Chapter 47

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TnK Ch47

When we arrived at the Goblin’s village, Lalu and the others dug up the earth around its vicinity. Because there was 50 of them, the dug up earth that was everywhere soon became a mountain.

[Ruby, I leave it to you.]

Under my instructions, Ruby began to eat the pile of dirt. It’s for the sake of making [White Clay]. The mountain of dirt that the goblins had undauntedly made was disappearing one by one.

[Okay, this much should be enough. Lalu, you can drop the digging pace a little.] The pile of dirt that was dug for 30 minutes was then eaten by Ruby. Under my instructions, we resumed digging while switching with the other goblins so Lalu’s group could rest. Inside the house, Amy and the others were preparing for the [White Porcelain].

[Master, the preparations here are finished.]

Amy reported while Ruby took out the [White Clay] it had created. Then we promptly started to make round plates.

[This is difficult. I can’t make it completely round.]

[Ayla-san, move your hands like this to make it completely round.]

[Kufufu, the sensation of this clay is quite indescribable.]

We were talking while making the plates. Ayla isn’t suited for this kind of work. The more she tried to create the plates, the more she broke them. Amy got familiar with the method on her second try. She offered advice on how to make it to Ayla. As for Zir, it seems she liked the sensation of the clay. She thrusts both of her hands into the ma.s.s of clay, plays with it and ma.s.sages it softly.

As expected, making an amateur suddenly make a completely round plate is hard. We should have made a potter’s wheel in advance for this.

With this, the only ones who can properly make it are just Amy and me. Well, we should be able to make 20 plates by tonight, so we’ll manage somehow. As we were silently making the plates, the goblins brought in more clay. Is Ruby still eating the earth outside?

[Hm? You want to do it too?]

As the goblin brought in the clay and watched us work, he said he wanted to join in. I had the interested goblin partic.i.p.ate in the plate making because it might be valuable.

[Wow, you’re pretty good.]

The goblin that joined in had dexterous fingers, and soon finished a plate that was a satisfying product. Because several precast plates had been done, they were handed over to Amy to glaze them, and finish up the final product.

Looking at the completed [White Porcelain], Ayla and Zir touched it while being surprised.

[Amazing, it’s l.u.s.ter is like a jewel’s.] [Truly, tis quite quaint.] [I want to inspect it thoroughly by all means.] [Kyaa!]

The owner of the voice, came from within the bag that is at Amy’s waist.

[That’s unexpected for you, [Book of Wisdom]. Are you interested in making plates?]

[Yes, Owner. I’m interested in things that I do not know.]

I took out the curious [Book of Wisdom] out to see the [White Porcelain] on the desk.

[Ohhh, this l.u.s.ter. It is wonderful. I would like to know how to make this by all means.] [Let’s see, if you don’t talk about this to others until we die then I don’t mind teaching you.] [It is natural not to reveal the production method. I promise this.]

I told him the easiest way to make it. The [Book of Wisdom] was saying *I see, I see* while listening. By the time it darkened outside, Zir and Ayla got the hang of making the plates.

Especially Zir, she may have a talent in this. Many original works were created.

[How about that? I made a wyvern figurine.]

She first made a shape by hitting the clay, after firing, it subsequently crumbled. Though it wasn’t repeated, the figurine was completed before we knew it. The delivery this time are mainly plates, but it might be a good idea to pa.s.s these out as samples. At the same time, the number of goblins that became interested in pottery increased to three. Even though all of them are all normal goblins, they’re a valuable workforce.

[Gigigi.] [Gigi—gi.] [Gugega.]

The three goblins are enjoying a conversion with each other while making the plates. It looks like we can leave the plate-making to these three. Well, Amy is needed for the finishing touches. After Lalu’s group finished their work of making a stockpile of clay, they disbanded. Ruby has also returned to the house after collecting its share of the dug up earth.

[Thanks for the hard work, Ruby.]

Ruby softly trembled in happiness when it was thanked. After clearing the 20 dishes quota, we increased our new products. The preparations for tomorrow are now perfect. Too many things happened today. We quietly retired and slept soundly.

When I woke up in the morning, both my hands and legs had the fortune to be locked down and stiff again. We could have woke up at any time because the promise for today didn’t specify a certain time so I had plenty of time, but I still woke up early.

Then, maybe because of my stirring it caused her to wake up, Ayla’s ears twitched and after some time, her eyes opened.

[Good morning, Ayla.]

I greeted her as her eyes opened and we looked at each other.

[Good morning, Mwaster~.]

Since she just woke up her words were a little messed up, I smiled wryly. My right arm which was underneath Ayla’s head turned and gently caressed her head. Ayla seems embarra.s.sed but rubs her face against me.

As I was savoring that heartwarming cuteness, my head was turned to the left.


As my head was forcefully turned to the left, I uttered a strange sound. The person who made me utter such a sound grinned and greeted me with a smile.

[Good morning. Master.] [G-good morning, Amy.]

After replying, Amy still looked dissatisfied. After thinking that I should do the same thing that I did to Ayla, I patted her head with my left hand.


Looks like that fixed her mood.

[Judging by the flow, looks like I am next. But still, I doth not wish to hast mine head patt’d using thy legs.]

As Zir woke up, she loosened her restraints on my legs.

[Good morning, Zir. Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t have that kind of hobby.] [Tis the same for me. If be truly possible, I would like it if thou lay-to thy palms to pat mine head.]

Ayla and Amy have already left the bed. My arms are now free. Since that’s the case, I gave Zir her long-awaited hug, she entwines her legs around me and embraces me with both arms. As I hugged Zir hard with a *Gyuu-* sound, I got lost in her scent.

[Kufufu, pa.s.sionate, art thou not? Yea though I doth not mind staying like this, but it dost not wend that way.]

As I looked behind me, Ayla and Amy were forming a line, waiting to be hugged.

As I regretfully released Zir from my arms, I hugged Ayla who lined up first.


Ayla, while saying that moved her hands to my back and returned the hug. After about 30 seconds pa.s.sed, I released Ayla who was looking a bit iffy, I wonder if she’s okay.

[Mugyuu~] Next is Amy’s turn. Amy also utters a *Mugyuu~* with her mouth?

As I thought, Amy wanted to be hugged for 30 seconds too. Well, with this I thought that I can finally make breakfast, but Zir lined up behind Amy.

[I only got spoil’d once.]

Zir said that the other two got spoiled twice so she lined up again. I stopped Zir and hugged her lightly, then I declared that we will end the morning with this. From this day on, [Two Morning Hugs] is established in our party. Well, things like ‘Hugging from behind doesn’t count’ or ‘It’s fine if it’s just the arm’, such rules and loopholes were argued over in the ‘war under the sheets’, but it doesn’t matter now.

At last, morning preparations have ended. After inspecting the goods, we went to town. Of course, the goods were properly packed inside of Ruby’s body. Lalu and the others smoothed out the earth that Ruby had vomited, and I directed that a field was to be made there. I knew that the goblins in this world don’t do that, but I still instructed them to do so.

We reached the town without being attacked by monsters. I don’t know if this is Lalu’s doing but, it’s uncertain whether there are any monsters around.

[Well then, let’s immediately head to the Alchemist’s Guild.] [That’s right. I bet Frank-san is waiting for us there inside.]

As we entered the alchemist’s guild, the reception onee-san remembered appraising our work at that time and led us to where Frank-san was at once.

[h.e.l.lo, welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.]

As we were guided to his reception room, Frank greeted us with a smile.

[I came to deliver the requested goods. Please confirm them.]

We opened the wooden box of plates at our feet, and pa.s.sed the plate to Frank.

[Yes, certainly. But still, even looking at it is still beautiful.] [And also, not just tableware but these kind of things were also prepared.]

The wyvern that Zir made and some other figurines were being lined up on the desk.

[It’s handmade, that’s why it has different shapes, what do you think about it?] [Is this a [White Porcelain Figurine]?] [Yeah, in my country, we believed that the effects of a talisman are real.]

Well it’s not really a lie. Shisa and the other guardian lion-dogs were made of a porcelain that used powdered magic ores as the raw materials. There might be some effects.

[I see, is this shape a wyvern?]

[Yes, that’s right.] [Can you make other creatures?]

I glanced at Zir. She noticed my glance, and nodded lightly.

[Yes, it’s possible. If you order something, I’ll do it.]

In such situations, we told them there would be an additional charge for the labor and materials involved.

[Yes, yes. This is indeed what the n.o.bles favor.]

After finishing our business, we can get the promised 10 gold coins later at the guild. We still have three weeks before the deadline but, Frank said that to deliver the goods as soon as possible, so I said that we’ll do our best. Next stop was the adventurer’s guild. In order to get the prize of yesterday’s compet.i.tion.

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