Chapter 21-22

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Chapter 21 - No More Failed Zhuangbility 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs

Without her former husband's harra.s.sments, Zhang Meimei's voice was much calmer. 

"Mr. Xiao Shi, thank you. I didn't think that Liangliang would be this different after one single lesson. Looks like I made the right decision to make you her tutor." 

Shi Lei smiled slightly. It seemed like yesterday did have some effects. Zhang Liangliang probably washed off all her makeup, her hair was back to normal and she looked like an ordinary girl. That's probably why Zhang Meimei said that. 

"It's just that I don't know what happened after I left and why Liangliang changed so dramatically. I really couldn't believe it after I came home last night, I thought she would've have went out to play." Zhang Meimei said again. 

Shi Lei said: "To be honest, I didn't do much. Because you have low expectations and only wanted me to supervise her, so I didn't really tutor her anything except for giving her two questions to do. But before she could do it, you left, and Zhang Liangliang also ran out. I just accompanied her for a while, sitting downstairs and having a brief chat. Even if you didn't mention it to me, I would have talked to you about it. Zhang Liangliang seemed to be more rebellious than other children of the same age. Of course, the unforeseen event of the family would have resulted it. But honestly, the divorce rate is actually really high right now, and single parent families are not rare. Simply with this point, it's not enough to make Zhang Liangliang how she is now. She is just severely lacking your care and attention. I didn't eavesdrop on purpose, but you were a bit too loud with your former husband. I reckon you were so busy that you did not have any time to take care of her when she was in primary school. Your former husband probably didn't take good care of her either, resulting in her lacking the family's warmth and parents' attention. But you are even busier after you divorced, the rebellion she displays is only to catch your attention. Even if she gets scolded by you, even if she fights with you when you meet her, it was better than not seeing you at all and having no communication with you." 

The other side of the call went silent and did not make a sound for a long time. 

After waiting for a while, Shi Lei asked: "Mrs. Zhang, lawyer Zhang, are you still there?" 

"Oh, I am…… Sorry, I blanked out for a while. Thank you, Mr. Xiao Shi, you are right. I neglected my attention towards her and I didn't fulfil my duty as a mother. As a mother, I'm not only to provide her with a financially well life, but partic.i.p.ate more in her growing process. Thank you, I'm really not doing enough in this area. What about this, you don't need to come today, I'll take a break today. I want to take her out to play, have a good meal and a good talk." 

Shi Lei smiled, said: "It's great that you can think like this. Then I'll be there on time next" 

Both sides conversed a few more sentences politely and hung up. Shi Lei turned over and jumped down from his bed, he rushed to De Ji Plaza after washing up. 

Although it had been a week, but the employee at the Alienware specialty store recognized Shi Lei with a single glance. To the guy who came into the store and wanted to buy the most expensive laptop but was unable to afford it, it was difficult for the employee to not remember. 

This time, Shi Lei said as soon as he walked in like last time: "Where's the most expensive laptop? That 80,000 yuan one, hurry up and get a receipt, I want one!" 

The employee was shocked, thinking how come he's acting like this way? Plus, he just bought one last week, why was he here again this week? With doubts, the employee asked: "Sir, I remember you. You just came last week, how was it? Was that laptop good?" 

"Bad, very bad, it fumed when a gla.s.s of water was poured on it." 

The employee was astonished, he looked at Shi Lei speechlessly and said: "Although we have warranty repair within a year, but you are purely damaging it on purpose……. You can bring it over and we'll check it. We'll take in the circ.u.mstances and take some money for changing the hardware, or change a new laptop for you. 

"That's too troublesome. Plus, if it broke simply by a cup of water, obviously this thing isn't reliable. I'll take the 80,000 yuan model. I remember you mentioned it last week, that one is waterproof?" 

The employee was even more speechless and explained: "Waterproof laptop means it prevents sprays. The one you bought last week was also theoretically waterproof. But pouring a gla.s.s of water on top like you said obviously won't work." 

"I don't care, just get me the 80,000 yuan model. I remember you said there's a discount?" 

The employee saw that Shi Lei was persistent and did not say anything more, he nodded and said: "We are having an event right now. The model you mentioned is within the event range. The full price is 88,800 yuan, after 20% off for the event it's 71,000 yuan. If you are sure that you want it, I"ll get you one right now." 

Shi Lei waved his hand and threw the bank card over. 

After swiping the card, this week's 80,000 yuan quota only had 9,000 yuan left. Shi Lei said to the employee: "You weren't too good last week huh, you installed a pirated version of the operating system for me. A branded store like yours shouldn't have illegal versions theoretically. This time you can't install that again, it must be the legal version."

The employee scratched his head and said: "Usually with low configuration laptops, we install operating systems in batches as to make the price cheaper. But the model you are buying today is definitely the legal version. If you want it, I can give the legal disk to you. Or after you get your machine, you can search it up on the Internet." 

Shi Lei nodded in satisfaction: "No need to check. I trust you since you are such a big brand. It'll be fine if you say that it's the legal version." 

With the brand new Alienware with top configurations, Shi Lei returned to the dorm. 

Zhang Mo was probably still at the Internet Cafe as if drunk or entranced, the other two roommates had returned to the dorm. Seeing that Shi Lei had an Alienware laptop in his hands, their faces were filled with shock. 

Zhang Mo told them on Wechat previously that Shi Lei bought an Alienware laptop. It was burnt by a cup of water and surprisingly, Shi Lei didn't make him compensate for it. On the Wechat voice chat, Zhang Mo pledged that Shi Lei may really be a fuerdai who kept a low profile for the past three years and these two did not believe it. 

Now that Shi Lei had bought back another Alienware laptop, these two looked at each other in dismay. There was no way of not believing in it. 

"Stone, did you buy another Alienware laptop?" The first person who spoke up was Xu Ming, the second eldest of the dorm. 

"Are you really a fuerdai? But three years, aren't you a bit too modest?" This person was called Luo Yi, the head of the dorm. 

Shi Lei curled his lips and threw the case towards them. The two catched in fear whilst Shi Lei lightly said: "I wasn't satisfied with the one last week anyway, it didn't matter that Zhang Mo broke it. I got money from my parents this morning and got another one. This one has top configurations, 88,800 yuan!" 

Luo Yi and Xu Ming were in absolute shock and could not believe it. They quickly tore down the case, checked the configurations, they were completely convinced……

"Holy s.h.i.t! It really has top configuration, 16GB internal memory, 3TB hard disk, even the display card and soundcard are the top line. Even the screen is a 4K touchscreen. Stone, this laptop is awesome, the best in the entire Wu Dong University!" 

"Cut the c.r.a.p, hurry up and open a game, let me experience the pleasure." 

As soon as they confirmed the specs, these two shouted in excitement as if they owned the laptop. 

Chapter 22 - Life As A 'Fuerdai' 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs

The three others who shared the same dorm as Shi Lei had believed in his ident.i.ty as a 'fuerdai', otherwise there was no other way of explaining how he got so much money all of a sudden without breaking the law. 

The three of theM felt rather good about having a nouveau riche(1) as a friend. After Zhang Mo returned to the dorm, they decided to make Shi Lei treat them after a discussion. 

Of course, that was nothing big. The laptop cost 71.000 yuan, taking away the small consumptions of taxis, he still had about 9,000 yuan left for this week's quota. He did not want to eat pickled vegetables with Australian lobsters or dumplings with lobster fillings. Even if Zhang Mo and the others did not ask, he planned to treat them anyways as they'll share the blessing together, but if there was any trouble with the Scepter, Shi Lei would never let Zhang Mo and the others take any responsibility. 

It did not cost much to eat near the school. Zhang Mo suggested to go to the bar, of course with Shi Lei paying for them, and he agreed without hesitation. 

Shi Lei called for a luxurious car online reservation. Zhang Mo and the others were excited as the car that came was a BMW X3. Shi Lei could only twitch his lips as he swore 'country b.u.mpkin' and sat on the front pa.s.senger seat. 

Shi Lei discovered that he was really getting accustomed to the wealthy life. Although next week's quota might be 160,000 yuan and he was clueless to how he was going to spend it all, but it did not hinder him to get used to the the lifestyle of a wealthy person. 

Wu Dong city has a splendid river that surrounds the entire city. A particular section of it was a historically renowned red light district. Of course, it could not be continued from the history, but it was still rather bustling and was created into a famous street for bars. 

They randomly walked into a well-known bar and asked for a room, the waiter told Shi Lei that the lowest consumption for a room was 1,688 yuan. Zhang Mo, whose weight was over 100kg, without waiting for Shi Lei to speak, he arrogantly said: "Don't you know who he is? You sure have the nerve to mention the low consumption of merely a thousand yuan? Give us a bottle of vsop, a big fruit plate, four snacks, all meat, we'll order more if that's not enough!" 

That was really heroic spirited. Except, was it really ok to show off his zhuangbility before Shi Lei?

The waiter looked at the lump of flesh demeaningly and thought, "what's a bottle of Vsop to you? If you had a bottle of XO you might think you're invincible."

It was not long before the bar was full of people. Loud and irascible music constantly pounded against everyone's minds. Men and women of all kinds walked down onto the dance floor, following the rhythm of the drum beats from the speakers. 

Shi Lei did not really like this sort of occasion. It was too noisy and chaotic. Zhang Mo and the others had already gone crazy. As they looked at those girls who wished they could wear nothing but a bra and threw flirtatious looks from the dance floor, they could not hold back and scuttled onto the dance floor, trying to hit up on different girls. 

After sipping some alcohol and having a migraine, he squinted his eyes slightly and experienced the excitement money brought to him. 

Merely a month ago, this sort of place had nothing to do with Shi Lei. He was in university for more than three years yet he had never been to this kind of occasion before. Zhang Mo and the others might occasionally go to bars and play, but Shi Lei was restricted by his family's background and even if someone treated him, he would not go. He did not want to owe them the favour as he knew that at least during the period when he was in university, it was impossible for him to return the favour. 

Who would have thought of the appearance of such a black card? Who would had thought that Shi Lei was never really a fuerdai, even him spending so much money was forced? 

Shi Lei frowned slightly as he saw a familiar figure flashed past him. The figure followed the staircase and disappeared into the second floor. Shi Lei took out his phone and sent a WeChat message. 

As the other side did not reply for a long time, Shi Lei stood up and walked towards the second floor. 

The second floor of the bar have separate rooms that were closed off with good soundproofing. With the doors closed, the noises outside had no way of reaching into the rooms and vice versa. These rooms also had Karaoke sets. Those people who wanted to sing could sing in the rooms, if they got tired of it, they could go downstairs, or just stand outside on the corridor to look down to the people dancing on the dance floor. 

Although it could be compared to normal Karaokes, there were at least seven or eight rooms on the second floor. After Shi Lei walked up, he could no longer see the familiar figure and it was impossible for him to knock on every door to check. When Shi Lei was about to give up as it was really none of his business, a fl.u.s.tered person b.u.mped into him. 

As he supported the girl who clashed against him, he was shocked to see that he knew her. 

"Yiyi?" Shi Lei called. As they had not seen each other for over a year, there were changes. Plus the girl in front of him dressed differently to the the one before, he needed a.s.surance. 

"s.h.i.tou ge(2)?"

As he heard the astonished exclaim, Shi Lei was entirely sure that the girl wearing a beer promotional suit was the girl from his childhood…… Hmm, considered to be his fiance and his neighbour, Sun Yiyi. 

"Why are you here?" 

Both of them asked at the same time, but Shi Lei smiled whilst Sun Yiyi's expressions were filled with worry and anxiety.  

"Yiyi, are you doing a part-time job? Why are you in such a hurry?" Shi Lei asked again. 

Sun Yiyi pulled Shi Lei nervously, and said: "s.h.i.tou ge, hurry and go!" As she said that, she dragged Shi Lei and ran towards the staircases. 

At that time, Shi Lei saw a room opened on the side and two young men came out with a bantering smile on their faces, looking at Sun Yiyi. One of them even spoke up: "Little sister, don't rush to leave, we haven't even done anything to you. Didn't you want us to buy your alcohol? If you drink a bottle with us, I'll buy a dozen, we'll buy the amount in dozens depending on how many bottles you drink……" 

Shi Lei understood that these guys must have seen that Sun Yiyi was a beauty, hence wanted to flirt with her. 

Although Shi Lei had never seen this sort of occasion before, but thanks to the advancement of technologies, with his friends telling him past experiences at the bar, this kind of thing was actually not that rare. Customers flirting with waitresses seemed to be a natural thing to do, mainly because the girls were not too innocent themselves either. Don't mention about drinking some alcohol, if they were asked to go away with the customers, they would do it if the price was fitting and it was a publicated secret in the bars. 

Shi Lei turned around and patted Sun Yiyi's shoulder, said whilst smiling: "It's ok." Then spoke to the two men: "Friends, not all girls are willing to promote and sell their beers like this. You are to have fun here, there's no point in getting angry over a small fuss like this. What do you think?" 

One of them probably thought that Shi Lei's words was reasonable. This sort of thing ought to have both sides willing to do it, flirting with the beer girls was the unspoken rule in the end, hence meeting someone who did not wish to be taken advantage of was perfectly normal. 

But without him talking, the other one on the side glanced at Shi Lei with tilted eyes, and said in a frivolous tone: "Yo, hero saving the beauty! You shouldn't be b.u.t.ting into the business between this beauty and I? Plus, I'm very interested to see how unpleasant you can make us. Oh right, little sister, your tray and beer are still in our room, don't you want it back?" 

Shi Lei frowned. Originally, it was a small thing, but this guy was rather perverted, and seemed that he'll make a big fuss over it. 

"Unfortunately, although I did not think that I would encounter her here, but i do have some relations with her." As Shi Lei finished talking, he turned to look at Sun Yiyi and held her pet.i.te hands. Hmm, soft and smooth, just like how it felt before when they were young. 

"Yiyi, don't be scared, let's go get your things from the room, they won't pick on you." 

After that, Shi Lei held Sun Yiyi's hands, walked past the two guys and into the room. 

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