Chapter 941

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Chapter 941: Chapter 940


If she had known this would happen, she would not have gone back. However, that thing was really important to her. If she did not go back, she would feel uneasy.

However, even if she went back, that thing was not found because it was buried.

“Grandma, don’t say that. Xiao Yu knows that that thing must be very important to grandma. That’s why you took the risk to go back. ”

“Good Child, so obedient! ” Looking at the sensible Xiao Yu, the old man did not know what to say. Xiao Yu was not her biological granddaughter, but an orphan that she picked up.

Because she was also alone all year round, she raised Xiao Yu as her granddaughter.

“Grandma, are you hungry? I’ll go find the doctor and Auntie to see if I can get you something to eat, ” Xiao Yu asked with concern when she saw that the old man looked a little weak.

“GRANDMA IS NOT HUNGRY! ” The old man shook his head. She did not want to trouble others.

“Then grandma, you sleep for a while. I’ll go see if the doctor and Auntie are done with their work. ”

“Go, go. Be careful yourself. ” The old man waved his hand. Xiao Yu then left the bed and went to find Sheng Fenghua.

When Xiao Yu found Sheng Fenghua and saw that she was bandaging a patient, she did not disturb her. Instead, she waited at the side.

When she was done with her work, she went up and shouted, “doctor, Auntie! ”

“Xiao Yu, why are you here? ” Sheng Fenghua heard Xiao Yu’s voice and turned to look at her.

“Auntie, do you have anything to eat? GRANDMA IS HUNGRY! ” Xiao Yu looked at Sheng Fenghua and asked softly. After asking, she lowered her head and felt a little embarra.s.sed.

She had always been a sensible child and knew that it was not easy to find food now.

Seeing Xiao Yu like this, Sheng Fenghua’s heart ached and said, “yes, I’ll go get it for you now! ”

Sheng Fenghua stood up and returned to her place. She took out the compressed biscuits and bread from her bag and gave Xiao Yu a bottle of water. She said, “take it. This bread is for grandma. You eat the biscuits yourself. ”

“Thank you, Auntie! ” Xiao Yu thanked Sheng Fenghua and then took the things to find the old man.

Sheng Fenghua thought that she was a little free at the moment, so she followed behind Xiao Yu to see how the old man was doing.

When they reached the place, Xiao Yu was tearing off the bread and feeding it to the old man bit by bit.

Sheng Fenghua looked at it and was a little touched. She stood not far away and watched quietly. She did not go forward.

The old man ate half of it and stopped eating. Instead, he said to Xiao Yu, “Xiao Yu, you eat. Grandma is full. ”

“Grandma, there’s no need. Auntie said the bread is for you. I’ll just eat this, ” Xiao Yu said as she took out the pack of compressed biscuits.

Hearing this, although the old man had never met Sheng Fenghua before, he had a good impression of her. She was old and had no teeth, so it was suitable for her to eat soft bread. However, Xiao Yu was different. She could eat both bread and biscuits.

“Xiao Yu, that doctor is a good person. Let her come later. Grandma has to thank her properly! ” The old man told Xiao Yu. She was full of grat.i.tude towards Sheng Fenghua.

“Okay, grandma. Finish this bread first. I’ll go find the doctor in a while. ” Xiao Yu nodded and then fed the rest of the bread to the old man.

After eating the bread, the old man felt much better. He reached out and touched Xiao Yu’s head and said, “Xiao Yu, you must be hungry. You should eat quickly too. ”

Xiao Yu nodded but did not eat immediately. Instead, she forcefully opened the bottle of water and brought it to the old man’s mouth. She said, “grandma, DRINK SOME WATER! ”

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