Chapter 395 – The Proud Supreme Emperor

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“Hmph! So what if it's windy or rainy? I'll use my spiritual energy barrier! Anyway, I have a lot of spiritual artifacts on me!” Yun Chujiu said angrily.

An Feng choked. Just as he was about to continue to persuade her, Yun Chujiu said, “However, since you're so sincere, I'll reluctantly sit on your flying spirit tool!”

An Feng was speechless.

After Yun Chujiu got on the flying spirit tool, An feng asked tentatively, “Miss Jiu, did you quarrel with our Honorable Lord?”

“Hmph! He's obviously the one who is looking for trouble. Otherwise, why would a reasonable person like me quarrel with him?! He actually destroyed my books and even pushed me down! He's really unreasonable!” Yun Chujiu said angrily.

An Feng cursed in his heart when he heard that. He knew that the her words would cause trouble sooner or later. With their lord's temper, it would be strange if he was not angry! However, he was indeed a little rough!

“Ahem! Miss Jiu, you know our Lord's temper. He's angry because he cares about you! When we didn't whether you were dead or alive, our Lord almost committed suicide to die for love! Our Lord treated you sincerely, so please bear with him!” An Feng said cautiously.

“That's one thing, but what happened today was his fault! He dared to push me, so maybe he'll domestically abuse me in the future! Besides, I was the one who coaxed him before, so why can't he coax me? Nitpicky, unfriendly, arrogant, and shameless!” Yun Chujiu said with her cheeks puffed up.

An Feng secretly ticked “nitpicky”, “unfriendly”, and “arrogant” in his heart. What she said was absolutely right! Their revered one was the famous nitpicky person in the Tianyuan continent!

Yun Chujiu's anger came and went quickly. After cursing the gigolo more than a hundred times in her heart, she had a little bit of regret. Although the gigolo gave her a lot of problems, he was sincere to her. Besides, the books she read were indeed not very elegant!

However, this tsundere had issues too. He left without her and lacked discipline! She did not believe that he would not come back and apologize to her! Hmph!

On the other side, Di Beiming flew dozens of miles away in anger. After he calmed down, he also felt a little regretful. However, he felt that her words were wrong. Why should he go back and apologize?!

After thinking for a while, he was still worried, so he took out the voice transmission talisman for An Feng. “An Feng, follow Black Thing secretly. I'll go back to the Tianyuan continent to deal with things!”

After receiving Di Beiming's voice transmission talisman, An Feng could not help but twitch his lips. He was worried about Miss Jiu, so why did he not send her a voice transmission talisman directly? No wonder Miss Jiu said that His Majesty was arrogant. He really was arrogant!

Yun Chujiu had never mistreated herself. Love was only a part of life, not everything! She would never punish herself for the mistakes of the gigolo!

She should eat, drink, and draw with charcoal when she had nothing to do.

An Feng glanced at it unintentionally and immediately staggered in fright. 'Oh my G.o.d! The Miss Jiu actually drew His Majesty… Cough cough! Naked!

“An Feng, where are we now?” Yun Chujiu asked casually after she finished drawing.

“Miss Jiu, below is Changs.h.i.+ City,” An Feng said as he looked at the map.

Yun Chujiu's eyes flashed. “Changs.h.i.+ City?? If I remember correctly, Spirit Radiance Sect is to the east of Changs.h.i.+ City, and the Heavenly Gates Sect is to the west of Spirit Radiance Sect. If it weren't for the them causing trouble for nothing, I wouldn't have been struck by lightning and wouldn't have quarreled with gigolo! An Feng, turn around. Let's go to Heavenly Gates Sect!”

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