Chapter 661 - It’s Okay To Be Weak Sometimes, Daddy Will Protect You

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Chapter 661: It’s Okay To Be Weak Sometimes, Daddy Will Protect YouTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Yunting coughed and immediately threw a glance at Lu Zhaoyang.

That woman had not told him about it. His pride had him waited until Xue Yuming blurted it out before he started having ideas to investigate it.

And who knew that the results was tempered. It was embarra.s.sment of the highest order if he was to say it out…

No, he could not say it!

Little Huo Xu looked at him in silence, as his big black eyes blinked in curiosity. When he turned his head his wounds throbbed and he hissed. No longer able to hold back his tears, he cried.

Lu Zhaoyang had no intention to explain this to him, and quickly called the doctor over.

Huo Yunting looked on earnestly as the doctor examined his son. In his heart, he was pouring scorn on himself.

He never thought that he, invincible in the arena of business, full of swag and confidence, was rendered speechless by a child’s innocent question.

The doctor was working hard, as he checked the wounds and changed the bandages.

Lu Zhaoyang stood close, as she intently took down the doctor’s advice, fearing that she missed any information.

The wounds were heavy for someone at Xuxu’s age, but thankfully he was seated on the child’s car seat, and had buckled himself in, so his bones were not injured and had gashes all over.

These wounds would heal with time. With the recovery ability of a young one, there would be no sequelae aside from a few scars.

That allowed Lu Zhaoyang to heave a sigh of relief. If the scars are taken care of, there is a chance for them to be removed. Most importantly he was fine.

As the doctor left, someone from the Huo’s household had sent over breakfast.

Huo Yunting had no chance to respond to Xuxu’s question, and could only sit silently beside him as he ate.

Seeing how the mother and son interacted so lovingly, that heart of stone, had finally melted.

“Yangyang, I’m full! Both of you should eat!”

“You’ll be given IV drips later, it’ll just be a p.r.i.c.k when it goes it, don’t you go crying…..”

Lu Zhaoyang put down the bowl as she gave him a forewarning.

“Yangyang…..” He did not want to be stuck with a needle!

“Be a good boy, it won’t hurt. If you don’t do this, you’ll hurt even more later.” She was adamant when it comes to treating an illness.

“Alright…..” He nodded, “Xuxu is a strong man, Xuxu needs to protect Yangyang, Xuxu is not afraid of pain!”

“Oh you little one, it’s okay to be weak sometimes, daddy will protect you.”

Huo Yunting, upon seeing him so resolute, hated himself more for not finding them earlier.

That misguided decision to give up looking for them, had cost both father and son three years.

“Okay, Unc… Daddy too must protect Yangyang, we’ll protect her together!”

The little one, while hurting, still managed to bravely put up a smile.

In the child’s eyes, he could never understand the complexities of an adult’s thoughts, plus he was only three years old.

Even Yangyang had told him that Uncle Yunting was his father, and he had doted on him so much, he would of course accept that fact, plus, having two fathers seemed like a point of pride for him.

“Right,” Huo Yunting deftly put his hand over Lu Zhaoyang’s slender waist, “Wifey, you should have something now.”

And that move reaffirmed their relations.h.i.+p in the young boy’s eyes.

Lu Zhaoyang looked down, and glared at his hand.

That man, he was taking advantage again.

“Wifey?” the little one’s eyes widened. “Yangyang, you had never told me before…..”

With that appellation, it simply served to prove everything.

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