Chapter 214

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There was a strange and mysterious atmosphere in the living room.

Du Ruan stuffed a strawberry into his mouth, looked at Chen Che, who was laying on the sofa lazily, and turned to silent Boss, then shook his head and felt that something was weird.

Suddenly, there were noises coming from the stairs and everyone subconsciously turned their heads.

When they saw a young girl slowly walking over, everyone was stunned.

The arch of her brows was like faraway mountains, her phoenix eyes dazzling in their power to make men go crazy. She had an exquisite, sharp nose and her skin was snowy white. Her vibrant lips were like a red plum in the snow, aloof and pretty. She was simply a fairy that had walked straight out of a painting.

She was elegant and cool, the delicate silver necklace adding a slight charm to her.

She was an exceptional beauty and was like a fairy yet was seductive as well.

“Yi… Yiyi?” Lin Qing said in disbelief.

Qin Yi smiled faintly, her cold and unrestrained phoenix eyes suddenly lighting up and appearing seductive, “En, why? Fox, you don't recognize me?”

Lin Qing swallowed his spit – this was a very drastic transformation. Who would have imagined that an icy young man would suddenly turn into a seductive beauty?

Lin Qing suddenly howled in grief and looked at Qin Yi in resentment, “Yiyi, how am I going to find a girlfriend if you're like that, huh?”

The amazement in Lin Bai's eyes disappeared, the refined gaze still there. “Indeed, after seeing you in a female disguise, all the girls outside won't be attractive to us anymore.”

With Lin Bai and Lin Qing messing around like that, the strange atmosphere in the living room disappeared.

This was the first time a crack appeared in Yun Huan's indifferent peach blossom eyes. Seeing the beautiful young girl before him, complete with a sweet smile, he could feel his heart thumping hard.

He knew that this fella was good looking and his beauty didn't lose to any other girls, but Yun Huan had never expected Qin Yi to be so beautiful in a female disguise. It was as if there was only her sweet voice and lovely smile in this world.

Yun Huan composed himself, still somewhat uncomfortable, probably because he hadn't seen Qin Yi in this way before.

Yun Huan walked over, saw that Qin Yi had tied up her short hair and rubbed her head, “Why didn't you wear a wig?”

“A wig is too heavy; it would be inconvenient to move around.” She didn't like wearing a wig, it could easily expose her, and it would definitely be hard to move around.

Qin Yi's female disguise was simply too stunning. Even Chen Che, who had seen all sorts of beauties, was dumbfounded. It wasn't that n.o.body could compare to Qin Yi, but that Qin Yi had an implicit charm that made her even more attractive.

Chen Che concealed the amazement in his eyes and grinned as he went forward. He sized up Qin Yi dramatically and said haughtily, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, little guy. You're really stunning in this female disguise. eh? You're girlier than a real girl.”

Chen Che said the final sentence in Qin Yi's ear, his warm breath blowing against her delicate ear, making her frown.

Qin Yi's gaze was icy as she turned around and walked over to Yun Huan, “Master Che hasn't given up yet? I'm not gay, Master Che better find someone else.”

The moment Qin Yi said that, Lin Bai and the others were somewhat surprised.

'What did Yiyi mean by that? Master Che is gay? Oh G.o.d, what did we just find out?'

No wonder Master Che still kept acting like a spoiled child towards Boss, even at this age, and wanted Boss to accompany him to bed.

Chen Che immediately noticed that Lin Bai and the others were looking at him weirdly.

Chen Che clenched his teeth and walked over to Qin Yi, who was next to Yun Huan, thinking, 'This darn little thing really has a temper.'

But when he thought about that faint fragrance at the tip of his nose just now, Chen Che went into a daze again.

He didn't know that someone else saw his expression, which further substantiated what Qin Yi had just said.

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