Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

After escorting Rachel home, Alex sprinted back to school . Currently it was 4:30 p . m, and school closes at 7:00 p . m so usually the clubs who stay late leave at around 6:30 . Alex started to gather information about the newspaper club, After asking here and there hearing the testimonies of some of the 2nd and 3rd year students, Alex was now sure that the newspaper club was nothing but trouble .

The newspaper club ever since Dexter the new president of the club was appointed, has started becoming more of a tabloid than an actual newspaper . The newspaper club would gather some rumors and take picture that resembled those rumors and write an article about it . The whole point of the club was to inform students of what was happening in the school, but now it simply turned into a gossip corner .

There have been many incidents that led to fights, breaking up of groups, destruction of friends.h.i.+ps, scorning of cla.s.smates, and the worst was making a student turn into a shut-in not wanting to ever leave his room . All of these were the results of the exaggerated news the club writes . The new president Dexter only seems to care about popularity, since they are able to sell their newspaper well enough and they were popular, the student council who uses a merit based system turns a blind eye to them .

Now that Alex was sure that the newspaper club poses a threat to Rachel's safety he arbitrarily decided to force the newspaper club to either disband or change their president into someone new, but he preferably wishes for them to disband .

Alex started preparing for his a.s.sault, but first he called his dad and explained the situation to him . Next he asked his dad if he could give him whatever information he can about the members of the newspaper club .

Carlo who didn't like how the newspaper club operated supported his son . After ten minutes with his resources Carlo was able to gain a lot of information about the past records, family background, and other such information on the members of the newspaper club . Carlo then proceeded to email the information to Alex .

While waiting for his dad's intel, Alex continued gathering intel on the members of the newspaper club by asking around .

. . .

In the newspaper club's clubroom, it was already 5:30 p . m and the members were still discussing on how to get information about Rachel Regius's new circle . When suddenly the light's in the room turned off, next their laptops also suddenly turned off even their smartphones had turned off .

"What happened a power outage?" One of the members asked, Dexter started panicking and shouted back .

"Are you stupid?! If this was a power outage then why are the laptops and our smartphones affected as well, they're at full bat and we haven't plugged them yet . . . This feels more like an EMP than a power outage . . . First we need to check out what's happening in the other rooms . " After the initial shock of the event, Dexter started to calm down .

When the members of the club tried to leave the room, they found out the door was jammed, and they couldn't open it . "Something is jamming the door from the other side!" The newspaper club members started panicking again .

"Is this someone's idea of a joke! The person out there, you should open up the door or I'll get you expelled!" Dexter shouted at whoever was at the other side of the door .

"No one will answer you from the other side, and I made sure no one will hear you screaming . " The newspaper club members turned around looking at where the voice originated . There in front of them stood a handsome boy with an emotionless face, his tone full of indifference .

This was Alexander Samarita, the rumored boyfriend of one of the three G.o.ddesses Rachel Regius . "What do you think your doing Alexander? Do you know this kind of thing could get you expelled?" Dexter was now finally able to calm down since he can see the person who started the blackout . Still Dexter was wondering how Alex was able to turn off all of their electronic devices . Well they could use this prank of his as blackmail material to gain personal information from him about Rachel .

Seeing Alex not responding, Dexter a.s.sumed that the threat of expulsion frightened Alex . "So Alexander how about answering some of our questions, and will forget that this little incident ever happened . "

Alex still not responding took something out of his bag, it was a handgun . "What the h.e.l.l are you doing with something like that?!" Dexter screamed in fear, his fellow club members were frozen on the spot by the sight of the handgun .

"Hahaha that's fake right? You can't possibly have brought a gun into school?" Dexter desperately said, Alex with his emotionless face pointed the handgun at Dexter .

"Do you want to see if it's real or not?" With his indifferent tone of voice made the whole thing more believable . Dexter couldn't control it anymore and peed his pants .

"What do you want?" With a pale face Dexter finally asked Alex .

"I want you to disband the the newspaper club . " When everyone heard Alex's demand they all thought the same thing . 'That was it?' All of these just for them to disband?

Dexter was about to agree since once they were able to escape from this room, he could report Alex to the police for illegal possession of firearms and attempted murder . Yet what Alex said next totally destroyed that idea .

"So that you wont change your mind after agreeing I prepared a failsafe . If you guys ever go back on your word after disbanding or if you even mention this event to anyone else then my plan B will be implemented . Plan B consists of attacking all of you individually . You Jason Lee, your father works for miracle pharmaceutics if you ever leak what happened here or not follow through with the disbandment your father will lose his job, be unemployed and have difficulty finding a new job . You Rita Han, you have a little brother attending Mirage Nursery if you do something stupid something bad might happen to your brother like being kidnapped . Even you Dexter, you have a dog name Odin that you love very much, if you go against our deal you might find your dog dead because of a random car accident . " After this Alex started explaining detailed information of every club member and told of them what might happen if they fail to uphold their end of the deal .

"How could you even do half of the things your saying?" Dexter asked his face paled even more, he was already frightened at the idea Alex was able to gather all these information about them, his only hope was Alex was just bluffing to get out of this situation . Even though deep down he already knew what Alex was saying could actually happen .

"Don't you see this gun, where do you think I got it? Also how do you think I acquired all of these information on you guys? Finally don't you know my last name is Samarita?" When Dexter heard Alex reminding him his last name was Samarita, he started s.h.i.+vering in fear .

The only family with the last name Samarita that could accomplish all of Alex's threats can only be that family . One of the richest man in the country, he who is said to practically own the whole city, Carlo Samarita . If Alex was related to that man then all of his threats weren't a bluff they were all real .

Seeing the newspaper club members reactions Alex knew they understood what he meant . He turned around clicked something from his pocket, allowing the lights to turn back on, he opened the door and said, "Newspaper Club you're dismissed . " With those parting words Alex left the room, leaving behind the dazed former newspaper club members, who were still thinking if everything that happened was all a dream .

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