Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 – A Fierce Yet Chaste Man

After going in circles and losing my way several times, I’ve finally arrived at the doorsteps of Hua Residence. Yin Zi had a troubled expression as he walked around, walking and saying, “What should I do? What should I do? How am I going to find her a Shen Jun.….”

“Shifu is back.” I didn’t understand what he was talking about so I grabbed onto Bi Qingshen Jun, proudly head over to Yin Zi, and then gave a command to Jian Nan, “He hit his head and grew a big bun, go over and ask Mo’lin to take a look, and also send some people to bring Bull Devil here.”

Yin Zi and Jian Nan both stood stunned for a long time as if there eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to fall out of their sockets. After a long time, they finally stammered, “Shen.….Shen Jun.….this is Lord Shen Jun?”

“Meow woo~” I nodded. I ignored their dazed trance, ran to my room with Bi Qingshen Jun still in my arms, and then carefully placed him onto the bed.

A finger reached forward and stroked his face. His handsome features from my memory were exactly the same with only minor changes. His body has become warm. In short, the more I look at him, the more beautiful, handsome, and n.o.ble he appears.

“Shifu, wake up soon,” I climbed onto the bed, gently gave him a kiss on his lips, and then nestled in his arms, closing my eyes and enjoying warmth from being apart for 500 years.

Bi Qingshen Jun slowly opened his eyes. He glanced around to all four directions in confusion, looked down, and met his eyes with mine. I looked away shyly before hearing a loud roar from him, “Monster!”

With the roar, Yin Zi and Wawa, and Luo Luo and the others rushed into the room. Bi Qingshen Jun repeated this roar three more times before coming to a halt. He hurriedly searched his body for something, and then pulled out an eight trigram map. His forehead shed large beads of sweat as if he was a trapped beast ready to break away.

“It really looks like him.….” Wawa stared for a long time, and exclaimed, “Is it really possible that Lord Shen Jun has returned?”

“Haha the heavens must be on our side,” Yin Zi finally recovered from his shock. He quietly began laughing, his laughter somewhat evil, “I was worrying about what I should do, but regardless if he’s real or fake, if Miao Miao says it’s him, then it will be!”

I cheerfully loosened my grip on Bi Qingshen Jun to show him the practice I’ve done all these years. But who would’ve thought that he’d take this opportunity to roll off the bed and take out another one of those yellow talismans. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone hadn’t reacted yet, he took out a dagger and then tried to flee.

“Stop him! Don’t let that man run away!” Yin Zi gave a single command, and all the heavenly soldiers in the distance voraciously rushed over. Their swords were drawn, surrounding him entirely, and forcing him back into the house.

Luo Luo picked up the yellow talisman, gave it a glanced, and said, “This is Maoshan Sect’s talisman, quite useful for dealing with demons around a hundred to two hundred years old.”

I grabbed the piece of yellow paper and approached him, wanting to ask about the strange turn of events, but was blocked by Yin Zi. He said he had something to say, so I gladly let him go first. He walked towards Bi Qingshen Jun, looked at him, and asked, “Name?”

“Xiang Qing!” Shifu’s expression was ashen, but still contained a haughtiness.

“Oh. That name is very good, very good.” Yin Zi started laughing again. I was a little puzzled, why was Shifu’s name a little different. Before I could ask, Yin Zi continued, “Bi Qing is good, Xiang Qing is also good, no difference at all.”

I also agreed with Yin Zi’s thinking. People call me thieving cat and also Hua Miao Miao. Aren’t I still myself? Thus I no longer continued to raise any objections.

“What is it that you guys want?” Yin Zi looked at him in a calculating manner. Xiang Qing could not help but angrily shout, “My ability and luck is inferior to most, and I’ve fallen into a den of monsters today. Steamed, roasted, just do whatever you want with me! Don’t be so sentimental and get this over with!”

“Don’t be too nervous and let me bluntly tell you this,” Yin Zi shrugged, sat on a chair, and then said in detail, “I can spare your life, however, you must get married to the lady next to you and live your future together.”

“Mar.….marria.….marriage?” Xiang Qing stared at me, and then back to Yin Zi. He pointed at himself and asked, “Are talking about marriage? With this cat demon?”

Yin Zi earnestly nodded, “Of course, this is in your favor as well. Marrying her will grant you all of our wealth, this is something that most people can only dream of.”

“I don’t want to marry.” Xiang Qing refused to compromise.

“Nonsense!” Yin Zi became angry.

Wawa hurriedly approached and smiled, “We aren’t monsters that casually hurt people. This house is quite large with many servants, Miss Miao Miao is beautiful and has a docile temperament, you should just agree to it.”

“I’m a dignified disciple of the Maoshan Sect so can’t I get married to a demon!” Xiang Qing reb.u.t.ted, “This is simply an insult to my clansmen!”

“If you don’t marry, you’ll die here.” Yin Zi coldly threatened.

“A real man would rather die than surrender!” Xiang Qing said in defiance.

Hearing these words, I quickly held onto him and said, “No, no one is allowed to hurt him!”

Yin Zi immediately swat my hands away, and then quietly whispered to me, “Stupid fool, don’t disturb me, I’m just giving him a little scare that’s all.”

Everyone encircled Xiang Qing. Of all the things he’s said, there was hardly anything nice. He turned his head, and refused to look at me. This made me very scared, almost to point of letting my tears out.

Is it because.….Miao Miao has done something wrong again, that’s why Shifu won’t care about me anymore.….

Seeing my sad expression, Yin Zi angrily dragged me outside with him, and cursed, “Lock that b.a.s.t.a.r.d up! You’re only going to get married! It’s not like you’re going to become a eunuch! I refuse to believe that he won’t accept!”

I didn’t want to leave, but Luo Luo comforted, “Since you guys haven’t seen each other for many years, Lord Shen Jun is probably just upset. Give him a few days to think about it, don’t worry too much.”

At this time, Bull Devil arrived from the outside and hurried to rush in, he loudly asked, “Bi Qingshen Jun has returned?”

Yin Zi dragged him to one side, and then whispered to him for a long time. He said something along the lines of broken stone, mere mortal, counterfeit, and refusal to accept. After listening to these words, Bull Devil was furious, “Who cares what he is, anyways he’s just a mere mortal now, so why are you guys afraid of him? In my opinion, there is an eighty percent chance he’s a fake b.a.s.t.a.r.d! And since he’s so unappreciative, let’s just kill him!”

Yin Zi glanced towards me and then said, “If we can kill him that would be good, but how do we deal with this one?”

I tilted my head, and then called out, “Meow woo~ are we going to see Shifu together now?”

Bull Devil’s expression slightly changed, he walked toward him and ferociously roared, “Stop pretending you’re a fierce and chaste young man! Since my little sister has taken a liking to you, then you should just marry her, otherwise, I’d butcher you alive!”

Xiang Qing indifferently said, “A real man does not succ.u.mb to pressure, if you want to kill, then kill, I will never a.s.sociate with beasts like you.”Meow Meow Meow Chapter 111

Beasts? Yin Zi and I gave a glance from outside the window, feeling somewhat helpless.

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