Chapter 446 - Apologize

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Chapter 446: Apologize

The female director was also a little embarra.s.sed. Su Cha was the one who’s recording the show. Although he was the highlight, they could not spoil Li Miyi.

Li Miyi had to tell Su Cha.

Hence, after the female director coaxed him to tell Su Cha, Li Miyi was completely enraged. He pointed at Su Cha and said, “Get lost. This is my home. I don’t want you to stay here!”

The production crew’s expression changed slightly. No matter what, Li Miyi was too hot-tempered.

Not to mention that Su Cha was not the kind of person who would be bullied.

To these public figures, these words were a little humiliating.

Most celebrities would choose to endure it, but they would definitely feel uncomfortable.

However, Su Cha did not seem to be affected. She slowly took out 20 yuan from her bag and placed it on the table in front of Li Miyi. She smiled. “It’s money for the apple. I won’t eat yours for free.”

After she spoke, she turned around and walked into the elevator.

The production crew was stunned.

Li Miyi was also dumbfounded.

The director shouted at Su Cha in the earpiece, “Su Cha, what’s wrong with you? Why are you throwing a tantrum at a child?”

The production crew of Dreams that came with Su Cha had a headache. They quickly comforted the director, “We’re too powerless, we’re too powerless!”

Su Cha was from the Zuo family!

No one could ever dare to mess with someone from the Zuo family!

Su Cha took the elevator and went downstairs. She did not take off her earphones and said casually, “I’m here to partic.i.p.ate in the show, not to serve a princeling. No, can you switch the person a.s.signed?”

Hearing her words, the program director almost vomited blood.

The female director advised Li Miyi anxiously, “Q Ball, you’d better think about it. Didn’t your mother teach you to be obedient before she left? How can you be so fierce to Sister Su Cha? She did come to take care of you, but you have to be nice. Now that Sister Xian Zi has also left, who will take care of you?”

Li Miyi bit his lips and remained silent.

Although he had a bad temper, he had never met someone with a worse temper than him.

Especially when the other party was an adult.

Su Cha did not follow the routine. He was just a six-year-old child—how could he show that much consideration?

He felt wronged. “She won’t peel an apple for me.”

The female director coaxed, “You have to be polite. Didn’t Sister Su Cha say that if you speak nicely, she will peel it for you?”

Li Miyi hesitated.

He probably realized that he had lost his temper and asked, “Has she left?”

The female director was stunned for a moment. Then, she immediately asked the others. There were cameras downstairs too. She looked at them and said, “She just arrived downstairs. She didn’t go far.”

“Can you ask her to come back?”

Otherwise, since the other contestants already had children to take care of, Su Cha would not be able to continue recording.

The director asked Su Cha through the earpiece to go back and said that Li Miyi had admitted defeat. Su Cha was firm. “Okay. Have him apologize to me and I will go back.”

Which of them was the baby?

Given that Su Cha was being spoiled by Bo Muyi so much, one could consider that she already had a good temper by not becoming like Li Miyi. Even if others say that she was being unreasonable, she would definitely not be bullied. No matter how young the other party was, she could not allow it.

She had to stick to her principles.

Besides, this brat had to be corrected.

The condition gave Li Miyi a headache.

He too wore an earpiece and could hear the others, although he might not listen to the production crew most of the time.

Hearing Su Cha’s request for an apology, he pouted and fell back into the female director’s arms. It was obvious that he had done something wrong but did not want to apologize.

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