Chapter 150: Do Not Take The Little Girl Too Seriously

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Hearing such ludicrous words coming out from Mia's mouth, Baiyi could not let it go just like that. Immediately, he pinched both of her cheeks and asked solemnly, "Why do you suddenly have such bizarre idea?"

"Urghhh.... M-Mr Hope is bullying me again..." Mia cried, "O-Only a father or a boyfriend can play with a girl's hair, right? Yes, I d-do like you a lot too but I'm still a little too young now, M-Mr. Hope.."

Baiyi suddenly felt like his heart was smashed by a heavy hammer, his whole body was petrified, not hearing anything that she said after the words 'father' and 'boyfriend'. It was a good thing that he had a tough heart as he quickly regained his senses and endured the pain that he felt in his heart. Putting on a strong front, he appeared to be unaffected by her words, and of course, none of the girls noticed the change in him at all.

"W-Where did you get such absurd idea from?" Baiyi quickly queried as he released his hands and helped her soothe the redness that started to appear on both of her cheeks.

"Sis Tisdale told me," Mia looked at Tisdale.

Immediately, Tisdale put down her cutleries and desperately waved her hand in denial. Before Baiyi asked anything, she turned and looked towards Undine who was sitting by her side.

So the culprit who implanted such ridiculous idea is here…

"E-Er... My father told me this when I was still little. I- I meant it as a joke when I told this to Tisdale but I really did not expect the both of them to take my words so seriously!" Undine hastily explained, "B-But still, t-there's some truth in it, isn't it? Hair is always the most important thing to us so of course we need to take good care of it!"

Then why is it that you girls always cover your chest first and not your head when you come across a pervert? What kind of stupid logic is this?

"Because it would look like they are trying to act cute if they cover their head first and then crouch down, no?" A voice interjected from the Void.

Who the h.e.l.l says that covering the head while crouching down is an act of cuteness? Isn't that a normal defensive action? Baiyi snorted before he poked the Merchant with his consciousness.

The Merchant: "Huh???"

With no warning, the Merchant was suddenly banned from speaking all day by Baiyi.

"Why did you ban him for?" The Archmage and the Thane who were once leaders asked out loud unanimously, "Don't abuse the power in your hands!"

"How is this abusing? Since this was told by Undine's father, then it means that this must be a hoax that has been pa.s.sed down in their family for years. As for the source of this hoax, I don't see any problem with me banning him from speaking at all, okay?!" Bayi replied righteously.

W-What gangster logic is this! DICTATOR! Chills ran down the rest of the Voidwalkers spine but still, due to Baiyi's authority, n.o.body dared to make a sound at all.

Only the Warrior dared to stand up at that moment, "Stop faking it!"

Baiyi was stunned.

"You just feel upset because Michan doesn't treat you as a father, right?" The Warrior queried in her ever-so-calm tone.

In the face of such poignant questioning, Baiyi tried to defend himself, "I-Imposible! I'm only her teacher! I-I'd never  harbour strange ideas towards her!"

"Heh.." the Warrior chuckled lightly, something that she rarely did, and then did not say another word more. In the darkness of Void, one could not help but lament for not being able to see her beautiful fairy-like smile.

In truth, she looked really beautiful when she laughed. Still, Baiyi who had undergone the Memory Exchange with her only got to see it a few times in her whole life. And now, with just a light chuckle, all his energy flew out of his body, leaving him no energy to argue with her anymore. He could not bring himself to ban her from speaking and he had also lost all mood to cover the dejection he felt in his heart.

Tout de suite, the atmosphere in the Void immediately turned heavy to the point that the Baiyi in reality also was affected by the moodiness. In a flash, he was filled with negative energy and it was so abundant that the energy almost overflowed in reality. It looked like Mia's simple words had indeed given him a great blow to his heart.

"Tsk tsk tsk! What a scary resentment this oni chichi is releasing! It's even worse than how I was last...  Arggghhh!" A Walker who seized the opportunity to shout out an insult anonymously did not notice that she had given herself away when she was making the comment. Immediately, her ident.i.ty was uncovered by Baiyi.

Needless to say, the Shadow was banned from speaking any further.

In the realm of reality, Mia who had a sharp perception also noticed the strangeness in Baiyi. In the end, she was a gentle and kind girl who instinctively felt Baiyi's mood changes and in no time, she got up from the chair and came near him. Worried, she asked guiltily, "M-Mr. Hope, do you really like to play with my ponytails so much? I'll let you play with it however you like! Please don't be upset anymore, okay?"

Without warning, she suddenly put the tip of her ponytails into Baiyi's hand and said, "From now on, Mr. Hope will be like my father and lover. You can play with me however you like!"

"W-What nonsense are you speaking?!" Baiyi was aghast. He patted her head lightly and quickly glanced at Undine and Tisdale. Phewww~ Luckily they are not too concerned about Mia's misleading and childish words…

"Go eat your lunch," Baiyi let go of Mia's hair and used his Mana to send her back to her chair before pulling her plate closer to her. Usually, all these ordinary actions would be natural to him but somehow today it felt a little awkward. Perhaps, he was trying to cover up his inner thoughts and not let anybody else notice it.

Be that as it may, in truth, he was extremely touched by Mia's word. Instantly, the piece of dark cloud in his heart faded away. He could feel the sincerity in that little girl's words. Still, as the saying went 'a casual remark sounds significant to a suspicious listener', the way she phrased her words sounded so wrong to the ears. The few Hentai Walkers were already clamouring about in the Void, saying things like Baiyi was an oni chichi who would 'play' with his daughters.

It was not until Baiyi could not stand it anymore and decided to silence all of them that the Void was finally restored to its usual peacefulness and tranquility. The same went in the realm of reality as well. Baiyi managed to stop the noisy chitchats of the three girls and after they were done with their lunch, he finally could have some time alone with Undine to talk about the real purpose of her trip.

Of course, the real purpose was not that stupid marriage arrangement but the glider. After being tormented by Mia and the few Walkers, he had almost forgotten the real purpose of Undine's visit.

After lunch, Mia and Tisdale helped Attie to clean up the table before going to the kitchen to help prepare some shaved-ice desserts for the rest of them. Under Baiyi's guidance, Mia was slowly adapting to her Advanced Level power through simple daily like cutting the lawn or preparing shaved-ice. And now everytime she performed her magic, Tisdale would usually be by her side to watch over her, preventing the accident last time from happening again.

As for Baiyi, he went out to the courtyard and carry the glider parts into the living room before demonstrating the a.s.sembly process in front of Undine and Leo. In just a few simple steps, the glider's framework was already set up, presenting a triangular shape in front of them.

The purpose he a.s.sembled it in front of them was to actually show Undine the simplicity of his creation.

To his surprise, the dumb girl suddenly tilted her head to one side as she queried, "I-Is this a big umbrella? Master Hope, you plan to hang the goods on the umbrella handle and use magic to float it up?" She pointed at the tail of the glider before clapping her hands loudly. A look of amazement appeared on her face as she quickly praised, "What an amazing idea! This is just like the fairy tale about the sorceress who descended from the sky holding a big umbrella. Why have I never thought of this before?"

Did the G.o.d place all the goodness in your appearance and leave nothing to your brain? I've shown you the blueprint before, haven't I? What the h.e.l.l is wrong with your imagination? The vertical tail that I've carefully crafted with all my heart is just an umbrella handle to you? Baiyi fumed inwardly.

And what is that freaking absurd story? Is that another bizarre story that is being pa.s.sed down from generation to generation in your family? What kind of sorceress would need an umbrella to descend from the sky? Can't she just use a Levitation Spell or Gravity Reduction Spell or even some other magical tools to help her fly? Who would even write such a heinous sorcerer into a fairytale?

Anyway, at that instance, Baiyi could finally understand the feelings a programmer felt when they dealt with a customer. Still, since the person standing in front of him was his goose that laid golden eggs, he decided to activate the formations on the glider and demonstrated the whole thing to her. As soon as the formations were activated, a layer of magic covered the entire framework of the glide. Using his own Mana, he lifted up the glider and demonstrated the way it would move when it was flying in the air. He even deliberately showed her the hooks underneath the glider so that she could understand the general principle of his creation.

A look of comprehension dawned on Undine's face as she finally grasped the whole idea. Clapping her hands, she exclaimed, "Ohhhh, so it's just like a bird!"

Finally! Now we're talking! Baiyi quickly reported the specific parameters required by the glider and taking Undine's IQ into consideration, he replaced the series of numbers into a more specific a.n.a.logy. For example, the 100 kgs maximum load for the glider was equivalent to two adult women and as for the maximum gliding distance, he directly marked it out on the map.

With such an explanation, Undine managed to have a clearer grasp. After a few more queries on the details, she finally understood the whole concept of Baiyi's proposal. Still, when Baiyi was about to give her a quotation on the glider, she suddenly frowned and said, "But the load is a little light I think. We can't transport too many things at once. Hmmmm, is there no other ways to improve it?"

Are you trying to transport stones or potatoes or something? If you want more load you might as well look for a flying elephant! Baiyi snapped in his mind but he did not show it outwardly. Instead, with the most earnest tone, he advised, "You can invest in multiple gliders at one time. Pick some more suitable goods and this capacity will be more than enough for you."

Undine did not nod her head immediately. Before this, when the caravan set off, they had brought a lot of armors, rice, furnitures with them. Although in the end it was Attie and the gang who got their hands on them.

Actually, it was quite understandable. After all, the Dole family's main business line was in pharmaceutical field but the consumables had a huge demand on the market thus they would need a very stable source of production if they were going to supply it to the North. On top of that, the container of the potions were mainly gla.s.s bottles that were fragile and easily broken, making it unsuitable for long-distance transport. For that reason, the Dole family decided to go for some new types of goods and those goods that they had chosen before were brought to test the market of the Northern Kingdom.

"Then, if we can't transport too many things at once, what type of business should we do now?" Just like usual, when Undine met with a dead-end, she habitually asked Baiyi for help.

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