162 Mission

If you are looking for 162 Mission you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . "I see. Thanks, Kens.h.i.+n. If there is no other matter, I will rest in my room" Alex said.

"No no, I should be the one who thanks you. Thank you for the pill, Alex. I will refine it now. See you tomorrow." Kens.h.i.+n said.

"See you tomorrow" Alex nodded as he came inside his room.

He sat on the bed. He was just tricked by a woman, but...he still gets another six thousand Spirit Stones along with her one thousand and two hundred Spirit Stones. All those Spirit Stones came from a mere eighty Spirit Stones. Those thoughts soothe his mind.

Alex swallowed the Jade Heart Pill. It melts as soon as it got inside his mouth. All the energy from within the pill immediately moves toward his heart. He suddenly clenched his heart in pain.

"Argh!" The pain was intense. He felt his heart was clenched by the energy.

After a few more minutes, the pain started to disappear. When he finally finished refining the pill efficacy. He felt his heart got stronger. When he takes a breath, the blood in his body flows more smoothly and naturally. His breathing becomes more stable, and each time he breathes, he felt the energy coming to him is higher. He felt that after taking this pill, his cultivation speed become faster.

He was satisfied with this. He then suddenly took out an array plate and activated it. It was only a three-meter barrier, but the array plate itself can be maintained for a few minutes. He took out two cards out of his inventory.


Two figures appeared from the card and kneeling with one knee in front of him. "Young Master"

"Aiya, why do you like this again... Anna, Leoz" Alex smiled wryly.

"What is our order, Young Master?" Anna asked.

"Well, stand up first. We can chat casually here for a few minutes before this sound insulation array plate broken." Alex said. Anna took a seat beside him while Leoz chose to keep standing in front of him.

Alex pondered for a moment before he gave Leoz card to Anna.

"Young Master?" Both of them were confused by his actions.

"Anna, can you recall Leoz back to the card?" Alex asked.

"I don't know. Is this the reason why Young Master gave me his card?" Anna asked for his confirmation. Alex nodded.

"Understood, I will try." Anna holds Leoz's card and "Recall."

Leoz turned to a stream of light and went back inside his card. Alex said again, "How about summoning him?"

Anna nodded to him, "Summon."

Leoz appeared again in front of them. Leoz was confused, why the Young Master did this experiment. "Young Master?"

Upon seeing, she can summon and recall Leoz. Alex has decided on his plan. "Leoz, I wanted to ask you something...this is a request, not an order."

"Please say it, Young Master."

"If I want you to go around the continent and trying to search for information on this continent. While trying to continuously kill monsters and bring Exp not only to yourself but also to Anna or another possible member of Factions, will you accept this request?" Alex asked him sincerely. After all, this is an absurd request coming from him. Alex is fine, even if Leoz rejected it.

"Your request is my command" Leoz kneeling in one knee once again like a knight after receiving the king's order.

"Are you sure about this?" Alex worried about this. I mean, he is going to act separately.

"Yes, Young Master. In fact, something like this more suited me" Leoz smiled to a.s.sure him. "But..."

"But what? If you have any requests, just say it."

"But, I'm more to fight...according to Young Master memories. It is 'Farming'. I am better at killing monsters and gathering monster is not really my forte. I didn't know how much information I can collect. If that man is here, it will be the best. Since 'he' is number one espionage in Spirit Race."


"He was known as 'Shadow'. His name is Khalil. If you had any task about gathering information or a.s.sa.s.sination, he is the best man to ask. But unfortunately, he wasn't summoned yet."

Alex frowned, "Why do you know him, and how do you know he can be summoned?"

"If Young Master is wondering why I know that. Young Master will get the answer by opening the Summoning Panel. There is a list of us."

Alex was surprised, he immediately opened the summoning panel. And it's true, there is an 'i' Symbol in it, he didn't notice it previously. There are a hundred Spirits in the list ranging from Common to UR. For UR spirits, there are only ten of them. Another ten for SR, fifteen for rare, twenty five for UC, and the rest is common.

He focused on the UR one. Leoz is right, there is 'Khalil' name in it. Alex is pondering for a moment. "All right. I want you to gather information as much as you can and report it to the card until Khalil or someone can help your job. But your main objective is to get stronger. So it means that you are going to kill many monsters."

"Understood Young Master"

"That's why, I decided to use these two cards to you" Alex took out two exp cards from his Inventory and used it on Leoz. After he used it, the two cards become a stream of light and surround Leoz. Alex checked Leoz card.

[Leoz (Thunder)

Level: 16/80 (6-Star Martial Master Stage)

Exp: 50006/60000

HP: 3600

ATK: 80

DEF: 75]

"You've only become 6-Star Martial Master..." Alex was a bit disappointed. He can't give his best to Leoz since he was going for a dangerous mission. While he is sitting safely in the sect.

"This is enough for me, Young Master. After all, fighting is my specialty" Leoz said.

"I see. I'm counting on you, Leoz." Alex said.

"Young Master. I noticed something" Anna suddenly spoke.

"What is it?"

"If I'm not wrong. The experience increase in a straight line. If I remembered, Leoz's previous Exp is 6/10000, and he is level 11. Now with the increase of two hundred thousand experiences, he becomes level 16, and his experiences become 50006/60000. If it goes with a straight line, then it makes sense." Anna said.

After Anna said that, Alex immediately do another calculation in his mind. And it seems that she is right. It means that for level 12, he needs twenty thousand experience points. For level 13, he needs thirty thousand experience points, and so on. Now that he is level 16, if he becomes level 17. He must need seventy thousand experience points. The problem is when he reached level 21 or Grandmaster Stage. Will it increase for another ten thousand points, or will it change. If it still an increase for ten thousand points each level, the system must be lazy to think about that.

That wasn't a problem for him, though. In fact, it makes the calculation easier. "You will be going tomorrow since it might be suspicious if you are going at night."

"Understood" Leoz nodded.

"Then, what will Anna do?" She was ignored all the time. She felt left out.

"Anna..." Alex is pondering for a moment. He also has a plan for her, but it will come to the condition he will get inside the sect. "Well, it depends. If I get a private room inside the sect, I will summon Anna and let you watch the home when I'm away. Leoz will report to you, and you will summarize the information and tell it to me. Since I might not have all the time to monitor Leoz's card. I want Anna to monitor it for me, If Leoz was in danger. I want you to recall him back to the card."

"It is like becoming Young Master Secretary."

"Secretary?" Alex was surprised to hear that term, "Where do you learn it?"

"It is necessary information. So Anna also learned it from System." Anna said proudly.

Alex facepalmed. Anna continued, "Then, I will wait for Young Master in his room. After Young Master came back exhausted, Anna will comfort Young Master. That's right, If I'm not wrong it was called s*xcretary, Anna..."

Alex immediately closed her mouth with his hand. Alex looked at her with a murderous glance, "Don't continue on that topic."

Anna nodded repeatedly. Her body s.h.i.+vered, she didn't dare to speak. She let out tears from her beautiful eyes. Noticing the tears, Alex immediately released his hand from her, is he that harsh just now?

When Alex released his hand, Anna put her hand on her cheek to wipe the tears, "But, If that what Young Master want...Anna doesn't mind."

She said that while wiping her tears, Alex was dazed for a bit. 'Cuteness+1000'

He immediately closed his eyes to calm down. Leoz seems to be very tactful, he already went back to his card. Alex let out a long relieved sigh, 'I almost get my desire take over my rationality.'

From the start, Anna was very pretty as a woman, and if you count on her perfect body. It will be troublesome if some 'Young Master' saying you are the only one in my heart, or we are the couple matched by heaven. Or something along the line. That is the reason why Alex didn't let her go with Leoz to level up since it is more convenient to become his...secretary.

After the Sound Insulation barrier vanished, Alex recalls Anna back to the card.

The next day, Alex went to the Alchemist Guild once again. He only bought Fire Spirit Pill ingredients to stock since he needs to feed himself and Sherry. Alex brought around fifteen set to stock. Using the Spirit Stones that he got yesterday, He only has five hundred twenty Spirit Stones, including his original seventy Spirit Stones. He met the receptionist from yesterday, and she even lectured him not to be tricked like yesterday. Well, he also tricked that lady too, he only shrugged his shoulder off.

Alex made another twenty five Fire Spirit Pills from fifteen sets of ingredients, and finally went back to the inn. Alex had already summoned Leoz in an alley, and no one see him yet.

Since they still have a few days left, Alex decided to pour all his time for cultivation. He has two choices for cultivation, he can make Gathering Array and supply it with his Spirit Stones so he can cultivate faster, or using his Fire Spirit Pill. He didn't know how long the time he needs to refine the energy from Fire Spirit Pill after all. He decided to use the Fire Spirit Pill. The reason is that if he makes Gathering Array, it might be spotted by others since this is an inn. He also needs that Spirit Stones to change it with Medicinal Ingredients.


Anna appeared in front of him. "Anna, I want you to protect when I refine the pill efficacy. I wanted you to wake me up one day before the recruitment if I haven't finished refining the pill."

"Yes, Young Master" Anna nodded while smiling.

He sat on the lotus pose before swallowing a Fire Spirit Pill. The pill burst out an intense fire energy in his mouth, it immediately went to his heart, then to his entire body. The fire energy seems to want to refine Alex's original Fire Energy, but there is a rejection from his original energy.

It repels the intent of the new energy. Those energies clashed with each other, Alex was in immense pain. But suddenly, his Fire Phoenix Seed was opened, and his Pure Fire regulated to his entire body. The moment Pure Fire out, the Intense Fire Energy from the pill got scared, it suddenly becomes obedient. The Fire energy let the Pure Fire to refine its energy willingly. That was to be expected from a Pure Fire, the moment Pure Fire out, all flame must obey.

The pain was gone, it was replaced by the new kind of warmth in his body, it is full of energy.


Alex advance to 2-Star Martial Master with the pill. He didn't rejoice, for the time being. There is still remaining energy from the pill, and he continued refining those energies. After Alex completely refined those energies. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Anna staring at his face very closely.

Anna was shocked when he saw Alex suddenly opened his eyes. She immediately jumped backward, she wanted to explain, but no words come to her mind. "Young...Young Master, this..."

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