Chapter 368

If you are looking for Chapter 368 you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Published at 17th of July 2019 03:50:04 PM Chapter 368: 368 [You are a '1st turn' Regressor . ]

The first time he chose to go back, he thought that he was given a great opportunity – an opportunity to survive the scenarios by possessing more information than everyone else .

[You are a '2nd turn' Regressor . ]

When he chose to go back for the second time, he began thinking that this life wouldn't be as easy as he thought . And, after witnessing his comrades die over and over again… . After losing the person he loved so much… . … . He finally realised that he was destined to experience the same pain many more times in the future . As the price for possessing more information than anyone else, he had to lose his precious comrades many more times .

[You are a '3rd turn' Regressor . ]

During his third try, he thought that maybe this was a curse .

「Just how many more lives like this one am I supposed to go through?」

He realised that, if he were to get to the end of all the scenarios, he needed to kill off his emotions, that he must not live his life . And so, he decided to become not 'Yu Joong-Hyeok', but the 'Regressor', instead . The fourth time, fifth… . The timelines that he might've had experienced, but a certain someone's unexpected words stopped him from regressing again .

- Being able to regress at any time is the same as having no meaning in 'dying' anymore . However, there being no meaning in dying is the same thing as the value of living disappearing, too . - Yu Joong-Hyeok, you need to wake up . What I'm saying here is that, don't mistakenly believe that things will get better by repeating them over and over again .

That was why Yu Joong-Hyeok chose not to regress . He gave up on several new 'lives' where he could've started off from a higher vantage point while possessing more useful information than before .

[You have entered the 'Middle Island No . 3' . ]

Along with the blinding rays of light, he finally arrived on the 'Middle Island No . 3' . Partic.i.p.ants who had arrived alongside him looked around and murmured to themselves . [What is this place?][Weren't we supposed to head straight to the 'Main Island'?]Yu Joong-Hyeok simply unsheathed his sword .

[Hidden scenario – 's.n.a.t.c.hing Modifiers' has begun!]

And then, the slaughter began in earnest . The rampaging storm of crimson-coloured sword light sliced the heads of the Constellations off . There was not one shred of hesitation in Yu Joong-Hyeok's blade . He carved out the hearts of the Incarnations and smashed apart the backs of the escaping Constellations' heads .

[You have acquired a syllable from the Modifier of Constellation, 'Crow of the Gloomy Sea at Night' . ]

[You have acquired a syllable from the Modifier of Constellation, 'Beachfront Tactician' . ]

There were a few supposedly-tough enemies here – enemies that would've been difficult to fight against were he in the original 3rd turn of regression . However, Yu Joong-Hyeok was able to defeat them rather easily .

「The weakness of 'Birch Tree's Scorpion' is located below its tail . 」

「You must attack the 'Sovereign of the Crescent Moon' repeatedly until the starlight on his head fades away . 」

The Yu Joong-Hyeok of the original storyline wouldn't have known that information . Indeed, he'd only get his hands on them after going through the 4th, 5th, 100th, even 1000th regressions .

[You have acquired a syllable from the Modifier of Constellation, 'Birch Tree's Scorpion' . ]

[You have acquired a syllable from the Modifier of Constellation, 'Sovereign of the Crescent Moon' . ]

The Yu Joong-Hyeok of the 3rd turn knew all those information of the future he hadn't yet lived already .

『Han Su-Yeong – Records of the 1863rd turn (First)』

『Han Su-Yeong – Records of the 1863rd turn (Last)』

It was all thanks to the records from the 1863rd turn in the distant future that he might have gotten to experience if he lived as the story originally intended for him . "Fuuu . . . . "Less than a hour later, Yu Joong-Hyeok's surrounding vicinity had become deathly still . Staaab!He ended the life of the last remaining Constellation and continued to move on . It wasn't just to quickly end this scenario, though . After walking for a bit, he came across a battlefield soaked in blood .

'Fertile Forest'

He was greeted by the countless corpses of the Incarnation bodies . This spectacle of slaughter seemed to be the handiwork of a certain someone . While gathering the necessary Modifier syllables, Yu Joong-Hyeok chased after the direction of the slaughterer . It didn't take him too long to discover a giant coc.o.o.n seemingly painted entirely in a black hue . He knew right away what this thing was . " . . . . A monster created by , is it . "

It was none other than Michael's coc.o.o.n . It only appeared after the Archangel was killed off by someone while he was in the middle of 'Demon King Transformation' . Fairly soon, he'd gain a new life and emerge from this sh.e.l.l . … . Just like how, after death, Yu Joong-Hyeok would get to start his next turn . If there was one difference, then it'd be with Michael losing a portion of his memories whenever he came back to life . The so-called 'Evil' created to eliminate 'Evil' . The existence of Michael was the reason why Yu Joong-Hyeok could never be friendly with . As the drizzling rain pelted down, Yu Joong-Hyeok searched the vicinity of the coc.o.o.n . Michael ended up in this state because someone managed to defeat him . Not too long afterwards, Yu Joong-Hyeok discovered the fragments of Fables belonging to a rather powerful Demon King . Someone did fight Michael here and was gravely injured, it seemed . The traces of these Fables glowed in brilliant white rays even within the faint, blurry fog of rainwater . They belonged to a being Yu Joong-Hyeok was quite familiar with . Shudder . That was around when Michael's coc.o.o.n began to quake noticeably . It emitted this gloomy, damp aura as its top began opening up . Yu Joong-Hyeok frowned deeply . 'Already?'Dark emotions quickly permeated within the purple-coloured fog . Michael's nude figure, reformed into a brand-new Incarnation Body, slowly revealed itself inside the coc.o.o.n . Yu Joong-Hyeok got ready to escape from here . [Demon King of… . Sal… va… tion!]Indeed, he'd have left this place were it not for those words . Yu Joong-Hyeok hesitated for a little bit, before approaching the half-open coc.o.o.n . Michael, still not fully alive yet, lay in a defenceless sleep inside the sh.e.l.l . Flas.h.!.+Michael's eyelids moved and shot wide open, and just as they did, so did Yu Joong-Hyeok's blade . "You sleeping for a little while longer will be better for everyone . "Staaab!His version of [Purest Sword Force] penetrated straight into Michael's heart . The still-weak Incarnation Body that hadn't activated either the [Demon King Transformation] or [Angel Transformation] began to crumble away from the Probability of 2nd generation . Guuwaaaaah-!!

[You have killed the 177th Incarnation Body of 'King of the Corrupted Angels' . ]

Michael's coc.o.o.n rapidly shrunk down in size and reverted back to its original status . He'd be reborn in the 178th Incarnation Body, then .

[Nebula, , is displaying animosity towards your actions!]

[Constellation, 'Scribe of Heaven', is glaring at you . ]

Yu Joong-Hyeok faced off against the gaze falling from the sky and spoke . " . . . . I've told you this before, haven't I? I shall be the one to kill Kim Dok-Ja . Stop your unnecessary actions . "The sky didn't say anything else in return . Yu Joong-Hyeok sheathed his sword and his steps hurried after the trail of fragments scattered around the forest .


After he disappeared into the forest's path, a small shadow revealed itself next to Michael's coc.o.o.n . Bob-cut hair gently shook around below the black raincoat's hoodie . The master of the shadow grinned brightly after discovering all the items discarded in the vicinity . "Yup, a bus of the main character is the best one out there . "Han Su-Yeong hurriedly shoved the items inside her pocket while giggling happily to herself . "In any case, that Regressor guy just doesn't understand the value of items . . . . "

[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', is wordlessly staring at the fragments of the Fables scattered on the ground . ]

"What are you looking at?"Han Su-Yeong picked up the fragments the Black Flame Dragon was pointing at . And then, her expression hardened in an instant .

[You have acquired the fragment of Fable, 'King of a Kingless World' . ]

"Isn't this . . . . ?" was blessed with countless types of Fables, but she knew of only one person that possessed a Fable with such a name . She abandoned the items she'd been picking up and quickly ran in the direction where Yu Joong-Hyeok had disappeared to .


I'd die at Yu Joong-Hyeok's hands . 「(Dok-Jssi . )」Three hours from now, Yu Joong-Hyeok would kill me . 「(Dok-Jssi!)」I quickly raised my head and made my reply . 'Yes, Yu Sang-Ah-ssi . '「(How long will you stay dazed like this? It's not like you, Dok-Jssi . )」'I'm not dazed . I'm actually thinking about some things . '「(Such as?)」'On how to convince him . 'Honestly, I didn't feel confident about doing that . The Yu Joong-Hyeok showing up here to kill me wasn't the same Yu Joong-Hyeok from the 'Ways of Survival' that I read for over ten-plus years of my life . The one coming to see me now was the Yu Joong-Hyeok who realised that he was just a 'character of a story', just like Yu Joong-Hyeok from the 1863rd turn . 「(Is it because of your guilt . . . . ?)」Sometimes, it felt as if Yu Sang-Ah could openly read my mind . … . And right now, she might have really done that, too . 'No, it isn't . It's something that I must do . '

[The power of 'Fruit of Good and Evil' is worsening your guilty conscience . ]

It was possible that this feeling had been forcibly triggered by the [Fruit of Good and Evil] . Meaning, it might not be mine at all . However, I still believed that this was the path I must take . Anna Croft, supporting me during our journey, addressed me . "We should arrive at the centre of the island soon . "I nodded my head as a reply . The 'centre' of the island, the location of the portal to transfer you to the next scenario, plus where I'd meet Yu Joong-Hyeok in three hours' time . "I don't wish to interfere with the future you have chosen yourself, but . . . The outcome of my [Precognition] doesn't change all that easily . "" . . . . Are you trying to jinx me?""I'm just trying to be honest with you . If you don't wish to die, it'll be better for you to locate the syllable 'Vil' soon and get to the next scenario . ""I'm deliberately choosing not to go . There is a story that I must tell that guy . "The story that I'd been delaying all along, something that I definitely had to discuss with him . "A story, is it . . . . . Does the 'Conquering King' really know how to listen to stories?""If he doesn't, then I better make him . "Anna Croft remained silent for a little while . She must've been thinking of something, as her eyes were looking up at the blackish-blue night sky above . Several Constellations were looking down at us from up there . "I'm sure that you know this already, but well, you can't convince every single person . "She was a prophet . She probably experienced a similar situation as mine many times before . After all, she reached this place by lying to Selena Kim and deceiving Iris, didn't she?"I think that we should say such things only after we try everything in our power first . ""A person must bear the burden as weighty as the future she sees, you know . "The centre of the island could be seen in the distance now . And the giant portal leading to the next scenario was there . Anna Croft withdrew her supporting hands from me and spoke . "Well then, this is as far as we go . "She had gathered all the Modifier syllables, and was qualified to step through that doorway now . Soon, she would continue to stride forward towards the destination she sought after . Just as I turned around away from her, she called out to me . "Kim Dok-Ja . "Not as the Constellation 'Demon King of Salvation', but as 'Kim Dok-Ja' . She was calling out to 'me' . "My aim is to change the master of this . "Right away, I was beset with this uncomfortable feeling . Because . . . I could tell what she was planning to say next . "What is your goal, then?"… . I knew it . "Do I really need to answer you?""I feel that only after hearing your answer, will I get to finally decide whether to let you live or not . "She had placed me on a scale, basically – whether I'd be a help in her pursuit towards her goal or become a hindrance, instead . If she thought that I'd become the latter, then she'd not hesitate to make me disqualified here . I quietly stared deeply into her eyes . Would it be fine to tell her? Tell her what I truly want in this world?Since she was a prophet, would she be able to understand me?"I . . . . "Unfortunately, even before I could fully open my mouth, someone else's voice interrupted me . "His goal is to see the end of a certain insignificant story . "Icy-cold rage thickly permeated that voice . And I knew that voice better than anyone .

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