Chapter 380 - Uprooted His Existence from Her World, with Blood and Flesh

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Chapter 380: Uprooted His Existence from Her World, with Blood and Flesh

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When Ji Nuan’s eyes were suddenly fixed on the gla.s.s window, Xia Tian, who was trying on her new shoes, turned around and caught a glimpse of the two people pa.s.sing by.

Xia Tian asked suddenly, her eyelids quivering, “Oh, my G.o.d. What did I see?! Why is President Mo with that An… An what? An Shuyan, right? Why are they here?”

The next moment, Xia Tian’s voice suddenly stopped, and she turned her eyes sharply toward Ji Nuan.

She did hear a piece of news some time ago.

The executive that s.h.i.+ne Group sent to Hai City to manage the new Internet company they set up in China was An Shuyan.

However, Ji Nuan sat silently still and then put on the badly fitting shoe. As if she could not feel the pain, she got up, walked to the door, and looked at the pair of figures who had gone to the other side.

Perhaps out of a woman’s sixth sense, or perhaps An Shuyan had seen Ji Nuan sitting there when Ji Nuan came to the door and looked out, An Shuyan suddenly turned to Mo Jingshen and whispered something to him with a smile. Mo Jingshen still stood with his back to this direction, so she couldn’t see his expression.

At this time, Xia Tian put on her shoes and rushed out, and Ji Nuan immediately reached out to hold her, asking in a low voice, “What are you going to do?”

“To slap that b.i.t.c.h!” Xia Tian glared at her with a furious look on her face. “What the heck does Mo Jingshen mean? Doesn’t he love you? And now he is actually accompanying a woman shopping who has been coveting him?! Does he have a new sweetheart and is having an affair? Look at that An Shuyan, look at that disgusting smile on her face! s.h.i.+t! Let go of me! Let me go over there!”

Ji Nuan put almost all her strength into her hands and held Xia Tian tightly. “Don’t go.”

“What are you afraid of? Now your husband is shopping with another woman! Ji Nuan, how can you stand this?!” Xia Tian glared at her furiously.

Of course, she couldn’t.

And she wasn’t afraid.

She didn’t believe that Mo Jingshen had not seen her. He had always been observant. Even if she had been sitting in the corner, there was no one else in the shop, and they were sure to see, at first glance, Xia Tian standing by the shoe cupboard and her.

Yes, Mo Jingshen used to love her very much.

But now, he was really freezing all her flesh and bones and, inch by inch, pulling his love for her away, cruelly and freezingly.

“Ji Nuan, they are walking away!”

“I’m aware.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to confront them?”


Then she saw An Shuyan and Mo Jingshen in a coffee shop a few dozen meters from the mall. An Shuyan was buying coffee, and the man’s tall and slender figure was also there.

“s.h.i.+t!” Xia Tian tried to break away again, wis.h.i.+ng that she could slap An Shuyan in the face and send her to h.e.l.l.

However, Ji Nuan pulled her away.

“Why are you leaving?” Xia Tian looked at her exasperatedly. “Ji Nuan, you’re were not so useless before! Show me the temper you used to show when you were teaching those gossipmongers a lesson. I won’t forgive you if you bear this insult! This kind of stuff is absolutely intolerable!”

Without saying a word, Ji Nuan pulled her in the other direction.

Unable to stop her, Xia Tian stamped her feet in anger but was still forcibly dragged out a dozen meters away by her. Once near the elevator, Xia Tian looked back and saw that they were still there. She rolled her eyes angrily.

When they got into the elevator and reached the first floor, Ji Nuan let go of her and walked quickly out without looking back.

Xia Tian was going to call her back. That b.i.t.c.h had bullied her into such a point. She couldn’t just walk away like this!

But before she said it, she paused, took a look at Ji Nuan’s feet, and hurriedly caught up with her. “Don’t your feet hurt? Don’t walk! Your feet are blistering. If you keep walking like this, you will die of pain!”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Ji Nuan said coldly, walking on without any pause as if there was something terrible in this largest department store of Hai City chasing and trying to eat her alive. She just wanted to stay away and as far as possible from here.

Of course, it hurt!

Xia Tian saw that the reddened skin around Ji Nuan’s ankles was broken.

But the pain was probably no match for the pain in her heart.

“Alas, you can’t wear these shoes anymore. Instead of going upstairs, let’s just buy a comfortable pair of shoes and change into them!” Xia Tian caught up with her and said as if nothing had happened.

She knew Ji Nuan well. She could be extreme sometimes, but if she didn’t want something, no one could bully her, but if she chose to back down, it meant that she didn’t want to fight at all. Therefore, now, she was in her most vulnerable state.

After they left the mall, Ji Nuan didn’t go to her studio but sent Xia Tian back to her apartment and then drove back to the Yu Garden.

The next two days were the weekend, and Ji Nuan thought she might need two days off.

She shut herself up in her bedroom in the Yu Garden for two whole days. Auntie Chen came to ask her to eat, but she didn’t go downstairs. Auntie Chen brought her the cooked meal upstairs, only to find that she took only a few bites of her breakfast porridge, and hardly touched lunch and dinner.

The Yu Garden was really big. The bedroom was empty and depressingly quiet.

After pa.s.sing him at the mall, Ji Nuan didn’t send Mo Jingshen any message, nor called him or Shen Mu.

In these two days, Xia Tian came to accompany her once. Auntie Chen came upstairs repeatedly to check on her health, asking her if she was losing her appet.i.te and what was wrong with her.

But Mo Jingshen never came back.

It was as if he had stepped entirely out of her world.

These days, Ji Nuan finally figured out that she was simply no match for Mo Jingshen in cruelty and ruthlessness.

He could give her the greatest happiness and tenderness in the world when he loved her, but when he decided not to love her, he just uprooted his existence form her world, with blood and flesh, not caring whether she was in pain or not. He just made a clean exit.

Could he really be so cruel to her?

Shutting herself up at home for two days, Ji Nuan felt a bit dizzy and giddy.

On Monday morning, she could hardly get up. She rubbed her hair and forced herself to sit up. She could indulge on weekends and not eat if she didn’t want to, but she was going to work today, so she needed strength.

So when Auntie Chen asked her to eat breakfast again, Ji Nuan obediently went downstairs to eat. Although she didn’t eat much, she was trying to make herself eat some.

She was not the kind of person who would torture her own body at the slightest blow. Life had to go on, and she needed to work hard to go on. There was no turning back in life. In her previous life, she fell down again and again because she was too lost and too weak.

Now, she couldn’t fall down again.

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