Chapter 453 - Beating

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Chapter 453: BeatingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Mo was filled with expectation towards the coming Desolate Ancient World trial in a month.

Moreover, it had been over 50 years since the Asura Palace had a disciple partic.i.p.ating in it. They would naturally spend all their effort on nurturing Ye Mo.

At the same time, Ye Mo was also filled with expectation towards his upcoming training with the three seniors.

He could vaguely sense that this one month training would greatly change him.

Although he had now reached the Heaven’s Gate Realm and was also capable of battling early-stage Energy Burst Realm experts with some difficulty, he still felt like he wasn’t strong enough.

He wanted to cultivate at the fastest speed he could, and only by reaching a level where he could defeat a Transcendence Realm expert as soon as possible would he be able to return to Tianwu Kingdom.

After all, blood would flow the day he returned.

“Seniors, I wonder how are you going to train me?” Ye Mo asked, his eyes filled with expectation.

“Come to the public square with us,” said Taiyi Qinglian as she took the lead and headed towards the public square.

Shortly after, the four arrived at the public square.

Looking at the evil smiles the three had, Ye Mo could vaguely feel that something was off.

“Beat him!” Miao Miao yelled.

The three immediately charged Ye Mo equipped with their fists.

Miao Miao was at mid-stage Energy Burst Realm, while Mao Mao was at late-stage Spirit Devour Realm. As for Taiyi Qinglian, she was a Transcendence Realm expert.

Ye Mo would not be able to beat any one of them even if it was a one on one fight.

Facing the three’s a.s.sault, Ye Mo was initially able to resist the onslaught with his Sky Blood Spear. But he was not able to last long as the three did not seem to care about their relations.h.i.+p as fellow apprentices. They beat Ye Mo up to the point he was left sprawled on the ground.

Looking at Ye Mo lying on the ground with bruises all over, Miao Miao felt extremely refreshed.

“Haha, Ye Mo, how do you feel?” Miao Miao asked while patting the dust off her body.

“What is this exactly?”

Ye Mo cursed. He had just arrived and was beaten up for no apparent reason. It was understandable why he would be furious.

“Haha, your senior sister, me, had experienced all this before. Do you know that when I was new, none of them even cared that I’m a pretty girl? A beautiful young lady like me was beaten so badly I can’t recognize myself when looking into the mirror,” said Miao Miao as she comforted Ye Mo with a pat to his shoulder.

“But what’s the point of this? Is there a benefit to being beaten?” Ye Mo asked as he silently activated the Light of Glorious Sun to start healing his injuries.

“Yes, at Asura Palace, we cultivated the Asura Power. First, we have to train your endurance level. Only after strengthening your physical body will your body be able to bear the power of Asura Power. At present, there are 10 of us fellow apprentices and only Senior Sister Qinglian and Senior Brother Musang have managed to cultivate the Asura Power. Eventually, master told us that was because our physical body wasn’t strong enough. Thus, this training method came into existence. The current strength of your physical body is way below our standard,” explained Miao Miao.

“You guys won’t be beating me up every single day, right?” Ye Mo asked, his face twitched. When he thought of how he would be beaten every day in the future, he felt like he had delivered himself to a den of wolves.

“Of course. The second round of training will only start when the strength of your physical body reaches a level we are satisfied with,” said Taiyi Qinglian.

Ye Mo almost fainted when he heard that. But looking at the pa.s.sionate smiles the three had, he understood they were doing that for his own good.

Nevertheless, a life of being beaten up by the three every single day was not a life Ye Mo intended to live.

Slowly, the day pa.s.sed, and Ye Mo welcomed his first night at Door of Desolation.

Sitting cross-legged on a huge pillar, Ye Mo started meditating.

If someone else was here, that person would be able to see the projection of a formation hovering around Ye Mo’s body.

That was the Cosmos Energy Gathering Formation.

The spiritual energy around poured into Ye Mo’s body without stop, at a speed so fast Ye Mo had never even imagined before.

At the Asura Palace, the spiritual energy was already frighteningly thick. Coupled with Ye Mo’s Cosmos Energy Gathering Formation, his cultivation speed was like he was a cheat.

“This feels amazing!” Ye Mo yelled in joy. At this speed, he was confidence he would be able to reach Heaven’s Strength Realm in a month if he worked hard.

This was a shocking speed even at a place filled with geniuses like Door of Desolation.

After all, the Cosmos Energy Gathering Diagram was an extremely rare treasure.

Just like that, Ye Mo sat cross-legged on the pillar and spent the night cultivating. When day arrived and he opened his eyes, he did not feel tired. Rather, he felt refreshed.

“The Door of Desolation is indeed different. And with my Cosmos Energy Gathering Formation added into the equation, n.o.body can cultivate as fast as me.”

After calming himself, Ye Mo prepared to head to the Heavenly Palace. In the afternoon, he would have to be beaten up again. For now, he planned to go greet Nangong Qingxue at Heavenly Palace. In any case, another close acquaintance of him, Zi Yi, was also there.

Generally, disciples of different palaces would rarely have any interaction with each other. They all cultivated independently.

Ye Mo unfurled his wings and flew towards the Heavenly Palace. When he reached the public square of Heavenly Palace, there were already many Heavenly Palace disciples training there.

“The Heavenly Palace has quite a lot of disciples,” Ye Mo exclaimed before continuing on forth. A Heavenly Palace approached him when he arrived.

“Which palace are you from? And why are you here at Heavenly Palace?” asked the disciple.

“I am a disciple of Asura Palace, here to look for Senior Sister Nangong Qingxue and Zi Yi,” said Ye Mo with a smile.

“What? What did you just say?” It was as if the disciple had not heard what Ye Mo said. “The Asura Palace does not have someone like you. There are way too many people trying to impress Junior Sister Qingxue by sending her gifts. That is also the case for Junior Sister Zi Yi. They are not existences outsiders like you can dream of touching. Have you never heard of the saying that one’s own fertile water should not be allowed to flow into others’ field?”

“Senior Sister Qingxue is the one who told me to come look for her. Please notify her, thank you,” said Ye Mo.

His purpose here was rather simple. He was about to be immersed in his cultivation in preparation for the trial in one month. Thus, he would like to let the two know about this beforehand.

But when the Heavenly Palace disciple heard that, he grew furious. This kid was simply behaving like a toad wis.h.i.+ng to taste the swan. Would Nangong Qingxue told a Heaven’s Gate Realm kid to come look for her?

His eyes grew frosty as he said, “Kid, don’t push your luck.”

“What’s going on?” Suddenly, a deep voice rang out. A man could be seen slowly walking towards them.

The man was dressed in the robe of Door of Desolation, his eyebrows as thick as a sword while there was an imprint of a sword on his forehead.

The moment the man spoke, all the disciples on the public square looked towards Ye Mo. The sharp gazes all focused on Ye Mo, turning him into the center of attention.

“Senior Brother Jian Xing, he is here to look for Junior Sister Qing Xue. He claimed that Junior Sister Qing Xue was the one who told him to come,” said the disciple.

“You are Ye Mo?” said Jian Xing, fury in his voice. His voice rumbled beside Ye Mo’s ears like thunder, the vibration from the rumbling voice placed Ye Mo’s meridians in great stress, seemingly intending to disperse all the energy within Ye Mo’s body with the vibration.

Ye Mo silently dissolved the force sent into his body, and a trace of killing intent surfaced on his face.

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