Chapter 35: Calling His Name The Second Time

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When she heard what Bai Se said, Lin Yiqian's eyes immediately widened.

What was Qi Shaodong doing here this late?

She stood up with a confused expression on her face as she walked over to the door. Meanwhile, Bai Se walked quietly into the office.

When the door opened, Qi Shaodong stood in front of Lin Yiqian with an apologetic expression. "Miss, I hope I did not wake you up."

"No." Lin Yiqian shook her head. "What's up"

She subconsciously glanced in the direction of Gu Nianshen's room. He had drunk a lot of alcohol. Had he returned?

Could he have asked Qi Shaodong to come over?

"Mister Gu… He drank a little too much. I've never changed clothes for a man before," Qi Shaodong said helplessly. "It didn't feel right to ask the female employees of the hotel to do it…"

He seemed hesitant to speak as he looked at Lin Yiqian.

However, his intentions had been made clear. While Lin Yiqian was trying to suppress the excitement in her heart, her feet were already moving forward.

"I'll have a look." She nodded at Qi Shaodong without any expression on her face.

Qi Shaodong was initially only trying this luck. He did not expect Lin Yiqian to actually agree to his request. He felt a little unsettled for a while.

After recollecting himself, he thanked her cheerfully. "Thank you, Miss."

As if worried that Lin Yiqian might regret her decision, he immediately pa.s.sed the access card for Gu Nianshen's room to her. "I'm going to sleep now. There's an early flight to catch tomorrow morning."

He pretended to yawn as he swiftly walked away.

After Qi Shaodong had gone far enough, Lin Yiqian lowered her gaze to the access card. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the access card as she used her free hand to close her own door.

She walked toward Gu Nianshen's room.

After placing the access card on the door's sensor, a ticking sound could be heard. Lin Yiqian subconsciously held her breath.

She felt like a thief sneaking into his room.

The curtains were drawn and there was a very dim light in the room. She took a deep breath before walking further into the room.

With every step she took, her heartbeat quickened.

This was such a familiar scene. It was as if it had only happened yesterday.

Memories flooded her mind, reminding her of the bittersweet moments from before.

As she finally arrived in the bedroom, she could smell the stench of alcohol. She immediately saw Gu Nianshen lying flat on the bed, his s.h.i.+rt unb.u.t.toned only halfway through.

He was frowning with one hand on his chest as if he were suffering.

When Lin Yiqian saw the condition he was in, she immediately walked over. "Nianshen."

This was the second time she had called his name out loud. It felt strange yet exciting.

Lin Yiqian was about to grab his hand when Gu Nianshen suddenly raised his own hand to grab hers instead. Before she could react, he had pulled her onto his body.

She could feel that her heart had stopped beating for a moment.

When she raised her head, she saw that he still looked very much in pain as his eyes remained shut.

However, Lin Yiqian could feel that his arms continued tightening around her. She would suffocate if he continued to do so. However, she did not want to struggle. She wished that he would hug her even tighter.

Make her believe that this was real and that it was not a dream. She wished it was not her own imagination from getting too intoxicated.

Gu Nianshen's hand began moving upward from behind her back to the top of her head. His other hand soon raised to the same position as he hugged her head with both hands.

His fingers began to trace through her recently washed hair as they gently rubbed against her scalp.

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