Chapter 313 - Lost To A Newcomer

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"Where have you been?"

"I was overseas to settle some work matters. It was very urgent, and there were a lot of things going on, so I couldn't contact you guys."

"Don't disappear on us like this again…"

"I will try my best to come back more often now. However, it would still take a while for me to be able to return here fully like in the past."

"Promise me that you would come back more often," Su An An stuck her pinky finger out.

Mo Xi then made a pinky promise with Su An An, "I promise you that I would come back more often. You did great just now! I was looking at what you guys have been doing over the few months, and the results are astonis.h.i.+ng. Keep it up!"

"Really?! Thank you!" Su An An swung Mo Xi's hand while she asked excitedly.

"Yes. You have done very well!" Mo Xi laughed and patted Su An An's head.

Mo Xi then turned to Lu Jin Sheng and Tang Ning Xu to compliment them for their performance earlier on, "Second Brother, Little Xu, you guys were great just now!"

"Thank you! But is it alright for you to be here now?" Lu Jin Sheng and Tang Ning Xu spoke in unison.

Mo Xi laughed at their answers, "Yes. It is perfectly fine. By the way, you two…"

Mo Xi gave them a sly smile, "You two are together?"

"No! We are not!" Lu Jin Sheng and Tang Ning Xu answered in unison once again.

"Oh? It doesn't seem so…"

"We are innocent."

"There's nothing going on between us."

"Aye. Alright, alright."

Mo Xi then became a Santa Claus and started to give them their presents. Thankfully she drove here, so she could put the gifts in her car, and that way, she could carry more gifts over here.

Mo Xi then spoke to Wen Ting Ting after she gave her the present, "You were being a little reckless just now. However, I must still say that you were very brave."

"I don't want anyone to hurt Jin Sheng again. Furthermore, I have to pay for the mistakes I made."

"I understand that you want to pay for the mistakes that you made. However, did you realize that you had caused a lot of problems for yourself and the others? You could agitate Ning Hua, and he might hit you when he gets angry like in the past. The Ning's and your stepmother could also do something to you and your mother to get over the crisis. Second brother could also be scolded or attacked by Ning Hua's fans even though you said that second brother is innocent because they might think that you are trying to defend your lover."

Wen Ting Ting hung her head low as she didn't think about all these things, "Sorry…"

Mo Xi then patted Wen Ting Ting's head while she chuckled, "It's alright. Just remember to be more careful in the future. Things would get better at the end of the compet.i.tion, so it won't be that long. We just have to keep you guys protected during this period of time. You were courageous just now, so you deserved to be complimented as well."

They continued to talk for a while more before Mo Xi told them to help distribute the presents that she prepared for everyone. She had placed all the presents in the meeting room, and everyone has a unique gift. She even prepared things for the newcomers, but they were not very unique because she doesn't know them personally yet. Those that she knew would receive special gits.

Mo Xi then went back to her office and called for Hu Dan Dan.

On the other side. Ning's Fas.h.i.+on.

Although the situation at Blue Diamond Entertainment earlier on was a little messy compared to the usual press conference, it was way better than any other entertainment circle's press conference. That was because Blue Diamond Entertainment had established their rules and their expectations of press conferences to the reporters ever since their founding.

That was why the reporters at Blue Diamond Entertainment were all friendly and asked questions in orderly manners because they knew what they should be doing if they wanted news from them. The only reason why it was a little messy just now as because of the reporter that Ning Hua had hired to slander Lu Jin Sheng.

However, the situation at Ning's Fas.h.i.+on was utterly different and chaotic.

"Designer Ning, how do you feel about the compet.i.tion yesterday?"

"Designer Ning, please tell us how you feel about losing out to a newcomer."

"Designer Ning, does it hurt your pride?"

"Designer Ning, do you think that you are very lousy to have lost to a newcomer?"

"Designer Ning, does it mean that you are incompetent and can't even compete with a newcomer even though you have been in this industry for a much longer time?"

Ning Hua's hands clenched tighter upon the mention of the compet.i.tion, but he still managed to put up a professional smile.

"I believe that I could have done better."

"How do you feel about losing to a newcomer?"

"Don't you feel angry or hateful that a newbie stole your limelight?"

"Don't you think that the first place should have been yours?"

"I feel like it is a great lesson learned for me to keep thriving and practicing even though I have been in this industry for very long. It also tells me that I have a lot to learn and it would be great if I can learn from a newcomer as well because newbies have very fresh and daring ideas while someone like me, who has been in the industry for very long, would tend to stick to our old habits and forget to try new things. We tend to design things with the intention of creating the best sales record and earn money, while newbies would tend to try different things to test out the market."

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