Chapter 13

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Zhan Beitian rushed forward and nudged Mu Yifan: "Mr. Mu? Mr. Mu? Mu Mu! MU MU!!!"

The person on the floor continued to lie there unconscious. Zhan Beitian swiftly picked up and carried him, grabbed the keys on the living room table, got into his car, and drove towards the hospital.

When Mu Yifan woke up, he was already being wheeled into the emergency room. He looked up and noticed Zhan Beitian to the side. With a hoa.r.s.e voice, he asked: "What happened?"

He could only remember vomiting very severely in the washroom, almost to the point of vomiting his stomach out. It was insufferable. Afterwards, a wave of dizziness had washed over him. Everything before him had darkened and then he couldn't remember what had happened next.

Zhan Beitian coolly replied, "You fainted in the washroom so I brought you to the hospital."

At this moment, a doctor arrived and tended to him: "Sir, what brought you in today?"

Mu Yifan weakly answered, "Sick. Want to throw up."

After speaking, nausea surged again. He quickly propped himself up and dry-heaved.

Vomiting for almost an entire morning, his stomach had nothing left for him to regurgitate.

Having dry-heaved enough, the doctor checked his pulse: "Besides nausea and wanting to vomit, are there any other areas where you're not feeling well? Such as the whole body feeling hot, got extra phlegm, have swollen throat, anemia, arthritis, etc.?"

"Nothing. "

To avoid Zhan Beitian suspecting anything, Mu Yifan didn't mention his gunshot wound and bone cancer to the doctor.

Zhan Beitian motioned his lips as if about to say something to the doctor but decided at the last moment to keep silent, not wanting to involve himself too much in the matter. As the doctor continued the checkup, he furrowed his brows, looked up, and fixed his gaze at the gauzes wrapped around Mu Yifan's face, as if the answer was written there.

Mu Yifan saw the doctor's somber look and quickly asked, "Doctor, am I alright?"

He wouldn't have noticed what was actually wrong with his body, right?

If so, then he shouldn't have allowed the doctor to measure his pulse. Mu Yifan placed a hand over his left chest, ensured that his heart was still beating, and slowly let out a sigh of relief. He was afraid that at this moment, he had become a zombie.

Hesitantly, the doctor asked, "You’re a male, right?"

Dazed for a moment, Mu Yifan then countered: "Which part of me looks like a woman to you?!"

Even if his face had been completely bandaged, it was obvious that he was a man, judging by his voice, Adam's apple, and body shape. How could this r.e.t.a.r.ded doctor ask such a stupid question?

"That's very strange." The doctor finally released Mu Yifan's hand.

Zhan Beitian questioned: "How is he?"

"Hard to tell. You guys wait here. I'll call another doctor over." The doctor swiftly left the room, leaving behind a puzzled Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian then spoke: "I'll get you registered."

Shortly after both of them had left, nausea rose up again and Mu Yifan dry-heaved a few more times.

Not long after, the doctor brought over an elderly doctor who then checked Mu Yifan's vitals and asked a few more questions. Likewise, this doctor looked at Mu Yifan in shock and disbelief and inquired him: "Are you positive that you're a male?"

Mu Yifan exasperatedly exclaimed: "Do you want me to take off my pants in front of you as proof?!"

"No need. No need." Embarra.s.sed, the elderly doctor dragged the previous doctor off to a corner to discuss quietly.

Mu Yifan faintly overheard their conversation: "My first time seeing…" "Something like this in the world actually exists…"

"Doctor, just what exactly is wrong with me???”

Hi, I'm Bee, the current translator for NOZW. I just want to clarify some confusions that readers may have about the novel so far. They are spoiler-free as they are already mentioned in the previous chapters.

There are two Mu Yifans. One is the real life author whom I’ll label as RL MYF and the character from the book as B MYF (likewise for ZBT). If you don’t know already, RL MYF wrote an apocalyptic genre novel. The characters in the novel are based on real life people using real names. One day, he found himself transmigrated into his own character, B MYF.

Original Story

B MYF and B ZBT are mortal enemies. They were both in the military and B MYF did everything he could to screw B ZBT because of envy. B MYF discovered that he had bone cancer and thus, had to retire. During his cancer treatment, B MYF’s a-hole younger brother injected contagious zombie poison into him. Apocalypse struck when humans got infected by zombie poison. B ZBT later on got killed by B MYF, who had become the zombie king. However, B ZBT’s soul then underwent rebirth (transmigrated into his own body back to the past, 1 month before the apocalypse happened when he got shot, bringing with him his s.p.a.ce dimension and lightning powers that he got from post-apocalypse). From pre-apocalypse to post-apocalypse, the already-transmigrated B ZBT vowed revenge against B MYF who will eventually get killed.

Skewed Current Story

RL MYF hesitates to kill B ZBT because B ZBT looks too much like his real life childhood friend, RL ZBT. If he doesn’t kill B ZBT, then B ZBT will come back to kill him after B ZBT gets “rebirthed”. The storyline changes when RL MYF took the bullet for B ZBT because the bullet (shot by some unknown is supposed to hit pre-transmigration B ZBT and knock him unconscious, which is when the post-apocalypse to pre-apocalypse soul transmigration should have taken place. Instead, B ZBT’s transmigration takes place when RL MYF plunged the knife into his heart. B ZBT’s body disappears, leading RL MYF to suspect that B ZBT’s soul sensed danger when RL MYF plunged the knife and therefore, hid itself inside the s.p.a.ce dimension so that the soul can successfully transmigrate. When B ZBT “wakes up”, he gets really confused because he doesn’t recall a man saving him at all prior to the apocalypse. B ZBT also doesn’t recall RL MYF killing him because of his soul hiding in the s.p.a.ce dimension at that time. RL MYF decides to invite B ZBT to live with him so that RL MYF can have another chance to kill the transmigrated, revenge-driven B ZBT. RL MYF wraps bandages around his face, under the pretense of severe allergic reaction, so that B ZBT won’t recognize that he is his sworn enemy. He also lied to B ZBT that his name is Mu 木 (surname) Mu 木 (first name) (because his real surname Mu 幕 rhymes with Mu 木, meaning wood).

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