Chapter 379 - Flag Bearer

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Sire Shui has been inviting Su Tao over to his place, but because Su Tao was too busy recently, he did not have the luxury of time. So after the contract with the Aqua Cloud Stream and the small-scaled press conference was dealt with, Su Tao finally had time on his hand and drove to Qiongjin City.

Su Tao had Jin Guoxiang's leg injury on his mind, and he wanted to make a check. Thus, he made a trip to Jin Guoxiang's residence first. Coincidentally, Dong Likun came with her daughter to visit their relatives, which he incidentally performed a check-up for Jin Zhitong as well.

"How's Zhitong's recovery?" Dong Likun grew a little nervous when she saw that Su Tao was silent.

A brief moment later, Su Tao smiled. "Zhitong is recovering well, but her physique is a little weak. She must have taken quite a bit of Wild Turtle Soup recently, but her physique isn't able to handle such a strong tonic."

Seeing how Su Tao managed to tell that her daughter had drunk Turtle Soup a few days ago, Dong Likun was simply amazed and she smiled wryly. "We went to the hospital, and the doctor said that it was a cold with some symptoms of Enteritis, which terrified me!"

Writing down a prescription, Su Tao patiently explained, "The Wild Turtle Soup has a high nutritional value, but Zhitong's digestive system is weaker than an ordinary person's. So it can't be properly digested, which resulted in the weakening of her immune system. In addition to the cold, it is easy to result in inflammation. The cold and Enteritis is only a symptom, so all we need to do is nurture her physique!

"Follow this prescription once a day. Three days later, her cold and Enteritis will improve, and after a month, Zhitong's physique will get better. Before that, do keep in mind to refrain from any highly nouris.h.i.+ng food!"

Jin Zhitong shared an uncanny resemblance with her mother, but to the fact that her physique was weak and hasn't engaged in any activity for a long time, her complexion was pale like Lin Daiyu. Ever since Su Tao appeared, Jin Zhitong's gaze would occasionally wander in his direction. Whenever Su Tao looked at her, she would immediately lower her head with a blush on her cheeks with her hands kneading the corner of her s.h.i.+rt to conceal her nervousness.

Standing to the side, Jin Guoxiang smiled. "I never expected that there would be so many profundities in eating. Usually speaking, a weak physique requires nourishment to strengthen it."

With a smile plastered on his face, Su Tao explained, "That's a wrongful misconception! If the body is weak, we'll have to see how weak it is. If the digestive system is weak, giving more nourishment to the already weakened system will cause a problem. It's like a computer, and if the processor isn't strong enough, adding more hardware will just overload it too much. The right procedure is to upgrade the processor before adding any hardware."

Nodding his head, Jin Guoxiang found logic in Su Tao's explanation and smiled. "TCM is really profound!"

Pointing in the direction of the room, Su Tao solemnly said, "Let's go to the room for me to take a look at your leg."

When the door closed, Jin Guoxiang weakly sighed since he knew that he couldn't hide it from Su Tao. When he rolled up his trousers, his swollen leg was in plain sight.

After Su Tao gently pressed on it, he bitterly smiled. "Major General Jin, I'm afraid that I can't treat your leg anymore!"

"Why?" Jin Guoxiang instantly grew anxious.

"I've told you before that you must rest, and you can't allow your injury to relapse!" Su Tao grew furious as he continued, "But you did not heed my advice, and you must have been under a high burden recently. You've run at least twenty kilometers!"

Blus.h.i.+ng with shame, Jin Guoxiang apologised, "There was a basketball compet.i.tion a few days ago, which I ran for quite a bit on a whim. Although it was a small compet.i.tion, it concerned the glory of the entire collective. So I couldn't afford a loss just because of my leg."

Su Tao weakly sighed, but he understood Jin Guoxiang's character. "Your injury was already on the verge of complete recovery, but it relapsed again. If you want it treated, you will need to spend a few more months recuperating."

Truth be told, Su Tao was filled with admiration for Jin Guoxiang's spirit. As a spiritual figure, he could understand Jin Guoxiang's actions. Standing in the latter's shoes, he would also grit his teeth despite the danger.

"So, you're willing to treat me?" Jin Guoxiang smiled. He was able to smile despite being reprimanded by this young man because he knew that the latter was sincerely concerned about him.

"I will, but you must take care of yourself this time! Otherwise, this leg of yours will be genuinely crippled! At that time, you can become a crippled general then!" Su Tao teased with a smile.

"You brat…" Jin Guoxiang was like a punctured balloon as he continued, "If I'm really crippled, then I will surely find a place that no one knows me and spend the remainder of my life there, rather than becoming a burden on the battlefield!"

"How heroic!" Su Tao smiled before he started his ma.s.sage. He was using the Bianque Hands that he inherited from Dou Fanggang!

When Jin Guoxiang saw that Su Tao wasn't performing acupuncture but an unusual ma.s.sage, he wanted to ask about it. But all of a sudden, he felt a wave of heat rising from his wound and he issued out a breath of comfort.

Seeing his reaction, Su Tao knew that his message was effective. Thus, he tried a few more techniques.

Jin Guoxiang felt that his wound was revitalised and the comfort was beyond any words could describe. It was as if he was basking in the sun with a breeze blowing against his face. The pores all over his body opened up as they greedily breathed.

He tried Thai Oil Ma.s.sage in the past, but it paled in comparison to Su Tao's technique. By the time Su Tao finished, Jin Guoxiang actually felt disappointed.

"It feels much better now!" Jin Guoxiang tried placing his foot on the ground, it felt refres.h.i.+ng.

Su Tao also did not expect that the Bianque Hands to be so effective, and he speculated that Jin Guoxiang would recover completely after three more sessions. However, he still instructed with a solemn voice, "Still those words from before. If you don't want to become a cripple, then you have to take care of yourself!"

Hearing Su Tao's words, Jin Guoxiang smiled, "You can stop your nagging now. The old man called a few times to haste you over, and I have to send you over now. Otherwise, I'll surely receive a scolding from him!"

Jin Guoxiang had a good understanding of Sire Shui's temper, and when they met the old man, the old man really gave Jin Guoxiang a dress down, which the latter looked at Su Tao with a wry smile.

In fact, he wanted to send Su Tao over much earlier, but Su Tao insisted on treating his injury, which took some time.

After that, Sire Shui pulled Su Tao over to play two games of chess since he had recently researched a few new techniques that left Su Tao battered. In the end, Su Tao could only admit defeat halfway into the game. Although Su Tao lost a few rounds, he still maintained a good bearing and continued to play a few more rounds with Sire Shui. However, Sire Shui didn't feel satisfied with his victory and ended the game after four rounds.

"Are you letting me win on purpose?" Sire Shui asked unhappily.

"I really didn't! You attack, and I can only retreat. So I can't win against you." Su Tao smiled.

After a brief silence, Sire Shui nodded his head with a smile creeping on his lips. "Let's not play anymore in the future!"

"Why? Are you despising that I'm no longer your opponent now?" Su Tao asked in an unhappy tone.

Shaking his head, Sire Shui replied, "You're a young man, and you should place your energy on other matters. Although chess can train your thoughts, it still takes up too much time. You should focus your energy on more meaningful matters!"

"Well, I feel that playing chess with you is meaningful!" Su Tao responded tactfully.

Hearing those words, Sire Shui was happy, but he decisively waved his hand. "I've already made up my mind that I will not play chess with you anymore!"

In contrast to his words, Su Tao inwardly sighed in relief. Sire Shui's chess skills were powerful, and he didn't lose to the old man on purpose. He actually felt like vomiting blood when he couldn't win despite putting so much effort into it. In fact, his bearing was only an act that he maintained.

"I wish to talk to you about the w.a.n.g Family!" Sire Shui raised the celadon cup and took a sip before he continued, "Mr. w.a.n.g Xi is a famous National Physician Grandmaster, and I've met him several times in the past. He's truly someone worth respecting. He has made a great contribution to the country and he had once given out reasonable solutions to many medical problems. This time, he even made many trips back and forth for his grandson, so we have to give him this face."

Su Tao instantly understood Sire Shui's meaning and replied, "I understand!"

Nodding his head, Sire Shui responded, "But w.a.n.g Xi has promised that w.a.n.g Guofeng will retire from the medical industry and never get involved in it again."

After a brief shock, Su Tao sighed, "Sire w.a.n.g must be someone with high medical ethics!"

Gently patting Su Tao's shoulder, Sire Shui continued, "As for Bai Fan, he has already been arrested. After the investigations from various departments, we discovered that he is related to many homicides."

Hearing those words, Su Tao did not feel happy, but bitterly smiled, "Whether it's w.a.n.g Guofeng or Bai Fan, they're both talents in the medical industry. It's a pity to lose both of them!"

Sire Shui has been observing Su Tao's expression, and it didn't seem to be an act, so he praised, "Your breadth of mind is wider than I'd imagined! Don't worry about it. I believe that you can be a flag bearer. With a flag, you will have countless followers supporting you!"

"Sire Shui, I'm afraid you have other matters to ask of me, right?" Su Tao smiled.

"You're smart, brat." Sire Shui gently patted Su Tao's shoulder and continued, "I have an important task for you."

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled, "Please, speak your mind!"

"Obtain the National Healer's qualification swiftly!" Sire Shui smiled. "This way, I will be able to recommend you to those old fellows!"

Su Tao was instantly speechless at these words. Sire Shui's tone sounded half-truth and half-joke. However, he immediately gave out his promise, "I will do my best!"

A decent-sized table was placed in the courtyard, where Sire Shui, Jin Guoxiang, and Su Tao ate while they chatted.

Throughout the conversation, Su Tao purposely revealed his intention of expanding the Three Flavour Hall into branches, which Sire Shui gave his support and instructed Jin Guoxiang to provide Su Tao with all sorts of a.s.sistance.

Seeing the smile hanging on Su Tao's lips, Jin Guoxiang was inwardly teased that Su Tao has bewitched the wise old man.

But even without Sire Shui's instructions, Jin Guoxiang would still do his best to help Su Tao.

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