him to wish that he was dead.

Lu Wanli coldly looked at Cheng Gang from the side. He did not have any intentions of making a move, but right at this moment, Cheng Gang suddenly moved, his left hand swung the Soul Search Bell, and he walked in front of Li Mu with the blade in his right hand.

Seeing this, the spectators could basically guess what would happen next. As long as Cheng Gang gave Li Mu a kick, he would definitely be defeated.

However, what no one expected happened was, Cheng Gang did not have the intention to kick Li Mu out of the stage, the killing intent in his eyes surged, he had actually raised the blade in his hand, aimed straight for Li Mu's heart, how was he planning to kick Li Mu out of the stage, he was clearly planning to take Li Mu's life.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h!" "You dare!?"

Gold Jade Sect's Tongxuan realm expert were the first to realize that something was amiss. From start to finish, they had not shifted their gaze from Li Mu, and their senses were extremely strong, so they were the first to realise what Cheng Gang's intentions were. However, even if they noticed that something was amiss, they would not have made it in time to stop him, because Cheng Gang's blade, which was glowing with an azure colored light, was already thrusting towards Li Mu's chest.


Cheng Gang's blade stabbed into Li Mu's chest, but for some reason, it did not pierce through Li Mu's body. Instead, a blade that was at least a ninth grade common weapon, was directly shattered into pieces.


Li Mu was enraged, he released a hysterical roar, he had never felt himself so close to death before, not even when he was poisoned by the Fierce Cloud Miasma. If not for the heliogram fragment in his chest, even if his body was strong, under the situation where he did not have the protection of his True Essence, his opponent's slash would have definitely taken his life.

Li Mu's eyes suddenly turned blood-red, a bloodthirsty killing intent filled his entire mind. Even the Soul Absorbing Bell that was interfering with his Spiritual Sense was not something Li Mu could feel anymore.

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