Chapter 221

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Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 221: Dead?

Outside the training field, dozens of trucks were parked, and the soldiers came down from the trucks.

Their faces were tired, their clothes were dirty and ragged, they looked very embarra.s.sed, and their lonely and sad looked gave a feeling of defeat and return.

Mu Yi Fan looked around the soldiers' faces and did not see them. He immediately grabbed one of the soldiers and asked, “What about them, Gao Fei and Chen Hao?"

The soldier's face was bewildered, and he obviously didn't know the two men.

Mu Yi Fan quickly let go of his hand and grabbed a few more soldiers to ask.

At last, a soldier in their dormitory with Gao Fei heard Mu Yi Fan ask about them and cried out: “Young Master, Gao Fei, they... They may not come back."

“What... What?” Mu Yi Fan was stunned and seized the soldier's hand: “What do you mean by this? What do you mean that they may not come back?"

Mu Yue Cheng, who was running after him, frowned at this.

He also didn't expect such a result. At that time, when Yi Hang proposed to ask Gao Fei to go out to find materials together if he knew this would be the end result, he would not have agreed.

Later, it occurred to him that Mu Yi Fan had not taken them out for such a long time before he agreed to this matter of going out with them. Moreover, he also asked the four men, including Gao Fei to check with him. If they agreed, they would go with them. If they didn't want to go, they could stay.

The four men, including Gao Fei agreed to go out and practice themselves. This choice means that they didn’t want to drag Mu Yi Fan's hind legs in the future, but now they can't come back.

The soldier wiped his tears: “On the way back, we were attacked by a large number of mutated plants and animals. Many soldiers were dragged to the deep forest by mutated plants and animals. Among them, Kong Zi Xu and Deng Xiao Yi were dragged away. Gao Fei, Zhou Quan and Chen Hao, in order to find them, took the initiative to ask to get off the trucks and we leave them there. After that, they never came back. Our team can't wait for people all night. Moreover, it's very dangerous in the forest. We dare not go in and find people at will. We drove back to the B City first. Then, we met the small team of the Zhan family. They know that we are the soldiers of the Mu family, so they took advantage of the situation to attack us and take away all the materials we recruited."

Mu Yue Cheng was furious and cussed the Zhan family. He immediately asked the sergeant to find a military doctor to show the soldiers the injuries.

Mu Yi Fan didn’t care about the Zhan family. He quickly asked, “Where are they dragged away?"

“In... Its 200 kilometers away from the B City. I can't tell where it is. I have to go there to make it clear. "

“You take me to them."

When Mu Yue Cheng heard this, he wanted to stop Mu Yi Fan from acting rashly, but just shouted a word, Mu Yi Fan and the soldier were gone.

The soldiers around looked at the place Mu Yi Fan had stood before.

“What is this power? Is it too fast?” Murmured the soldier.

They haven't seen what's going on yet. People just disappear like a light.

“This child!" Mu Yue Cheng raised his eyebrows and asked the sergeant to take a team of people to find someone. If he was in danger, he would come back to the city immediately.

At this time, Mu Yi Hang was helped out by a soldier.

At this time, he felt extremely embarra.s.sed and humiliated. In a few seconds, a level 4 power lost to Mu Yi Fan, and it was in front of the whole camp that he lost to Mu Yi Fan.

At the same time, he also understand the reason why Mu Yi Fan called all the soldiers to the training ground. It was to make him lose face.

Mu Yi Hang came to Mu Yue Cheng with cold face: “Dad."

Mu Yue Cheng saw that he was pale and asked, “Are you ok?"

Mu Yi Hang shook his head.

Mu Yue Cheng sighed angrily, “Your eldest brother is really too careless. When he comes back, I will scold him well."

Mu Yi Hang knew that Mu Yue Cheng was just talking about it, and didn't pay attention to it. He followed Mu Yue Cheng back to the office and said, “Dad, I have a friend who has studied a zombie detector. As long as he takes a picture of someone's body, he can tell whether they are zombies or whether they are infected with the virus. I think this detector is quite good, and we should also try to find out those people when one of them comes back, it is convenient for them to take photos when they are on duty, when they encounter an infected person, or when someone in the team is infected with a virus or scratched by a zombie, but everyone doesn't know about it, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. "

Mu Yue Cheng has heard about the zombie detector: “Can you get these machines?"

If there is such a detector in the camp, it's also good. It's better to get some more detectors back, and then go out of the city to find supplies. We don't have to worry about that people around us will become zombies at any time.

“Of course, I'm good friends with him. I can get one back at any time. I'll send someone to look for him and ask him to send it. If there's any superfluous detector made in the future, I'll ask him to send more. Later, we can also take a picture when we get materials back."

“Well, I'll leave it to you."


Mu Yi Hang had a deep smile on his lips.


Mu Yi Fan used the light power to take the soldier from Mu's training camp immediately, and then they appear directly at the gate of the B City. The two people make the entry and exit registration and immediately left the B City.

It took only two minutes to get to the place where they got off the team at Gao Fei.

The soldier who was grabbed by Mu Yi Fan was scared s.h.i.tless. His speed was so fast that he felt very exciting. However, his face was so painful and hot that it was like thousands of knives ran across his cheek. Moreover, his face was almost blown out of shape.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the surrounding environment. The road was full of forests on both sides. It was very clean: "Gao Fei, did they get off here?"

The soldier rubbed his face, looked around, and noticed a special tree. The excited nodded and said: “Yes, yes, it's here. I'm very sure that they got off here. Then, they entered the forest from the right direction."

Mu Yi Fan used the psychic power to explore the situation in the forest, perceives the danger in the forest, looked at the soldier around him and said, “I'll take you back first, and then I'll go in and find them."

The soldier was also worried that Mu Yi Fan would drag him there and nodded.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he went back to the gate.

The soldier stared at the gate of the B City and the motorcade in and out as if he was just dreaming. The speed was amazing.

After Mu Yi Fan sent the soldier back, he went back to the previous place, went to the forest on the right, and then used the psychic power to explore the surrounding situation.

His current psychic powers can only detect places within 30 miles, so if no one is found within 30 miles, he immediately used the light powers, avoided all kinds of dangers and went to places within 30 miles, and then used the psychic powers to detect again.

Finally, he came to a place a hundred miles away, and finally the high-precision human psyche fluctuated.

Mu Yi Fan immediately used the light system power, came to the position of spiritual fluctuation, and saw a man in a black vest and military pants, who was carrying hunched on his back and digging the earth with a stick, and kept saying, "Rest in peace."

He flew over and saw that the digger was Gao Fei. He cried out, "Gao Fei."


There's nothing wrong with Gao Fei!

He was worried that he had died in the forest.

Hearing Mu Yi Fan's voice, Gao Fei raised his head abruptly, saw the person coming, quickly put away his stick, stepped forward to hold Mu Yi Fan, and said excitedly: “Yi Fan, Yi Fan, why are you here? Did you come for us? "

“Of course, I came to see you. Otherwise, do you think I came here to see the scenery? Where are Chen Hao and Zhou Quan? "

Gao Fei pointed to four mounds at the back: “There they are."

Mu Yi Fan looked at the earth tomb and was shocked: “They… They are... Dead?"

He let go of Gao Fei, ran over and looked at the four mounds in disbelief: “Am I still a step slower?"

Before he came, he thought not of if he couldn't save them, but at least I could save some of them, Chen Hao and Zhou Quan. I didn't expect that he was late.

Mu Yi Fan grabbed the latter Gao Fei's arm and said, “Tell me, what happened to you?"

Gao Fei's face sank heavily: “We have been attacked by a large number of mutated animals and plants, which has never been imagined as children, nor ever happened before. So, I think someone has deliberate attacked us, because when I went back to the B City, I found that a soldier had painted some paint on the rear compartment of our truck. At that time, I didn't care. I thought that soldier was boring painting every truck and playing. Now I think that paint is very good. It may be the source of the intentional attacks of mutated animals and plants. "

Mu Yi Fan's face was cold, knowing that this was Mu Yi Hang who killed Gao Fei and them: “I heard about your attack before I came here, so I didn't ask about it. I ask, Chen Hao, Zhou Quan how they died."

“Chen Hao? Zhou Quan?” Gao Fei looked at Mu Yi Fan doubtfully: “They are not dead."

“Not dead?" Mu Yi Fan said again, “They are not dead. Where are they?"

“They're there," Gao Fei pointed to the mound

“Fxck, they are not dead. What are you doing burying them here? And what else did you say about rest? Isn't dead just dead? "

Mu Yi Fan was so angry that he wanted to cry just now.

Because if it wasn't for him, Mu Yi Hang wouldn't hurt them.

“The other two soldiers died. Zhou Quan and Chen Hao just fainted."

Mu Yi Fan: “……”

What is with the burying?

He had the urge to kill Gao Fei.

“How did Zhou Quan and Chen Hao faint out?"

“I don't know. When we came to find Deng Xiao Yi and Kong Zi Xu, we met with mutated animals and plants, and then the three of us were scattered. When I found them, it was two hours later. Moreover, they had fainted on the ground, so I carried them here and buried them and two other dead soldiers in the soil."

Speaking of this, Gao Fei sheepishly grabbed his head: “I thought we would go to Deng Xiao Yi after waking up, but after waiting for several hours, they couldn't wake up, so I had to bury them in the soil and cover them up. I went to Deng Xiao Yi and found them myself, but I didn't think of them."

Mu Yi Fan sat on the ground, scared to death by Gao Fei. However, seeing the other two separate heads, he was very upset. He immediately got up and grabbed a handful of soil and sprinkled it on the two graves: "Rest in peace."

The two soldiers were also implicated in Mu Yi Hang scheme.

“That, Yi Fan, you spilled the wrong grave." Said Gao Fei.

"..." Mu Yi Fan didn’t look back angrily at Gao Fei: “You should dig out Chen Hao soon."

“But I'm going to find Deng Xiao Yi."

Mu Yi Fan turned his eyes: “You dig them out, we will go to Deng Xiao Yi and find them one by one. The headquarters will be here. It's not eas for us to be eaten by mutant animals."

Gao Fei thought about it, too. He quickly began to dig people out of the soil.

Mu Yi Fan pulled Zhou Quan to the back: “Do you know which direction they were pulled to?"

Gao Fei nodded and said, pointing forward: “I know that there are traces of them being dragged five miles away. Xiao Yi should have been dragged there."

“I hope they are still alive."

“They must still be alive." "Even if they have teeth, I believe they can survive and become mutants," Gao Fei refuted.

After he said that, does not Mu Yi Fan think of Deng Xiao Yi that they have become mutants in their novels?

“Yes," he said with a smile, “They will make it."

Mu Yi Fan pulled Zhou Quan up: “Let's go, let's go find them."

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